Smackdown Thoughts & Review [March 16, 2012: late edition]


Christian’s back. Jericho and Sheamus put on a show.

Columbus, OH

Christian Peep Show

Christian comes to the ring to huge pop. He hypes the GM 12-man match at Wrestlemania. He brings out John Laurinaitis and David Otunga. Teddy Long and Aksana come out as well. Christian says he’s going to offer his services to Teddy and Laurinaitis. Christian does his “1 more match” deal.

Teddy says he’s not going to beg for Christian to be on his team. Teddy goes on to say that wrestlers will have to earn title shots when he’s the General Manager of both shows. Laurinaitis guarantees Christian 1 more match if he becomes the GM. Christian declares that he’s part of Team Johnny.

Teddy puts Otunga in a match against Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston pins David Otunga via Trouble in Paradise

~ Okay match with a lot of interference and pauses. Kofi hit his finisher after Santino grabbed Otunga’s leather belt. I’m really not looking forward to this match unless Rey Mysterio shows up for Teddy’s team.

The cut to the locker room. Daniel Bryan is waiting outside the Diva’s locker room. AJ models a tiny black dress that DB bought for her. He tells her that it looked better on the mannequin. He tells her that he got her a match with a possible title opportunity… if she wins. They make out and then AJ goes back into the locker room to get ready.

~ Holy shit! Daniel Bryan pulling out all the stops to be a major sleazy douchebag. I’m getting that Paul Snider from Star 80 vibe from Daniel Bryan. Brilliant.

AJ pins Brie Bella with a roll up

~ I love the way Daniel Bryan celebrates on the turnbuckles after the win. What’s awesome is that DB still held the ropes open for AJ yet still comes off like a serious turd. This could be the beginnings of one of the greatest heel tenures in recent history.

Matt Striker interview Cody Rhodes

  • Cody says that Big Show is a destroyer every day of the year with an exception of Wrestlemania. He goes on to call Big Show a choke artist.
  • Cody Rhodes pins The Great Khali via Beautiful Disaster Kick to a kneeling Khali

~ Decent match with a sick finish. Since Khali was kneeling, Cody’s finisher looked like a flying Shining Wizard. Cody sold pretty well for Khali and kept the match fairly competitive. I’d actually watch these two wrestle again.

Randy comes out and cuts a promo in the ring. Orton wonders why he’s being hunted by Kane. He then throws Cena’s name and says that he and hate embrace each other. Orton calls Kane out and asks Kane to explain himself. Orton says he wants to know the reason he has to put Kane down.

Kane shows a video of a match that he had with Orton from 2011. Orton beat him but Kane shook his hand after the match. Kane says he hasn’t forgot about it and says that he isn’t the same man that was in that video. Kane says that he won’t have closure until he decimates Randy. Kane wants this all to happen at ‘Mania.

~ Sick promo. Probably the best promo Orton has ever done. I really like the fact that they brought up footage of a match from last year.

Big Show defeated Drew McIntyre via the WMD

~ Quick and painless, which is how I wish all Drew McIntyre matches were.

Mark Henry pins Yoshi Tatsu via Worlds Greatest Slam

~ Surprised that this lasted longer than a minute. I LOVED Mark Henry’s Davey Boy Smith-ish running power slam. Poor Yoshi. Only Curt Hawkins loses quicker than Yoshi Tatsu.

Chris Jericho comes out and talks about his comments from RAW about CM Punk’s father. He breaks down CM Punk psychologically. He calls CM Punk a Jeri-clone and says he’s going to beat Sheamus tonight and CM Punk at Wrestlemania. He ends the promo with Punk’s “pipebomb” mic drop.

~ Great stuff from the Best in the World at what he does. I’m really happy that they had Jericho cut a promo on Smackdown to add fuel to a major feud.

Chris Jericho defeated Sheamus via countout (after Daniel Bryan blasts Sheamus’ head outside with a running dropkick)

~ Good match. It had a moderate until the end when both men kicked out of each other’s secondary signature moves. Nice Y2J chant near the end of the match. Glad that Jericho didn’t put Sheamus over like the rest of the roster. I expected better since Jericho was involved but I just don’t think they really clicked.

I’m now thinking that Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus just might be the sleeper match of the night at Wrestlemania. I don’t see either wrestler being the type to just mail it in on the biggest pay per view showing of their careers. I expect Daniel Bryan to bump his ass off for Sheamus as well dish out some serious offense. If all goes right, we may even hear “I have till five, ref!” Let’s hope so.


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