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Bryan and Punk retain, Kane furthers his SUPER monster role and we get an unexpected Royal Rumble winner.

I love this pay per view!


Steel Cage Match
World Champion Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show vs. Mark Henry

-fuck man, champion should always be last out!

-Michael Cole needs to shop shitting on Bryan when he goes full heel.

-Bryan celebrating in his opening like he just won.

-Daniel Bryan chant after the official intros.

-off the bat Bryan tries to escape but Henry pulls him off.

-shoulder block by Show Bryan for a pin attempt broken by Henry.

-Show shoulder blocks Henry down.

-Henry between the ropes and the cage as Show splashes him THREE times!

-Bryan tries to climb out while this is happening but Show brings him down.

-Show on Bryan, tries for the right hook but Bryan moves and he punches the cage.

-drop kick by Bryan to Show’s knee brings him down.

-Bryan with a series of dropkicks to both.

-Bryan attempts to leave through the door but Henry stops him.

-Henry then pulls on the ropes and slingshots Bryan into the cage! new move!!!

-Bryan sent head first into the cage by Show.

-Show is mauling Bryan.

-Henry then takes his turn in beating on Bryan.

-Bryan is doing full duty taking the beatings from both guys.

-chokeslam is avoided by Bryan.

-tornado DDT off the ropes by Bryan to Show..1..2…1/2!

-LaBell lock on Show!!! Henry makes the save.

-Henry picks up Bryan and Show knocks out Henry for a close 2 count that Bryan breaks out of.

-Bryan to the top of the cage is stopped by Show!

-Show is on the top of the CAGE!!!!!

-Show holds onto arm while Bryan is swinging on the outside of the cage!

-Bryan falls to the arena floor!!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Show is on top of the cage looking on pissed. Good opener, Bryan worked his balls off and took beatings from both Henry and Show. Glad they kept the title on Bryan for at least ONE pay per view! Bryan celebrates close to the entrance just repeating YES!


Video package on John Cena and all the goody-goody shit he does outside of wrestling. This is long…


Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix, Natalya & The Bella’s vs. Kelly Kelly, Tamina, Eve, Alicia Fox

-why go here!? Save this time for one of the other matches!

-stuff and things with tags and moves happen.

-shit breaks down on the outside and Kelly makes the dive onto everyone else.

-Glam Slam on Kelly for the pin.

Winner: Phoenix, Natalya & the Bella’s

Whatever that shit went too long.


Zack Ryder is in the back wearing a back brace. Laurinaitis welcomes him and is kissing his ass sarcastically. Eve comes in all pissy and talks shit to Laurinaitis. She hopes he gets fired tomorrow.


John Cena vs. Kane

-Cena starts fast on Kane leading to a brief moment on the outside.

-Kane is favoring his knee.

-Cena teases the AA but fails and falls.

-Kane takes over fully by stomping on Cena.
-nice dropkick by Kane on a sitting Cena.

-YAY/BOO series of punches.

-Kane keeping Cena grounded.

-Cena goes for the bulldog but Kane fights him off.

-Kane takes Cena down again with a clothesline.

-Kane teases that face claw and Cena fights it off and gets the STF on Kane.

-Kane fights out of it then hits a side slam on Cena.

-Kane to the top with a clothesline onto Cena.

-Cena recovers with the 5 moves of death he goes for the UCSM but Kane teases a chokeslam.

-Cena fights off the chokeslam attempt but Kane gets the big boot for a 2 count.

-Cena is put on the top rope for a Kane superplex. Cena fights off and Kane hits the mat.

-YCSM fist from the top rope.

-Cena teases the AA but Kane with the big elbow sending Cena to the outside.

-Kane takes Cena’s back into the ring apron.

-they fight on the outside and the ref counts both out.

Winner: double countout.

-Cena takes a box to Kane’s head while both fight up to the staging tech area.

-They end up in the back brawling.

-Kane sent into trash cans yet no one cares who cleans this up… sigh.

-Kane takes a steel chair to Cena’s back.

-Kane then sees Ryder’s dressing room door and breaks the door down!

-Ryder tries to kick Kane but Kane chokes Ryder.

-Kane wheels Ryder out to the arena and into the ring.

-Eve is out to plead for Ryder, Kane doesn’t give a shit and tombstones Ryder!!!!!

-Eve looks on in shock!

-Cena is back out to brawl with Kane and try the AA but Cena can’t do it and walks into a choke slam!

-Kane leaves with Cena and Ryder once again floored.


Thought it was a decent fast paced match. They are doing wonders for putting Kane back into the spotlight as a SUPER monster. Not sure what this does for Cena in the long run but right now Kane is the one shining out of this feud.


Rock video package to counter Cena’s is shown next. The put him over as a SUPER star with all he does from wrestling to movies and on.


Drew McIntyre vs. Brodus Clay

-funkasaurous chant!

-Drew tries to hit on the girls to distract Clay.

-He gets in a few hits before before Clay hulks up.

-t bone by Clayu

-splash in the corner in to the high cross body for the pin.

Winner: Clay


Short and sweet like Puma called. Dude is catching on AND he got a chant!? Fuck man, I guess the WWE does know best. Hope Clay will be in the Rumble still.


