Smackdown Thoughts & Review [March 3, 2012]


Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton put on a pro wrestling clinic.

Seattle, WA

Sheamus comes out. He talks about winning the Royal Rumble and how Daniel Bryan has changed since he won the World Title. Sheamus then compares Daniel Bryan to himself and how he used to be full of himself when he was champ. He then says he’s going to kick Bryan’s ass at Wrestlemania.

Vicky Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler come out on the ramp. Vicky insults Sheamus and Dolph piles it on. Sheamus calls Vicky a grandmother but Vicky considers herself ‘experienced.’

Teddy Long interrupts the conversation and books Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus.

Sheamus pins Dolph Ziggler via Air Raid Crash (White Noise)

~ Decent match but I’m pissed the WWE is jobbing rising talent like Mark Henry and Ziggler to put Sheamus over. Business is business I guess. Ziggler was a bumping machine as usual and Sheamus was… well, Sheamus. I just hope Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan isn’t a 5 minute squash.

Teddy Long is speaking with Aksana over the phone. He runs into John Laurinaitis and David Otunga in his office. The two GMs insult each other and talk about how they’re going to run each other’s shows in the coming weeks. Teddy says he booked a match between Otunga and The Great Khali.

~ Word. I don’t really care for this storyline since I actually like Teddy Long’s recent run as Smackdown’s GM. If this is a way to launch David Otunga into the upper mid-card then I guess I’m all for it. Yeah, he’s still a little green, and has a limited upside, but I really think Otunga is a pretty solid wrestling persona that’s good for the wrestling business in general.

Santino Marella pins Heath Slater via The Cobra while Slater was stranded on the top turnbuckle

~ Decent back and forth match. Santino is pretty over and I really think they should give him a feel good victory at Wrestlemania in some capacity.

Natalya gives Eve Torres a lecture about using Zack Ryder. Natalya squeaks out a fart and leaves.

Eve Torres pins Natalya via reverse roll up

~ It was a pleasure to see Natalya and Eve get a decent amount of ring time to give us an entertaining match. The double kip up spot was genius and the finish left you wanting more. Hopefully they’ll revisit this feud later in the year.

Cody Rhodes comes out and starts shitting on Big Show. Show comes out and tries to chase him. Teddy comes out and makes Cody Rhodes vs. The Big Show at Wrestlemania.

Big Show pins Mark Henry via WMD after kicking out of a World’s Strongest Slam

~ Cool finish. I’m glad Mark Henry is back around 100 percent health wise. I’m thinking they’re going to get him back on track to his dominating ways shortly after Wrestlemania. As far as the Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes feud is concerned, I really want Big Show to get his win at Wrestlemania. I’m thinking a WMD in mid-air after Cody tries a Beautiful Disaster Kick.

Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton. Randy does Randy and says he’s angry, cold blooded and hell bent on getting revenge on Daniel Bryan. He says he’s going to collect on that tonight.

~ Really. I think Orton would be even more popular if he didn’t speak.

Justin Gabriel defeated Drew McIntyre via 450 splash

  • After the match Teddy showed up on the Smackdown-Tron and fires McIntyre. McIntyre starts crying.

~ Wow. That was one of the sickest angles of a 450 splash I’ve ever seen. They used the ringside camera to show it and I thought that looked pretty spectacular.

Striker interviews Daniel Bryan with AJ. DB says he’s way beyond having butterflies in his stomach. He says that he’s still the same and then name drops Aberdeen, Washington for the cheap pop. DB then turns it around and says he moved to Las Vegas as quick as possible. He gives a tiny homage to Booker T and says he’s going to leave Wrestlemania World Heavyweight Champion.

~ This was gold. CM Punk-caliber gold.

Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton via countout

  • Near the end of the match, Kane came out, beat down Randy Orton and destroyed him with a chokeslam.

~ Great match where Bryan and Orton brought the best out of each other. In a perfect world, Daniel Bryan retains his title at Wrestlemania and goes on to feud with Randy Orton in April and May. There were too many great moments to write about and the counters were off the charts.

This was an excellent show tonight.


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