The road to WrestleMania continues!

HBK right off the bat! Dude says he’s out of breath because he is out of wack. He brings up a few weeks back which gets an “HBK” chant. He reminds us he wanted Triple H in the match with Taker at Mania and that is now what’s going down. He wants to know why HHH changed his mind and calls for Hunter to come out.


HHH comes out in his suit. HBK says he was too tough on HHH but its because he wanted him to take the match. Shawn goes on what he say trying to provoke Hunter into the match, even calling him a coward. HBK is doing some heel shit here with the coward bit. He wants to know what could have been said that was worse than being called a coward. This gets an “Under-taker” chant. Before HHH can speak HBK cuts him off and wants to watch the footage of when HHH said yes to the match. The clip recaps Taker’s “HBK was better than you” and HHH agreeing to the match in Hell in a Cell.


After the footage HBK just stares at HHH while HHH just stares at the screen. HHH finally turns to him and the people are chanting “triple threat”. HHH tries to talk about and HBK cuts him off and says that the worst thing HHH could hear is that HBK was better? Hunter tries to defuse but says he is tired of people saying that bad things about HBK and how HE couldn’t get the job done. HHH then calls Shawn the greatest “in-ring performer” of all time. How he is going to go out and do in Taker for himself and Shawn. HBK recalls last year’s match and how he beat on Taker but yet lost. HBK says she knows who’s going to win this year and he will be right again. He then tells us all that he’s going to be the special ref for their match before bouncing.


Ok now that match might be a little TOO over booked… Good promo though, HBK is always solid.. even when he isn’t.


United States Champion Jack Swagger w/Vicki vs. Santino Marella

-Swagger pounds on Santino off the start.

-then John Laurinaitis comes down to ringside (even though he ain’t working tonight) with David Otunga.

-Santino makes a come back and gets the cobra out.

-Otunga causes the distraction for Ziggler to take out Santino.

-gut wrench by Swagger…1.2….KICKOUT?!

-Teddy Long’s music then hits and he comes out with Kofi and Aksana.

-Teddy’s sporting a red suit, get it.

-Long and Laurinaitis argue at ringside before the break.

-back from break, Santino blocks the Swagger bomb in the corner.

– Laurinaitis on the apron is taken down by Long and they argue again.

-ref is distracted causing shinanigans and Santino hits the corba on Ziggler.

-Vicki and Aksana get into it.

-cobra attempt is turned into the ankle lock.

-Santino rolls out, Swagger hits the corner

-Santino rolls up SWAGGER..1…2..THREEE

Winner: New US Champion Santino!!!

– Laurinaitis gets on the mic bitching when Long gets security out to cart Laurinaitis and Otunga.

-Otunga is still holding onto his coffee mug.

-Long then has Justin Roberts call the announcement again for Santino.

-Santino cries while he shows off the belt.

-Santino then gets all four left in the ring (Teddy, Aksana and Kofi) in a trumpet march.


Good shit for Santino, they had to do SOMETHING with the guy after the reaction he got at the Elimination Chamber. Wow and I thought the Taker vs. HHH match for Mania was overbooked, there was A LOT of shit happing in this match!


A video of the Rock is shown of in Boston. Some boos here. Rock is giving Cena a history lesson putting a spin with having people put down their throats. He brings up the Boston Tea Party and how he’s going to have one of his own. He cuts to a table of Cena merch! He starts to throw shit into the bay and he’s himself cracking up at the shit they make for Cena… yes, even a garden gnome. He calls this thing the first dimension of hell. Haha! He then shows us a John Cena perfume that smells like possum piss. How that people are tired of having Cena down their throats and how the revolution starts tonight until the Rock ends up in the ring.


More like the Rock here and not whatever they were trying to pull off last week…


Alicia Fox vs. Eve

-Kelly is at ringside for commentary. She’s up for “favorite butt kicking” by Nickelodeon

-Eve comes out smiley.

-“chain wrestling” to start…

-this was looking OK until Fox fucked something up.

-Eve rolls this hot mess up for the pin.

Winner: Eve


Zack Ryder’s music then hits and the crowd goes a little coo-coo. He’s got a cane. He calls Eve a hoeski before this ends. Cole shits on him… crowd picks up on the chant.


The arena is shown earlier and its empty… except for sad Cena… oh boy.


Ryder in the back leaving when Eve runs up and kisses him… he kool-aid smiles this shit as she leaves.


Cena clip from earlier… again, sitting in an empty arena. Very serious promo about his match with the Rock. He calls him the most successful superstar in the WWE and beyond. He says Rock wasn’t coming back until he had a worthy opponent. How he is in fact going to Mania to win. He talks about Boston’s recent championships but no one remembers #2. He says this match IS everything and if he can go to Miami and beat the Rock that he has won the big one. He calls it an event that will make history but no one will remember 2nd place, its all or nothing and this will be his legacy and once in a life time. He stares at the WrestleMania sign as we fade.


Dope! Fuck I really hate to use that word for fucking John Cena but that shit right there is what this feud should be about! Not Rock leaving not Cena’s jokes but the fact this dude NEEDS to beat the Rock to actually BE someone in the history of this company. Solid shit!