WWE CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki – John Laurinaitis special guest referee

– Laurinaitis comes out and says he will be an outside ref and not the actual ring ref…?

-CM Punk chant before he even comes out.

-before the match starts Laurinaitis is in and kicks Vicki out from ringside.

-match starts fast with both teasing finishers.

-series of kicks by Punk to the legs of Dolph.

-match is picking up steam when Ziggler slows things down to strut.

-Punk teases the anaconda vice but Ziggler gets to the ropes.

-slingshot onto the ropes to Ziggler.

-Punk dives to the outside onto Ziggler.

-Punk to the top but has his legs sweeped by Ziggler for a 2 count.

-lets go Ziggler/CM Punk dueling chants.

-series of elbow drops by Ziggler

-YAY/BOO punches into a Ziggler sleeper hold but Punk fights out and teases the anaconda vice again.

-Ziggler finally gets the sleeper on.

-Punk fights out only to get dropkicked for a 2 count.

-sit down powerslam by Punk for a close 2 count.

-series of chops and kicks by Punk

-neck breaker by Punk into the high knee and bulldog.

-Punk calls for the GTS but Ziggler fights out for a slingshot.

-fast paced, too fast to call! Haha

-Punk kick to the face of Ziggler for a 2 ½ count.

-CM Punk chant

-Punk goes to the top for a Macho Man elbow for another 2 ½

-Randy Savage chant.

-GTS is teased but Ziggler pushes Punk into the ref and the ref is DOWN!

-anaconda vice on Ziggler and he’s tapping but Laurinaitis is checking on the ref!

-Punk lets it go when he notices there is no ref. He yells down at Laurinaitis.

-Ziggler rolls up Punk but Punk reverses it for a pin but still Laurinaitis off checking the ref.

-Laurinaitis rolls the ref in and gets Ziggler up in the GTS but Ziggler’s foot hits Laurinaitis sending him to the outside.

-Punk is pissed.

-Punk goes for another GTS but Ziggler hits the leg drop out of no where!!!!! 1…2…KICKOUT!

-Ziggler recovers and pounds on Punk before the ref pulls him off.

-Ziggler goes for another legdrop but Punk slingshots him into the corner and hits another GTS for the pin… Laurinaitis was making the count with the ref in the ring… odd.

Winner: Punk


Solid match but these guys could have gone much longer. I hope we get move matches between them. Laurinaitis was just distracting in the match instead of affective in getting over his feud with Punk.


Laurinaitis claps for Punk as he leaves trying to save his job.


63 days away from WrestleMania!


Royal Rumble Match

1 – The Miz

-before the match Miz gets on the mic, claims people were clowning him for being #1. But he will win and go onto WrestleMania.

2 – Alex Riley

-both stare before delivering punches.

-Riley first to tease throwing someone over.

-Miz grounds Riley in the corner with kicks.

-Miz goes to throw Riley over but he reverses it.

-Miz recovers and throws Riley out!

3 – The Truth

-this starts off with a brawl!

-scissors kick by Truth and he tries to throw Miz over.

-Miz recovers and tries to his the SCF but Truth fights out.

-Truth fucks up a vertical suplex and tries to throw Miz over

4 – Cody Rhodes

-flash kick to Miz’s head and face buster to Truth

-Cody holds Truth for Miz to pound on.

-Miz and Cody beat on Truth before he tries to recover.

5 – Justin Gabriel

-Cody goes right for Justin who comes out fast on everyone.

-Cody finally grounds Gabriel and tries to throw him over.

-all four guys corner up with their current feuds.

6 – Primo

-Promo comes out hitting moves on everyone.

-head scissors by Primo to Justin.

-Miz throws Truth out!

-Truth brings Miz to the outside and hits the mic check.

7 – Mick Foley

-Crowd going crazy for Foley while they chant his name.

-Foley eliminates Primo!

-Cody corners Foley but Foley fights back!


-double arm DDT by Foley!

-Foley and Justin try to throw Cody over.


-oh shit he comes out in a beater!!!! Haha

-RICARDO chant, oh fuck!

-RR goes right after Cody! Haha

-Justin dropkicks RR before he comes back with punches.

-RR and Foley throw over Justin!!!!

-RR celebrates like he just won the title.

9 – Santino

-RR  wants to take on Santino but he teases the cobra!

-back body drop into an atomic drop by Santino on RR.

-oh fuck! clown spot before Santino throws over RR!

-its Foley and Santino they pull out Mr. Socko and Cobra!!!!!! Oh fuck!

-it’s a stand off!!!!

10 – Epico

-Cobra and Sock to Epico for the Foley elimination of Epico!!!

-Santino and Foley go into an arm wrestling contest before Miz and Cody are back.

-Cody takes out Santino!

-Cody takes out Foley!

-its Miz and Cody!

11 – Kofi Kingston

-Kofi out strong against Cody and Miz!

-double boom boom leg drop by Kofi

-Kofi tries to throw Miz over but Cody saves.

-leg lariat by Cody to Kofi.

