I just got home, haven’t watched the ppv yet so I might be surprised by shit here…

Sappy music is played while recapping last week and Zack Ryder’s heart being broken then him being broken by being thrown off the stage by Kane. This is drama at its best. Haha


Eve in the back with the Bella’s, one of them bitches said “anyways”… Eve shits on Ryder saying she was using him and now everyone is talking about her. The Bella’s are just shocked at this bowlshit. Eve claims she will use Cena just as well. She wants the Bella’s to record her walking into Cena’s locker room instead she walks into him… he heard it all and walks away from this crazy bitch while she tries to look shocked… shouldn’t been talkin’ shit. Haha


41 Days until WrestleMania!


John Cena then comes out to the arena… whooopeee… lots of boos here. Apparently Kane got an FU off the ambulance last night. Before he can say anything Eve comes out and wants a minute of Cena’s time. Crowd is shitting on her. Cena’s got jokes about what he heard in the back just now… “jokes”. Cena tries to get serious about losing a friend when he makes another stupid joke using the term “hoe-ski”. Cena then compares Eve and Rock calling them both “scandalous bitches”. Even pours on the crying bit and she tries to make out with him again. He keeps her off and the refs pull her completely off while she’s having a “melt down”. Girls, a bad actress. Cena bounces making yet another stupid joke about free of STD’s. This goes to fucking long while the camera guy following her back to the dressing room. At least we get a “we want Ryder” chant here. Too loooong.


Taker video recapping everything to this point, yup even Taker going to town on his own hair… Taker claims to be here tonight.


Super Smackdown is on TOMORROW night peoples. We’re getting another Champion vs. Champion match! Nice and they make it seem like a big deal.


Sheamus is out next, in his intro Justin Roberts mentions that Sheamus chose Bryan at Mania. Why do all the faces have to smile? How come Sheamus can’t just be a serious ass kicker who’s a good guy?


So now Laurinaitis is in charge of Smackdown all of a sudden?


Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

-Henry is back as Laurinaitis has canceled his suspension.

-Henry overpowers Sheamus to start.

-Sheamus come back, hitting a shoulder block from the top for a 2 count.

-Henry gets his chest pounded in the ropes before he stops this nonsense, not letting Sheamus finish.

-shots in the corner reversed a couple of times before Sheamus is pulled off of Henry.

-Brogue kick blocked

-Henry splashes Sheamus in the corner.

-Henry goes for the WSS but Sheamus rolls over Henry’s back.

-brogue kick connects for the pin.

Winner: Sheamus


Laurinaitis in the back with Otunga. He claims everyone out of the ppv is talking about him. Teddy Long comes in, he isn’t happy to be here. Laurinaitis says he didn’t expect this endorsement last night by Henry, ADR and Christian. Long wants to ask the fans who they want running both shows. Laurinaitis makes a battle royal tonight to see who goes on to Mania against Punk. Long makes a match for Otunga tonight and shits on his bow tie.


If we have one GM for both shows and talent can be on both shows… why continue this brand expansion??


Rock is back next week!


R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Epico & Primo w/Rosa

-Kofi & Truth are selling their EC match injuries.

-Truth has eyes in the back of his pants.

-Truth comes out strong but is cut off by Epico.

-apparently all the losers from the EC match are going to be in this Battle Royal tonight… how does this make sense to keep rewarding this losers? Haha

-Kofi gets the hot tag here.

-boom boom leg drop.

-Rosa on the ropes causing the distraction.

-Kofi counters the back stabber and hits the trouble in paradise for the win….?

Winners: Kofi & Truth


Kofi and Truth getting stuck in another tag team, this time with each other.


We’re getting another HOF inductee after the break, about fucking time…


It’s official, Ron Simmons is getting inducted! I was a Simmons fan when he was in WCW so this is another nice one for me. Funny that they pass right over the Nation of Domination and go right to his APA and “Damn” gimmicks.


Oh shit Jericho takes a kick to the head which sends him into the steel cage then outside which knocks him silly.


Jericho is then in the back with Josh. He’s pissed cause he was not eliminated last night. Claims it the end of the world… again.


David Otunga w/John Laurinaitis vs. Ezekiel Jackson w/Teddy Long

-oh man… this isn’t going to be pretty is it?

-Jackson over powers Otunga in the corner.

-DO recovers with a “clothesline”.

– Laurinaitis texts during the match.

-Jackson recovers again the corner.

-by then takes the corner and the uranage by Otunga for…. the…. pin….!?

Winner: Otunga


Well shit…!?


Another recap, this time HHH and HBK from last week.


Taker does the walk in the back but they only show him from the knees down.


After the break we get Taker’s gong and the arena goes dark. He finally comes out wearing that hoodie cape he was sporting a while back covering his head. Mixed bag finally turns into a “Taker” chant. He recaps the last year, he’s kind of stumbling his words. One dude keeps yelling “you suck”. This is an awkward promo which is getting “what” from the crowd… He stays on track even through this. Taker says he and HHH are the last of “their kind” and even says “wrestling”… He wants HHH to come into the ring, look him in the eyes and bitch out. Is Taker drunk or some shit? What the fuck is up with this promo??