WWE Champion CM Punk & Sheamus vs. World Champion Daniel Bryan w/AJ & Chris Jericho

-they cut to a sign that says “COLT of Personality”, nice.

-nice exchange to start with Jericho and Punk. Good shit, they are hustling!

-Jericho makes a quick tag after their exchange.

-tag to Sheamus who comes out strong

-Bryan set in the ropes for the Sheamus chest pound for the count of 10.

-Jericho with a kick to Punk’s back from the apron then he’s tagged in for the advantage.

-commercial break

-back from break Jericho has the arm lock.

-Punk breaks out but Y2J recovers with a side walk slam.

-lariat leg kick by Punk to the tag to Sheamus

-double axe handles to Jericho

-Bryan tries to distract but doesn’t work and Sheamus hits the Irish curse for a 2 count.

-Nice thrust dropkick by Bryan on the outside to Sheamus.

-light Sheamus chant but Jericho keeps Sheamus grounded.

-Punk actually holding the tag rope.

-SHEAMUS THROWS JERICHO INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Jericho might have injured some shit here!

-hot tag to Punk and Bryan.

-Punk favoring the back.

-Macho Man elbow by Punk…1….2….2½!

-this breaks down!

-fuck man these dudes are hitting hard!

-Jericho trying for the Wall but Punk rolls him up…..wait what!?

-Jericho rolls through for the 3 count…!? REPLAY!?

Winner: Jericho & Bryan


I think there was a fuck up there…


Rock video again… at the statue of Paul Revere. He gives us another history lesson and says what if that was John Cena. He shows a Cena standee and slaps it in half. He goes off about time machines and going back in time to kick Cena’s ass. He says Ben Franklin would even admit that the Rock created electricity! Haha Oh Rock is on point with jokes tonight.


Miz vs. The Big Show

-before the match starts Cody Rhodes come out to the stage and craps on Show. He shows a clip of Show… eating at the WWF New York restaurant WATCHING WrestleMania 18.

-Miz jumps show from behind.

-giant spear to Miz from the corner.

-right hook for the win.

Winner: Big Show


Show shows off his fist while pointing at the WrestleMania sign.


Yet another Rock video. He’s outside the Mass State House. How the fighting spirit lives in him… He says he is back to fight and the one place he can do that. He says his going to make history at WrestleMania when he beats John Cena. He then says he’s going to the ring and is going to tell the world what he sees.


Next week Taker responds next week and HBK will be there.


R-Truth vs. Kane

-Truth is taking to himself on the way to the ring.

-video promo by Truth during his intro on Kane… ugh.

-Truth corners Kane to start

-big boot by Kane to take the advantage.

-Kane beats on Truth in the corner before hitting a running leg drop for a 2 count.

-Truth comes back with a scissors kick but before he can hit another… chokeslam.

Winner: Kane


Kane does his pyro but then Randy Orton’s music hits. He comes down and Truth holds onto Kane’s leg setting up for the RKO. Orton gets on the mic and says its good to be back in response to Kane’s “welcome back” comment.


Cena in the back doing the walk. Still has his serious face.


Cena then comes to the ring, mixed reaction. He says the arena is packed because the Rock is back and giving history lessons. This gets a “Rocky” chant. He then asks what is the Rock really saying? Cena says he told Rock last week exactly what he though. This gets a “fruity pebbles” chant. He brings up Rock’s issues with him and then calls Rock “The Situation”…. Uh… ok? Oh well for good Cena promos… that’s out the window. Cena then brings up Rock being shook up last week sounding like Rainman. He asks who could have shook up the Rock and says this prep school dude did. How he looks ridiculous with his colors and how he is wearing knee pads even though he just came here to talk to them… Cena says Rock coming down is a bad idea since all the good shit he’s been doing lately on tape. He wants to know who he is getting at Mania, a dude talking about take-out or the greatest superstar of all time. Cena says he NEEDS the Rock out here not the 2nd best. Cena wants to see who is going to show up and The Rock’s music hits.


The Rock then comes down to the ring eye fucking Cena. Strong “Rocky” chant. He gives us another “finally” line for Boston. Rock said he was going to come and look Cena in the eye and tell the people what he sees and he sees fear. “Cena” chant…?! its mixed. How everything he’s worked for all goes away at WrestleMania. Cena is smiling this off. “boots to asses” chant. Rock is eye fucking Cena while he keeps smiling it off. “tooth fairy” chant… fuck. Cena makes sure we know that is what they are chanting. Rock says you strip it all down and he’s just a man that can rip his throat out and Cena is just a little boy who was the Rock’s bitch.


Rock leaves and Cena is signaling like he is writing on his arm. Cena then says… then reads from his arm about what the Rock just said. Cena tries to get “ghetto” again. Cena says he is the son of a bitch who is going to beat the Rock ass then jumps into the crowd to his “homies”.


Fool then drinks someone’s beer before coming back into the ring to celebrate and point at the Mania sign… Hugs his dad, kisses his wife while introducing us to them… oh man.


Rock live played it down again feeling like he’s stumbling on his words again…


Another night of a lot of talking but they are definitely getting WrestleMania over. Good shit for Santino, HBK & HBK promo and most of the Rock stuff.









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