-Miz and Cody try to eliminate Kofi

12 – Jerry Lawler

-Lawler leaves the ringside area and Cody holds King for Miz to hit him but Lawler fights out!

-Lawler fist drop!

-Cody throws out the King!

13 – Ezekiel Jackson

-shoulder blocks for Cody and Miz by Jackson.

-Jackson beating on Cody, Miz and Kofi.

-sidewalk slam onto Kofi by Jackson.

14 – Jinder Mahal

-he takes his time getting to the ring.

-Jinder comes in kicking anyone around him while we get a USA chant.

-4 in the ring now.

15 – Great Khali

-the returning Khali chops anyone who comes close to him.

-Khali throws out Mahal!

-Khali throws out Jackson!

-Kofi is close to throwing out Cody

16 – Hunico

-Huncio with a high cross body onto Kofi.

-Angle slam by Hunico to Cody.

17 – BOOKER T!

-its Booker’s turn to leave the announcing table!

-He cleans house before getting grounded by a Khali headbutt.

-Booker T chant!

-chops by Khali on Cody in the corner.

-Miz almost throws Kofi out

-Kofi handstands his way to the fucking steel steps to save himself

18 – Dolph Ziggler

-Ziggler is beating on Kofi in the corner.

-Hunico saves himself from elimination.

-Booker chopping on Hunico in the corner.

19 – Hacksaw Jim Duggan!

-He gets the punch stop on everyone while we get a USA chant!

-double headbutt to Cody and Miz.

-Duggan is getting a great pop.

-Cody eliminates Duggan! Crowd is hating on this!

-Cody and Miz eliminate Booker and Khali!

20 – Michael Cole….

-what the fuck… He comes into the ring and is posing and pointing at the Mania sign.

21 – KHARMA!!!!!

-she comes in and runs over Cole!

-Cole climbs over the top rope and Lawler and Booker eliminate him.

-implant buster to Ziggler!!!!!

-Kharma eliminates Hunico!

-Ziggler eliminates Kharma!

22 – Sheamus

-Sheamus is double axe handling everyone!

-Sheamus eliminates Kofi!

-chest punches in the ropes by Sheamus to Cody… then Miz!

23 – Roaddog Jesse James

-Roaddog comes out breaking and throwing punches.

-pumphandle to Miz by James.

-you still got it chant for James.

24 – Jey Uso

-Uso got breaking moves for James.

-Uso has officially killed the crowd… sad.

25 – Jack Swagger

-Swacker out strong with clotheslines for all.

-belly to belly by Swagger to Sheamus.

-front face suplex by Cody to Ziggler.

26 – Wade Barrett

-he’s got new music..?!

-Wade in throwing punches and clotheslines to anyone close to him.

-Wade eliminates Roaddog!

-Zig zag onto Uso!

27 – David Otunga

-Wade takes it to Otunga and tries to get rid of him.

28 – Randy Orton

-Orton out hard on everyone! Rolling powerslams for Sheamus and Barrett.

-RKO attempt but Cody stops this.

-double rope DDT by Orton to Cody and Ziggler!!!

-Orton eliminates Uso then Barrett!!!

29 – Chris Jericho!!!

-arena goes dark for Jericho who looks serious!

-Jericho throwing punches.

-Y2J throws out Otunga!

-Jericho then tries to eliminate Ziggler.

30 – The Big Show

-Show eliminates Swagger who Sheamus was trying to eliminate.

-right hook to Swagger at ringside.

-Show eliminates Miz and Cody at the same time!

-Show throws over Ziggler!

-final four are Orton, Show, Sheamus and Jericho!!!!

-they group up on Show but he fights them all off.

-chokeslam to Y2J by Show.

-RKO to Show!!!

-Orton throws over Show!

-Jericho throws over Orton!!!

-its down to Sheamus and Jericho!!!!!

-both pause to take in the moment and point at the Mania sign.

-Sheamus on strong taking Jericho down with clotheslines.

-Jericho goes for the bulldog but Sheamus fights him off and Jericho almost goes over.

-2nd rope dropkick by Jericho.

-Y2J chant.

-Irish Curse back break by Sheamus.

-Sheamus goes for Celtic CROss but Jericho fights out and and Sheamus ends up over and on the apron.

-springboard dropkick to Sheamus but he is still holding on.

-springboard shoulder block by Sheamus to come back into the ring.

-Sheamus attempts to throw over Y2J but he fights him off.

-brog kick is missed and we get the Walls of Jericho!!!!!

-Sheamus moves to the ropes but its obviously not forcing the break.

-Jericho almost thrown over!

-Jericho on the apron then goes to the top!

-both men on the apron but the roll into the ring.

-code breaker to Sheamus!

-Jericho goes for a pin…?! Haha

-Jericho with a series of punches to Sheamus and is trying to eliminate him but he saves.

-Jericho goes for another code breaker but he gets throw to the apron.

-Brog kick to Jericho for the Jericho elimination….?!

Winner: Sheamus


Uh… so… yeah wow, did not expect that shit and quite honestly I don’t think the crowd did either… Good Rumble match this year but um… yeah, did not except this shit…



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  1. kaysheann Says:

    i love cm punk.he is my hero

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