WELL I’m not in the mood for anything bad tonight so this shit better show n prove…

We start with a recap of The Undertaker coming out to interrupt Triple H’s segment. We get with this video package a that guy who does the voice over’s for Smackdown on SYFY.

Oh look fireworks, it feels like forever since we’ve started with those or the Nickelback song.

A six pack match with all the RAW guys from the Elimination Chamber to see who enters last in the chamber… kind of giving shit away a little bit don’t you think? How about a 6 pack musical chairs match instead? Hmmm.

Triple H and his suit are out to officially start the show. This fool gets a chant. He clears up why he was out last week which was to fire Laurinaitis, then he shit’s Ace. He claims on Laurinaitis making a case to the board so he isn’t fired… yet. He then brings up Taker’s return who hasn’t been seen since last years WrestleMania. He takes credit for Taker not being able to walk out of that Mania. Triple H then puts over Taker and says he feels “humble” when he’s in the ring for him. He recaps last week then says he looked in the eyes of Taker and he wasn’t humbled or in awe of him. What he was, was sorry for Taker after what he did to him last year, how he will remember Taker a different way from what he saw last week then cuts to an Undertaker video package. Hmm, a few shots of short haired Taker. Triple H then cuts to a video package on how he doesn’t want to remember Taker while is basically him being carried out of Mania last year. HHH then says no to a rematch which gets him booed. This dude is forgetting his script… basically he’s doing Taker a favor by calling this over.

Triple H’s music cuts before he can leave the ring, then it gets dark… We get another video package and they are actually showing footage from their first WrestleMania match. It’s a remix video with Taker getting remixed saying “this is not over”… this is probably the worse Undertaker produced video of all… after the video they cut to a serious HHH standing in a dark ring…

Ok so let me get this straight… HHH is playing the “I whooped your ass real bad last year and I don’t want to do that shit again so we ain’t getting into this shit again”. And Taker is playing the “fuck, my hair is still short so how do we hide this fact” shit. Got it.

The Big Show vs. World Champion Daniel Bryan w/AJ

-AJ is still sporting the neck brace and she’s reluctant to come to ringside.

-Show starts off beating on Bryan all over the ring.

-Bryan finally takes Show down with a dropkick to his knee.

-after the break Show is in a half-boston crab that he fights out of.

-spear by Show for a 2 count.

-Show goes for the chock slam but Bryan gets dragon sleeper.

-Show fights off but Bryan still recovers with kicks to the head of Show.

-Bryan is then kicked off the ring apron.

-Bryan is favoring his knee at ringside

-Show comes after him by AJ stops him

-Show almost runs over AJ again but Bryan freaks, walks her off and he gets counted out.

Winner: Big Show by countout.

After the match Bryan shit’s on Show and blames him for almost hurting AJ again and how he could have originally stopped himself like tonight. He then proclaims winning at the ppv to continue being World Champion.

We’re back from break and some race car is doing donuts in the parking lot. This car pulls into the area… ok this happened last week apparently. Cena greets the dude and Cena is going to be the starting car thingy for the Daytona 500… they chat and its forced and pulling this race and WrestleMania… stupid.

Video package on how the Elimination Chamber match works… come on man, we know how this shit works get to some matches already.

David Otunga is out all decked out. He sucks the cock of Laurinaitis and hopes the board does the right thing… he then goes to pray and does that football dude stance in the middle of the ring… stupid. Justin Roberts gets on the mic and says HHH has put him in a match next… Sheamus.

David Otunga vs. Sheamus

-Otunga is pissed about his clothes and yeah he’s getting beat up in them

-Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross but Otunga rolls out of his sweater.

-Otunga gets his shirt ripped and his chest pounded for a count of 10… looks like an expensive shirt.

-Otunga makes a short comeback with a short DDT into kicking Sheamus in the corner.

-Otunga gets serious then walks into a brog kick for the pin.

Winner: Sheamus

Jericho does the walk in the back with a smirk on his face… apparently we’re hearing from him tonight…

Jericho is out after the break with lit jacket and all. He’s more serious this time no celebrating. He claims the end of the world is here to stop all the Chris Jericho wanna-bees in the locker room and in the arena. He tells us he manipulated us without saying a word then calls out Miz, Kofi, Truth, Ziggler and Punk for all being wanna-bees but Punk is the worst by claiming he is the best in the world when all he is, is a Chris Jericho wanna-bee. He doesn’t have to write he is the best on the back of a shirt, ha! He says he is coming back to reclaim what is his… this gets WWE Champion CM Punk out with his new shirt.

They stare at each other while we get a CM Punk chant. Punk looks like he’s going to talk but doesn’t say shit, drops the mic and holds up the WWE Title… He then turns his back for Jericho can attack him but Jericho just takes stance and doesn’t take the chance. Jericho gets back on the mic telling Punk to say something while Punk walks out saying nothing but holding up the Title.

