Smackdown Thoughts & Review [February 3, 2012]


Primo does a sick Floatover Backstabber. Daniel Bryan heels it up! Natalya keeps cutting the cheese. Orton and Barrett whup each other’s asses and more.

Omaha, NE

They start with a video package hyping Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett.

Teddy Long comes out. He announces the Smackdown Elimination Chamber participants.

  • Daniel Bryan
  • Wade Barrett
  • Big Show
  • Cody Rhodes
  • Mark Henry (Will be replaced by the Great Khali)
  • Randy Orton

Mark Henry comes out. Henry says that he doesn’t deserve to be in such a match. He wants a match tonight with Daniel Bryan. Teddy takes him out of the Chamber match but doesn’t give him a World Title opportunity tonight. Henry starts to threaten Long and grabs his tie. Long suspends Mark Henry indefinitely. Mark Henry grabs Teddy’s tie and says he wants to get his money’s worth if he’s going to be suspended.

Sheamus comes out and stares Henry down. Brogue Kick and Henry falls out of the ring. Moderate ‘Sheamus’ chant from the crowd. Teddy Long asks Sheamus about whom he’s going to face at Wrestlemania. Sheamus says no.

Cody Rhodes interrupts. Cody tells Sheamus to chill out and that he eliminated the most superstars in the Rumble and that he did all the work. Cody says he’s going to be the first dual champ since the Ultimate Warrior. Cody says that Sheamus, Teddy and the Ultimate Warrior are alike because he can’t understand a word they’re saying. Teddy makes a match between Cody and Sheamus to start at that moment.

~ Woah. This was a long but entertaining opening segment. I’m a little annoyed that Mark Henry got his ass handed to him so easily. I hope he’s still booked as a monster when he returns from injury. It’s upsetting that he’s carrying hardly any momentum heading into Wrestlemania, especially after carrying Smackdown for more than half of 2011.

Sheamus pins Cody Rhodes via Kryptonite Krunch/modified Air Raid Crash

~ Good match. Both men showed some nice flurries of offense. Nice Beautiful Disaster Kick off the ring barrier by Cody. I’m a little disappointed that Cody couldn’t put Sheamus away. Cody pulled out all the stops from a moonsault to a second rope bulldog, but Sheamus kept on coming without selling any fatigue or damage. Not really liking Cody putting over Sheamus with a clean pin. A little too easy for Sheamus for my taste. Nice to see Sheamus pull out a new finisher tonight.

Cody is looking all butt hurt at ringside. Justin Gabriel comes out to the ring for his match.

Hunico and Justin Gabriel doesn’t official start due to Cody Rhodes jumping Gabriel in the ring. Hunico and Camacho join in until the Great Khali makes the save. Cody escapes but Hunico and Camacho take an Indian ass-whuppin’.

~ I’m not sure what this will lead to but it’s not holding my interest. Let’s hope Hunico gets a bigger push after this is over.

Drew McIntyre is in the back with Teddy Long. Teddy says that Drew needs to find another way to impress him. Santino says he found a new tagteam partner, Hacksaw Jim Duggan. They call themselves Santin-HOOOOO! Teddy grants them a match versus the Tag Team Champs, Epico and Primo. Aksana comes by notices a 2X4 that Duggan left. A ‘wood’ joke was made and that’s all you need to know.

Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes defeat Santino Marella & Hacksaw Jim Duggan via Primo’s Floatover Backstabber on Santino

~ Loved this match. THIS is what pro wrestling needs to have more of. Since it’s a work, why not involve more legends from yesteryear? If a wrestler can still work when he or she is over 50 years old, I figure why not let them entertain the fans? There’s nothing better than reliving the pro wrestling moments of your youth, even if it’s embedded in the midcard.

TOOL is in the middle of the ring and he introduces Daniel Bryan. Cole tries to kiss Daniel’s ass. DB disses him and says this interview is not about TOOL but it’s about Daniel Bryan. DB brags about his Rumble win and being a great champion. He goes on to talk about being a great role model and that everybody should be a vegan and stop eating meat. He breaks down the positives of being Vegan to the crowd. DB drops a HUGE verbal turd on the Big Show and goes on to say that Big Show doesn’t belong in the Elimination Chamber match and the WWE in general.

Big Show comes out to a pretty big pop. Show calls DB a pompous, arrogant, little ass. Show says that DB will not be champion after the Elimination Chamber.

DB says that he might lose but he won’t lose to Show. DB calls Big Show a loser. Show loses his shit and beats DB down. Show chokeslams DB and AJ, sporting a neck brace, pleads for Show to not knock DB out.

AJ runs out and hugs Daniel Bryan as Show looks on.

~ I LOVED this promo and segment. It’s fun to see Daniel Bryan heeling it up. Daniel Bryan has picked up where S.E.S.-era CM Punk left off. He come off a little delusional, a tad fanatical, and downright awesome. I have to add that AJ looked as fine as ever. Shuckie duckie quack quack!

They show Natalya and Beth Phoenix doing Hindu Squats. Natalya lets out a squeaker and runs off. Beth follows and poor Santino walks into a wall of gas.

~ I laughed so I guess the farting angle is doing what it’s suppose to do.

Beth Phoenix & Natalya defeat Aksana & Tamina via Beth’s Glam Slam on Aksana

  • After the match, Natalya tried to give Aksana a Sharpshooter but Tamina Superkicked her. Tamina followed up with a Superfly Splash.

~ Interesting development here. Beth gave Nat a harsh tag and told her to get out of ‘her ring.’ I suppose they’re going to break up. I think they’re building up to a break up. I think that’s fine but the only Diva Wrestlemania moment I want to see is Tamina winning the Diva’s title via the Superfly Splash.

Matt Stryker interviews Randy Orton in the locker room. Orton does his usual stoic interview.

After Wade Barrett walks to the ring. They cut to AJ and Daniel Bryan talk to Teddy Long about the Big Show.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett in a No Countout, No DQ match via RKO on a steel chair.

  • After the match they cut to Teddy making a match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton for next week.
  • Daniel Bryan came into the ring and started doing his self celebrating thing as Orton looked on. DB continued up the ramp like a celebrating idiot. Good shit!

~ This felt like a blow off match. Both wrestlers brought it. Orton and Barrett gave a beating and took a beating. Barrett took some chair shots like a champ and Orton took a nice table bump off the second turnbuckle. I wasn’t feeling their earlier matches but this one flowed really nice. The false finishes near the end were spot on as well as the sequence where Barrett countered an RKO then got Orton with a Bossman Slam.

This was another entertaining episode of Smackdown. Daniel is genius on the mic, Hunico, Epico and Primo continue to impress, and Orton and Barrett held it down in the main event.

Looking forward, I think I’m really puzzled with how the WWE is going to fit most of their wrestlers on the Wrestlemania card. It’s a long shot, but I’d rather see Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes or vs. Randy Orton than Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus. However, I have a feeling that Orton is going to win the World Title at the Elimination Chamber and then go on to defend the title versus Sheamus at Wrestlemania. The WWE would love nothing more than two of their golden boys go at it in the third main event at Wrestlemania.

Where does this leave Daniel Bryan? I smell a Money in the Bank match in his future. Daniel Bryan in a MITB match is better than no Bryan at all. That being said, I will be more than thrilled if the WWE allows Daniel Bryan to shine in a title match at Mania. Let’s hope they choose the latter.

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