Smackdown Thoughts & Review [February 17, 2012]


The Elimination Chamber is getting The Cobra!

onserf, CA

They show highlights of Daniel Bryan taking out Orton at the end of Orton’s match with Big Show.

They cut to Randy Orton looking pissed in Teddy Long’s office. Teddy apologizes to Orton and says it’s out of his hands. Orton can’t compete tonight and at the Elimination Chamber pay per view due to a concussion. Teddy says that security is going to escort him out of the building. The crowd chant’s “RANDY” as we walks out of the frame without a word.

~ This is where Randy Orton at his best. He’s like the mute Chris Jericho that first came back without the blinking jacket and the trolling.

Big Show & Great Khali defeats Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett via Show’s Chokeslam on Barrett

  • After the match, Big Show knocked Khali out with the WMD.

~ Decent match for what it was. It looks like they’re focusing more on Big Show than the other Elimination Chamber participants. Wade and Cody did a hell of job of selling the two giants’ offense.

Mark Henry is in Teddy’s office. Henry tries to convince Teddy to put him in the Elimination Chamber. Henry says Teddy needs him in the pay per view.

Big Show comes in and wants Daniel Bryan tonight. Henry clowns the Big Show and tells him to take his drooling and heavy breathing somewhere else. Henry clocks the Big Show and then starts trashing the office.

They cut to Teddy Long speaking with “security.” They say they’re afraid to go near Big Show and Teddy thinks they should call for backup.

Hunico pins Ted DiBiase via roll-up (after Camacho pulls DiBiase’s injured arm over the rope)

~ Really tired of seeing this played out image of a Mexican dude in dickies and a bandana. I mean it’s cool if that REALLY is Hunico in real life but I doubt it. Anywho this was a good but brief match. There were some really cool counters by both men. Hunico never fails to impress me and DiBiase continues to shine in the ring. Not sure where this is going but I wish they would give these two some time to really give us all a dope match.

Epico & Primo defeated the Usos via Primo’s Backstabber on Jimmy Uso

~ Pretty good match. Jey hit this really incredible corkscrew elbow (think Trouble in Paradise but with an elbow). The crowd seemed really into and I don’t think it had anything to do with the production team sweetening the crowd. This is match of the night so far. It’s not saying much but this is one of the better tag team matches I’ve seen in a while.

Daniel Bryan hits the ring. He starts talking shit and says that Randy Orton and the Big Show are afraid to come out and face him. He wanted Lillian to declare him the winner. Teddy Long comes out and says that DB is facing Sheamus in the main event.

~ I enjoyed this a lot. DB is really allowing his inner-prick to shine. At one point he yells out, “I – just – keep – on – winning!” while he was pointing to himself. Greatness. Lillian Garcia was looking pretty damn good by the way. Shuckie Duckie Quack Quack!!!!

Daniel Bryan defeated Sheamus via DQ (Daniel Bryan spits in Sheamus’ face. Sheamus loses his temper and pushes the ref down for DQ’d)

~ Good, hard hitting match. Both men did their best to make each other look good. Daniel Bryan hit some brutal kicks and Sheamus got in some serious licks. DB did an interesting ankle breaker and played the coward ass heel to perfection.

Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes hit Teddy Long up to see who they’re facing at the Elimination Chamber. Teddy says that he’s holding a Battle Royal to determine the 6th spot in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber.

Jinder Mahal submits Ezekiel Jackson via Camel Clutch

~ This didn’t sit well with me. I’m not the biggest Ezekial fan but I didn’t think they’d be putting someone like Jinder over Ezekial so easily. Ezekial got a little offense in but they made it seem like Jinder was about to get a substantial push. I guess, WWE. Jinder has gotten better but he’s still a little green in my eyes.

Tamina & Alicia Fox defeat Beth Phoenix & Natalya via Tamina’s Superfly Splash on Natalya

  • After the match, Beth tried to attack Tamina but she was laid out. Tamina was about to do the Frog Splash but Beth rolled out of the ring.

~ This lasted longer than I expected and I enjoyed it. It’s a shame they’re not saving this moment for Wrestlemania. As great as Kharma is, I’d rather see Tamina win the Diva’s title with the Superfly Frog Splash at Wrestlemania.

Teddy Long is speaking with John Laurinatis and David Otunga. John Laurinaitis suggests David Otunga to enter and win the Battle Royal. Otunga is wearing an Adidas Harvard athletic jersey. Hmmm…is “LIN” on the back?

Santino wins the Battle Royal by throwing out David Otunga

  • David Otunga was the only person to get an entrance. This almost looked like an NXT and Superstars showcase.
  • The final four were Ezekial Jackson, Drew McIntyre, David Otunga and Santino.

~ I hate battle royals. I like Santino. I liked this battle royal.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they’re going to treat Santino at the Elimination Chamber. Are they going to give him a little push and let him eliminate somebody in the match? Or is Christian or Alberto Del Rio going to come back, take Santino out and take the World Title from Daniel Bryan?

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