HHH finally comes out, in his suit of course. They stare at each other before HHH starts on what he saw Taker a few weeks back. Taker cuts him off and jibber jabbers. HHH says his job is to make sure the WWE has a future and Taker’s job is to carry the torch into the future. HHH says this would be bad for business. Taker asks if its bad for business if he is gone or when HHH is gone. They go back and forth with HHH claiming Taker wants him to put an end to all of this. HHH says he isn’t going to put an end to it. Taker calls him a coward as he was trying to leave. HHH is getting heated about being called a coward and this gets the crowd to chant “you’re a coward”. HHH calms himself down claiming he knows what Taker is trying to do and HHH says no one more time before leaving. Taker takes one more jab at HHH saying that HBK was better than him. This gets an HBK chant. HHH takes off his jacket on the stage, takes off his tie, unbuttons his shirt then comes back to the ring. He eye fucks Taker again before saying this has nothing to do with HBK and that HE could do what Shawn couldn’t which is finish the job on Taker. This gets a “prove it” chant! nice! HHH then finally caves in and accepts… really? Over this Shawn comparison?? HHH makes this a….HELL IN A CELL! Hot damn, ok that changes things up! Taker then walks off while Metallica plays….? Wait, was that a yes? Taker looks back at HHH smirk and leaves without showing off his new hairdo.


Another Rock promo video, oh this is for the new Rock DVD/Blu Ray.


Recap of the Smackdown EC match with Big Show trying to kill Daniel Bryan.


World Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Santino

-Bryan claims he is a role model after defeating 5 men last night to retain his title.

-apparently Santino was the last person in the EC last night with Bryan!?!?

-Santino is taken down quickly while a “Santino” chant breaks out.

-Santino makes a comeback them goes to put the cobra on but Bryan cuts him off.

-Santino with a rollup…no Bryan puts on the La Bell lock…

-Santino is trying to reach the cobra but taps out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Oh well this didn’t get over anyone…


Aksana & Kelly Kelly vs. The Bella’s

-horrible elbow drop by Aksana.

-twin magic ends this shit.

Winners: Bella twins


Cena stares into outer space while he does the walk, fucker is coming back out for more chit chat on the Rock… great.


We’re back from break and Cena is already in the ring… same ol’ shit here… going off on Rock going “Hollywood”. He craps about his own movies but says he always shows up and never left… Cena says Vince is going to fine him for saying this next shit about Rock coming back a year ago to plug Fast 5 and his Twitter account. Cena then sucks up to the boys in the back then apologizes before saying he’s a “professional wrestler”. Probably his best promo in a while, keeping it fairly serious and focused on his point.


WWE Champion CM Punk comes out to the ring to watch the next match. He comes out in his sports coat and… um… this fool shaved!? Um… uh… yeah he looks weird…


10 Man Battle Royal (filled with Elimination Chamber losers)

Big Show vs. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vick vs. Wade Barrett vs. The Great Khali vs. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Santino vs. Chris Jericho

-Punk says the new Cole figure looks like Adam Corrolla.

-everyone pairs off at the start.

-everyone gangs up on Khali and he is first eliminated.

-commercial break.

-no one eliminated during the break.

-Kofi and Miz fight to the apron.

-Jericho almost has Ziggler out but he saves himself.

-Cody and Wade try to get rid of Show but he fights them off.

-Show steps on Ziggler.

-Truth and Kofi try to get Miz a couple of times before finally giving him a double dropkick.

-Show double choke slams Kofi and Truth

-Code breaker to Show!

-zig zag to Jericho!

-cross roads to Ziggler!

-side slam to Barrett!

-Santino gets rid of Barrett and Truth!!!!

-Show THROW Ziggler out of the ring!!!

-5 left.

-Y2J pushes Kofi off the top rope!

-Punk shits on Cole for calling Kingston, Kofi Roads.

-medics are out, Wade might have a broken arm… this might be legit.

-flash kick to Show!!!

-lionsault to Show!

-flying head butt to Show!!

-Jericho tries to get rid of Santino but he skins the cat!


-Cody throws Santino over the top!

-double suplex by Show to Jericho and Rhodes!

-Cody is over by Show!

-its down to Show and Jericho.

-Jericho almost takes a chokeslam but Jericho locks in a dragon sleeper which takes Show over the top with assist of Cody Rhodes….

Winner: Chris Jericho


After the match Punk climbs into the ring, they stare at each other with no reaction as Wade is being carted out. Punk offers his hand but Jericho doesn’t shake it and leaves.


SO we got some WrestleMania matches set up, Rock vs. Cena, HHH vs. Taker in HIAC, Punk vs. Jericho, Bryan vs. Sheamus and possibly Show vs. Cody?? I guess we’re not getting Shaq.







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