The Rock!… or Dwayne Johnson…?

Right off the bat no intro, just right into Cena’s promo from last week. Still good shit a week later, good job dude.

34 days from WrestleMania! Hehe! Starting to get pumped!

Champion vs. Champion

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. World Champion Daniel Bryan w/AJ, Otunga and Laurinaitis

-damn, we’re going to the well again?? Fuck yeah, keep having these dudes wrestle!

-Bryan was suppose to come out but instead Chris Jericho comes out. Jericho comes into the ring and gives Punk the angry guy face. CM Punk chant. Jericho says nice things about Punk but then says he isn’t as good as Jericho. How the people named him “best in the world” and how he is a dying breed, how they don’t make them like him. He said he didn’t care what people thought of him because he knew he was the best. Jericho says that Punk is like him because he wants to BE him and calls him a Chris-Jericho-wannabe. Punk cuts him off by telling Jericho how good he is but didn’t steal shit from him. Punk puts over people saying they are the best like Bret Hart but Jericho had nothing to do with it. Jericho goes back to plugging himself telling the people they can keep booing him but it’s the truth. Jericho wont look at Punk in the eyes while he keeps going off, its weird. Punk wants to know who Jericho is trying to prove that he is the “best”. Punk goes on saying that Jericho is the past and how Jericho was next “the man” like Punk is. Oh shit, Punk is killin’ it while he shits on Jericho leaving and going off to “dance with stars”. Jericho says all he could think about while he was off doing shit, was Punk ripping him off. How he wants to embarrass Punk on the biggest stage. Punk says all Jericho had to do and how they don’t need anything but the ring to see who the best in the world.

-Bryan finally comes out to interrupt for his match.

-Bryan attacks Punk from behind.

-Punk recovers quickly and dumps Bryan to the outside for a commercial.

-back from break and both are interchanging the advantage in the corner.

-high cross body by Punk from the ropes for a 2 count.

-Teddy Long and Santino are not at ringside out of nowhere…?

-european uppercut by Bryan before he arm locks Punk.

-Laurinaitis and Long bicker the whole time its distracting from this match.

-Bryan dumped to the outside favoring his leg bringing AJ over to distract Punk from his dive.

-Bryan takes advantage when Punk goes to the outside and sends him into the steel steps.

-back from break, Bryan has the abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring

-a superplex from the top into another double pin like last week.

-Punk makes a come back, high knee in the corner

-Bryan fights off the bulldog

-Macho Man elbow by Punk.

-go to sleep chant.

-Otunga distracts then Santino gets involved hitting the cobra on Otunga.

-Ace then knocks Santino off the apron.

-Ace and Long argue.

-Bryan tries to leave but Sheamus throws him back in the ring.

-GTS by Punk and he goes for the pin but Laurinaitis is in to stop the match.

Winner: no contest.

-Punk and Laurinaitis argue before Long knocks Laurinaitis on his ass.

-Otunga and Santino hold back Laurinaitis and Long.

-Punk then leaves but then gets jumped by Jericho.

-Punk takes a body slam onto the steel stage.

-Jericho then puts the Lion Tamer on Punk!!!

-refs peel Jericho off Punk.

-Jericho poses with the belt over Punk to finally end this long 30min segment.

Only crap that segment was long and super-over-booked! But I dug the promo a lot between Punk and Jericho but it does feel a little “Rock vs. Cena”… but done more so for the heads. Like you have 2 versions of the same feud, kinda thing. Not a bad thing if done well.

Josh in the back, outside the trainer’s office where Punk is getting looked over.

Cole cuts to a video package from last years WrestleMania match between Triple H and The Undertaker. Video also has interviews with Big Show, Stone Cold, The Miz, Punk, Edge, Cena, Orton and the Rock talking about that match. It was nice.

Bella #1 w/Kelly #2 vs. Kelly Kelly

-Kelly sent a sad face tweet about Eve… awww.

-Forward job, Kelly wins with a rollup and a bridge.

Winner: Kelly

Cena is out next, guess he didn’t get stuck at that car race thing, dammit. Mostly boos for Cena.

John Cena vs. The Miz

-Miz wants to bitch before the match saying he’s worked too hard to be treated like this, working harder than Cena. He lists off all the things he does for the WWE yet his name isn’t on the WrestleMania card. “on WrestleMania”? Shouldn’t it be “at WrestleMania”…!? Miz says he’s WrestleMania-worthy and will show up by beating Cena again like he did last year at WrestleMania.

-dualing chants as the match starts.

-Cena takes over fast hitting his sloppy ass suplex.

-Cena goes for the AA but Miz fights out to hit his back breaker/neck breaker combo.

-Cena fights back hits a splash in the corner into a clothesline.

-Miz fights off another suplex and hits his short DDT for a 2.

-sitdown clothesline in the corner by Miz

-this is getting sloppy…

-Cena goes into the 5 moves of death into the YCSM fist.

-AA into the STF and Miz taps.

Winner: Cena

Rock shown in the back watching the match. Cena smiles in the ring…

WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico w/Rosa vs. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs. United States Champion Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki

-fuck when was the last time you saw 3 teams in the WWE in one place?!

-I smell a title change…

-triple threat rules.

-Kofi, Primo and Swagger start this off.

