Smackdown Thoughts & Review [March 9, 2012]


Solid show from beginning to end and Kofi and R-Truth still haven’t made a tag team name for themselves.

Uncasville, CT

John Laurinaitis comes out and says Teddy Long never started a Smackdown with a cage match. He sets up Santino vs. Jack Swagger in a steel cage starting now.

Steel Cage Match
WWE United States Championship Santino Marella defeats Jack Swagger (w/Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler) via escaping the cage after Vicky accidentally slamming the door on Swagger’s face

~ I was entertained. I’ll never understand the criticism that Santino is “just” a comedy wrestler. He’s always put on entertaining matches that get you emotionally invested. Santino’s promos are great and he can certainly promote any feud he’s involved in. The WWE might as well give him a proper push just to see if Santino can indeed break mid-card ceiling. My gut feeling says yes. The reaction Santino receives now will only increase in the future if his character is handled properly.

Teddy Long speaks with John Laurinaitis in the office. Laurinaitis makes a match between Aksana and Kane. Laurinaitis makes a match between himself and Teddy. The stipulation is that Aksana will go on to face Kane if Teddy doesn’t take a dive for Laurinaitis.

Drew McIntyre comes to the ring and starts praising Laurinaitis for giving him an opportunity to get his job back. The Great Khali comes out. Otunga comes out and orders Khali out of the ring. Otunga introduces Drew’s real opponent, Hornswaggle.

Drew McIntyre defeats Hornswoggle (w/Great Khali) via mercy rule/Hornswaggle was unable to continue

  • Drew destroyed Hornswaggle with a backbreaker and then the ref called for the bell.
  • After the match, Khali blasted Drew with a skull chop.

~ The last thing I need to see on my television is Drew pulling up his pinfall attempts to prolong his match with Hornswaggle. It was what it was and the GM vs. GM feud goes on.

The cut to Teddy Long lacing up his boots. Aksana runs in panicked and scared. Teddy says Laurinaitis needs to be taught a lesson and that he needs to impress the Board of Directors.

Laurinaitis is shadow boxing in his office. Otunga walks in and informs him that Kane is angry.

Mark Henry pins Ezekiel Jackson via World’s Strongest Slam

~ Good but short brawl. Hopefully they put Henry back on the World Title track instead of having him be the jobber to the upper card.

Teddy Long (w/Aksana) pins John Laurinaitis (w/David Otunga) via roll up

  • Kane came out before the match even started. Randy Orton rushes out and RKO’s Kane. While Laurinaitis was distracted, Teddy Long rolled him up for the win. Teddy Long and Aksana rush out of the arena.

~ Didn’t really care for this but I’m glad the Orton vs. Kane feud is moving forward.

Non-Title Tag Team match
Kofi Kingston & R-Truth defeat Primo & Epico (w/Rosa Mendes) via Little Jimmy on Primo

~ Good, fast-paced match. All four men were clicking and it’s nice to see an above average tag team match on WWE television. So what’s their name going to be? JimmyBoom?

Daniel Bryan (w/ AJ) & Sheamus interview in the ring

Daniel Bryan says he never needed luck to accomplish things in the ring. DB says that he’s just good. He attributes his success to the application of scientific wrestling, his sex appeal, his vegan lifestyle and being physically fit. TOOL says that Sheamus was lucky to win the Royal Rumble. Sheamus talks about the luck of the Irish and then panders to the crowd. Sheamus says that he doesn’t have to hide behind a little girl.

AJ tries to defend herself but Daniel Bryan tells her to “shut up.” Sheamus then says Daniel should be wearing a skirt. Sheamus goes on to put Bryan down and says he’s going to beat him for the title at Wrestlemania.

Cody Rhodes and the rest of the six man tag match participants come out.

Sheamus, Big Show & Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan, The Miz & Cody Rhodes via Orton’s RKO on the Miz

  • After the match, Kane came down and brawled with Orton around the ring.
  • They ended the show on Orton and Kane brawling.

~ This match was beyond fun. All the feuds got a little bit of time to shine. I’m not sure what they’re doing to the Miz but they’ve managed to still make him look formidable despite the loss. Out of all the feuds, I probably would have preferred to see it end with Sheamus and Bryan.

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