Smackdown Thoughts & Review [February 10, 2012]


Tamina unofficially starts her feud with Beth Phoenix. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton go at it, and Daniel Bryan cares about the environment and future generations.

Tulsa, OK

They hype up the main event of Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan tonight. Dope!

Sheamus comes out to the ring. He recaps his Royal Rumble win and goes over his Wrestlemania dilemma. He talks about how he doesn’t like being told what to do and that he’s not going to make a decision about who he’s going to face at ‘Mania.

Wade Barrett comes out and says that Sheamus should go after the WWE Championship. He goes on to say that if Sheamus goes after the World Heavyweight Title, he’s going to have to face Barrett since he’s winning the title at the Elimination Chamber pay per view.

Cody Rhodes comes out and says that he’s the only one that knows what it’s like to win at ‘Mania and how it feels to be a champion at the moment. Cody goes on to say that’s going to win it all.

Big Show joins the get together. Big Show disses Cody. Big Show says that he’s going to win the Elimination Chamber and that Sheamus should wrestle him at Wrestlemania.

Wade says that Snooki has a better chance of winning at Wrestlemania than the Big Show.

All hell breaks loose. Show catches Cody off a Beautiful Disaster attempt and throws him out of the ring. Sheamus throws Wade out the ring and the faces stand tall.

~ Good opening. Glad that the WWE is having both of their shows make the Royal Rumble winner a big deal.

The Great Khali pins Jinder Mahal via Two-Handed Chokeslam

~ It was what it was. I ain’t feeling Jinder right now. I still think he’s a little green. They’ll probably give Khali another victory next week until the pay per view. It’s odd that this is the first time in a long time where I’m more excited for a Raw pay per view main event than the Smackdown one.

Aksana and Teddy Long are in his office. Daniel Bryan interrupts. Bryan asks Teddy if it’s true that Teddy had a barbecue in the parking lot. DB says eating dead animals is bad and explains veganism. Teddy puts DB in his place.

Beth Phoenix pins Alicia Fox via Glam Slam

  • After the match, Beth starts messing with Alicia Fox. Tamina runs in for the save and has a stare down with Beth.

~ Really surprised they did the matrix spot with Alicia Fox. I really hope this leads to Tamina winning the Divas Championship with a Superfly Splash at Wrestlemania. It’s seems like the right moment to make.

They show a Rock video. He talks about his childhood and upbringing in Hawaii and his early start in the wrestling business.

~ Holy shit. This is as good as it gets. You can’t help to want Rock to win at Wrestlemania. 

They cut to Natalya speaking with Tyson Kidd about her gas problem. She farts, Tyson leaves, and Hornswaggle runs into another wall of deadly gas.

~ Way to treat your well-respected third generation wrestlers, WWE.

Sheamus & Big Show defeat Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes via Sheamus’ Brogue Kick on Wade Barrett

~ Decent match. It didn’t add any interest to the Smackdown Elimination Chamber but it was entertaining. I basically watched this for Cody’s involvement. Big Show or Sheamus are probably future main event opponents for Cody Rhodes in 2012. Cody has it and it’s time they put the belt on him. I can see Cody feuding with both men after he wins the title.

TOOL interviews AJ in the ring. TOOL cuts her off, disses her, and then says he’s just joking. Prick! AJ then calls TOOL out on him talking shit and disrespecting Daniel Bryan, the Divas, and herself. AJ calls TOOL a biased, obnoxious jerk, and suggests that he shut his mouth. TOOL loses his shit and says that Daniel Bryan set her up.

Daniel Bryan tells TOOL to shut up before he breaks his arms. DB gets in the ring and tells the crowd that he’s more than footnote. He’s a great wrestler and a role model. He says that while the crowd was eating meat and flesh of murdered animals during the Super Bowl, he was taking a nature walk. DB talks about recycling, caring about the environment and future generations. He also cares about AJ. He says that he’s talking her home in Prius.

They cut to Daniel Bryan and AJ walking to his Prius. Teddy interrupts them and DB says he needs to take a ‘personal day.’ Teddy says that if DB leaves the building, he will lose his title.

~ This segment became gold once TOOL left and Daniel Bryan came in. Bryan cut another solid promo and furthered his heel persona. It reminds me of a vegan version of CM Punk’s character in the straight edge/S.E.S era.

This was hard to watch at the start. TOOL really needs to go. If there’s any traditional facet of pro wrestling that I enjoy it’s a good announcing team. When TOOL is involved, there’s never a good announcing team.

Ted DiBiase pins Hunico via roll up

~ I liked this match. I’m not sure where this feud is going but I find myself entertained. Hunico is sick and it’s nice to see DiBiase’s ever-evolving offense.

Randy Orton defeats World champion Daniel Bryan via DQ

  • Big Show came down for commentary.
  • Bryan tries to leave with the title, but Big Show grabs Bryan and throws him back in the ring for the DQ.
  • Orton was pissed and then he and Big Show went at it around the ring as a smirking DB walks up the ramp.

~ Wow. The angle of DB’s flying knee off the angle was perfect. I liked this match a lot but I actually think both men can do better since they’re so talented. Nice to see someone wiggle out of Orton’s second rope DDT and kick him in the head. Orton’s rolling powerslam looks as good as Samoa Joe’s version.

Daniel Bryan as champ makes Smackdown so much more fun. I would be a bit surprised if they allowed DB to hold the belt through Wrestlemania but I think Orton vs. Bryan for the World Title is a damn good match.

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    SD needs more Funkasaurus

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    Somehow I wasn’t logged on to my WP account -.-

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