-I hate calling multiple people matches, I’m not the fastest of typers when shit is like this. haha

-commercial break.

-back from break with a close pin by Truth.

-Ziggler breaks up Primo’s pin attempt on Truth.

-Truth makes a comeback but Primo cuts it off.

-Truth hits a DDT/Mic check on Ziggler and Primo at the same time, nice.

-heels make a hot tag only to start fighting each other setting up for the Kofi hot tag.

-high cross body by Kofi off the top to Swagger.

-boom drop on Swagger and Epico at the same time.

-close pin by Swagger on Kofi.

-Ankle lock on Epico but Kofi hits Swagger with the TIP.

-Epico and Primo pull shenanigans and win the match.

Winner: Epico and Primo

Kane comes out right after the match is over and beats up on everyone in this match! What the!? He leaves everyone lying then does his pyro arm raise thingy. Crapped on them dudes…

Otunga and Laurinaitis talking about The Artist movie before Teddy Long walks in. They banter back and forth before Laurinaitis kicks him out. This gets a “horses ass chant”…. yup.

Ryder’s drama with Eve is recapped into the shit with Eve and Cena.

Eve is then out next… oh man. She gets a “hoe-ski” match. She’s a user of men… Men crumble at her feet… she doesn’t want to be blamed for men’s weaknesses… she then smiles and leaves… err-k. Kelly stops Eve in the back and asks what’s going on and Eve is ignoring her… isn’t that different from earlier when she said someother shit about Eve..!? Eve laughs and Kelly and Alicia stare like dummies at each other.

Edge has a movie… Bending the Rules…. Its with Malibu’s Most Wanted… Edge is a… hippy cop. Oh man, I hope Edge can transition one day into movies… this wont be it though.

Back from the break, Cole and Lawler talk about Laurinaitis and Long not running their respective shows next week.

Big Show & Sheamus vs. Mark Henry & Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

-before the match Cody talks shit to show about Floyd Mayweather Jr. They show BLOOD!! When Floyd bloodied up Show’s nose. Please make a comeback, not a full time one but a part time blood job really puts over a match.

-Show spears Henry early on while Cody walks off.

Sheamus hits a brog kick on Henry for the pin.

Winners: Show & Sheamus

Super short.

Cole tells us to check back on WWE.com about this general manager shit.

Recap of Cena’s commentsd from last week…

Rocky chant even before Rock comes out! Rock shows us his goose bumps the crowd is giving him. This gets various Rock chants including the new “boots to asses” shit. Rock brings up not being here every single week and how he was for years and years. This isn’t The Rock, this is Dwayne Johnson shit here… he’s floundering here… before we get a “fruity pebbles” chant… this is not a good promo… he’s basically defending himself  to us about not being here every week. Rock then says for years he though Cena was phony, calling him out on the thuganomics shit. He says Cena isn’t a phony and how he is the guy that ran him down last week with all that passion. How Cena has Rock’s cell number so he can call him. Rock then threatens slapping Cena with kungpow chicken… this shit gets a strong Rocky chant. he says Cena isn’t phony but he’s a kungpow bitch… this is stupid. this of course gets a kungpow bitch chant… Christ. What the fuck is happening here!?!

Rock brings up the “boys in the back” comment and how you fight for yourself and that’s how its always been. How he was booed when he was a good guy he got booed just like Cena but he fought for himself. How Cena fights for “the boys” but the Rock fights for us just like Foley, Stone Cold, HHH and Piper … well at least he bought it back after the lame start here… Rock says kungpow bitch is tending… how we are all tired of Cena and he is here to entertain. He brings up Fruity Pebbles chants and how that landed Cena on the cover of a cereal box. He brings up being able to tend at a drop of a dime, like lady parts. He then tells the crowd to pick a chant cause “Rocky/lady parts” sounds weird. He then leads us on chants… fuck man, its like he flicks a light switch… god damn! She says the biggest thing Cena has done is change his jean shorts to camo shorts and how we cant find Cena’s balls… “cena’s missing balls” tending… which gets a missing balls chant…

This gets Cena to finally come out, oh no its smiley Cena… Cena brings up kungpow chicken and how its always there at Chinese restaurants. Cena says he IS that guy who runs you down when you aren’t here and when he is here. How he use to love the Rock until he met Dwayne Johnson who’s a selfish son of a bitch and couldn’t care if the WWE closed its doors tomorrow. He says he doesn’t have notes for his promo on his wrist. Cena says he isn’t phased of Dwayne Johnson and he’s going to beat the hell out of him at Mania. Cena then walks off and tells Rock to “keep trending”… damn!

The crowd still chants for Rock before he says Cena runs off before Rock can slap his ass. He says Dwayne Johnson and the Rock are the same man… “Rock” shows up fully to say he’s going to kick Cena’s ass at WrestleMania, if we smell… blah blah blah stuff.

Wow um… the segment had good parts but on a whole Rock didn’t hit this one out of the park I thought. Maybe this is the WWE trying to build Cena up closer to Rock? I don’t know but this was much better for Cena than the Rock… Dwayne did show up tonight…

It was a very chatting night…

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One Response to “02-27-12 WWE RAW SUPERSHOW”

  1. Gregor Beck Says:

    i gotta admit… cena was pretty entertaining … watching him after a 6 hour drinkning tour

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