Live Super Smackdown Thoughts & Review [February 21, 2012]


CM Punk and Daniel Bryan put on a pro wrestling clinic. That’s all you need to know.

Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring with AJ. Daniel Bryan talks about how everybody doubted him when he won the Money in the Bank match last year and is now the World Heavyweight Champion. He talks about Santino and how Daniel Bryan is really the true Rocky for defeating five other men in the Elimination Chamber. DB brings up Sheamus and how Sheamus ruined his victory at the pay per view. DB says that he’s going to show Sheamus and the world that he’s going to be victorious at Wrestlemania.

Miz comes out. Miz said that he knew DB was going to be World Champion because he mentored him during NXT. Miz goes on to congratulate DB for being in the main event at Wrestlemania. Miz then says that they should form a tagteam after DB defeats Sheamus at Wrestlemania.

Sheamus says that he’d like to congratulate Daniel Bryan for being a giant ‘arse’ and a hypocrite. Sheamus says that he’s going to beat Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. Miz interrupts him and says that Sheamus deserves to be taken down a notch or two. Sheamus tells Miz to step back and watch the ‘lads’ have a match at Wrestlemania. DB slaps Sheamus and runs out of the ring. Miz gets thrown out and DB and Sheamus stare at each other while DB and AJ walk up the ramp.

Sheamus pins The Miz via Kryptonite Krunch/Air Raid Crash

~ Good match for what it was. I think Miz got more offense in than Mark Henry did on Raw, which is a shame. DAMN. This was your typical Sheamus match with him going way over his opponent at the finish.

John Laurinaitis and David Otunga interrupt Teddy Long and Aksana. Both GMs shit on each other and Otunga says he’s gonna beat Ezekial again tonight.

~ I hope they let their wrestlers do their talking for them moving forward. These segments have been pretty brutal.

Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler defeat Kofi Kingston & R-Truth via Ziggler’s ZigZag on Kofi

~ Really really short match. They never justified why Truth and Kofi are teaming together. I hope these leads to a Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania.

They do some Santino training his Cobra technique. Heath Slater interrupts his training. Santino squirts Slater with his “Splitting Cobra.” Don’t ask.

The Great Khali pins Drew McIntyre via Double Arm Chokeslam

~ I don’t have to type my opinion on this do I? Moving on.

Mark Henry defeats the Big Show via countout

  • Cody distracts Show, Show kicks out of a World’s Strongest Slam, Show knocks Henry out and then gets counted out for chasing after Cody.

~ Decent match from the WWE’s behemoths. Both men got some good offense in and looked as powerful as ever. I’m glad that Show doesn’t have to put Shaquille O’Neal over at ‘Mania but I’m also disappointed that Cody isn’t wrestling smaller and more skilled wrestler like Daniel Bryan or Kofi Kingston.

General Managers’ Choice Rematch
David Otunga pins Ezekial Jackson via the Verdict One Handed Spinebuster

~ Okay and quick match. I’d rather have Otunga being pushed on his own merit instead of as John Laurinaitis’ pawn. Otunga is great on the mic and has improved a lot since the Nexus days. Hopefully, he breaks away from being a heel and gets some uppercard treatment.

Matt Stryker interviews CM Punk. Punk says he likes Teddy Long wayyyy better than Laurinaitis. He says he’ll address Jericho on RAW. Punk says he’s upped the ante on his promos and that Daniel Bryan knows how to win but tonight he’s going to teach Daniel Bryan how to lose.

~ This was Promo 101 from Punk. He was able to get his points across without a catchphrase or straining to put bass in his voice. I’m more excited than ever to see this Punk vs. Bryan match up.

Champion vs. Champion
CM Punk pins Daniel Bryan via Roundhouse Kick after Sheamus threw DB back into the ring

  • Laurinaitis comes out and says the match will continue due to interference.

Daniel Bryan pins CM Punk via pin attempt reversal while holding the ropes

  • Teddy Long comes out and RESTARTS the match since DB used the ropes. Oh my god!

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan wrestle to a no-contest when both of them have their shoulders down for the pinfall count

~ I just wet myself. Loved that the crowd appreciated their early counters and pin attempts. This was an excellent and fairly long match for WWE standards. Punk and Bryan did a lot chain wrestling and sequences that you don’t normally have the privilege of seeing in a WWE ring. If you recorded this on your DVR, skip most of the show and watch this match first. Despite the non-finish, you owe it to yourself as a pro wrestling fan to see these two make magic in the ring.

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One Response to “Live Super Smackdown Thoughts & Review [February 21, 2012]”

  1. zankarne Says:

    I’ve probably watched the HHH-Taker vignette 50 times now… perfect music, setup and execution.

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