Good shit on the build to this match I think. Jericho needed to talk this week and he tied things together nicely I though. Punk not talking and just holding up the title was a good touch.

Wade Barrett & Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. The Great Khali & Randy Orton

-good lord Barrett’s new music is worse than the last by a lot…

-why the fuck is the Great Khali in this match… doesn’t he have a dance off or segment with Hornswoggle to deal with…

-Orton dominates Cody before the tag to Khali.

-the crowd is… dead for Khali.

-Khali and Orton are chopping each other to make tags.

-Orton is finally cornered by Cody and Barrett.

-Orton recovers hits a rolling powerslam on Barrett and a vertical DDT on Cody.

-Khali tags himself and chops Cody who’s coming off the ropes with a flash kick for the pin…

Winner: Khali & Orton

The fuck?… Orton and Khali eye fuck each other before this breaks down and Khali gets RKO’d… oh boy…

Cole and Lawler recap the battle between The Rock and Cena’s…. twitter war… come on.

Eve, Kelly Kelly, Tamina, Alicia Fox vs. Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix, The Bella’s & Natalya   

-before the other diva’s could come out we get a recap of Cena vs. Kane shinanigans from last week.

-they go to a Pheonix video from the website where she claims she is bored with the Diva’s and will be champion forever.

-Beth and Eve start this.

-Phoenix is manhandling her before the chop tag to one of the Bella’s. lots of those going on tonight.

-Tamina gets the super fly on that same Bella for the pin.

Winner: Tamina, Kelly, Eve & Fox.

Short match with Tamina and Phoenix eye fucking each other.

The Rock on the Tonight Show clip is shown. Fuck Jay Leno. This is Dwayne Johnson not the Rock.

HHH is the back talking about Laurinaitis when he walks in. Laurinaitis kisses the ass of the board and claims HBK will be here next week… oh no… oh god, this fool makes Cena vs. Kane at the ppv is an ambulance match… HHH kicks him out before he goes on to text…

At 10am Eastern we find out what happens to Laurinaitis on WWE.com. I go with nothing happens.

Laurinaitis is walking in the back when Josh stops him to ask him about tomorrow’s decision. He plays it cool and mumbles stuff.

HBK gets plugged for next week.

6 pack challenge match

R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Miz vs. WWE Champion CM Punk   

-we get the rules, everyone is out at once and first person to score a pin fall is the last man out at the chamber.

-everyone but Punk jump Jericho to start with Punk rolling up Miz for a 1 count.

-Jericho rolls to the outside while the rest pair off.

-lots of stuff and things happening, too much to try to type.

-Kofi and Ziggler are left on the outside before Kofi dives to the outside.

-Ziggler teases a dive but struts instead before getting clotheslines by the WWE Champion.

-back from break Truth is being walked out after hitting the arena floor hard after his dive.

-Its Punk, Miz and Ziggler in the ring at the moment.

-Jericho is still on the outside.

-nice stunner/DDT move to Ziggler and Miz at the same time by Punk.

-anaconda vise on Ziggler before Kofi breaks the submission.

-its Jericho and Punk in the ring alone now.

-before they can lock up Ziggler and Miz break this up.

-did Miz just take a phantom clothesline??

-Ziggler gets cut off at the top by Punk.

-Punk goes for the superplex when Miz and Jericho get involved for a super duper plex.

-Miz and Jericho get dual counts but Ziggler and Punk kick out.

-Miz teases the SCF on Jericho only to catch a trouble in paradise.

-2nd rope dropkick by Jericho on Kofi for a 2 count.

-Kofi chant as he fights out of the sleeper.

-high cross body by Kofi onto Y2J for a 2 count.

-roll up by Kofi to Y2J for another 2.

-lionsault it missed by Jericho

-trouble in paradise is blocked and turned into the walls of Jericho and Punk makes the save.

-Ziggler rolls up Punk for a close two.

-Ziggler goes for the leg drop but its turned into a GTS.

-Punk goes for the pin but Jericho pulls Punk out and throws him over the announce table, covers Ziggler and wins the match.

Winner: Jericho

After the match Jericho poses with the WWE Title and sits cross legged in the ring ala Punk.

The Audio is up loud when we go to the back to reveal Eve getting yelled at by Kane about Cena and him embracing the hate. Blah blah blah, Kane’s afraid of himself…

End of show.

Show was ok I guess, at least it furthered Jericho vs. Punk. Shame that Ziggler felt like an after thought and we got no Funkasauras tonight.

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  1. dabuhran Says:

    “Royal Rumble 2013 Winner” ( 😉 ) Sheamus was recently interviewed by Sky Sports, well worth a read:


    Also, thanks for your great work guys! ❤

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