Royal Rumble 2012 Live Coverage


We’re here live updating the 2012 Royal Rumble! Refresh your screen every 15 minutes or so to get the latest match by match updates.

World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match in a Steel Cage
Daniel Bryan retains against Big Show and Mark Henry via cage escape

  • Daniel Bryan comes out first. Boo! Champions should always come out last.

Great Puma: Good but short opener. Really interesting finish with Daniel Bryan hanging from Big Show’s right arm on the edge of the cage. St. Louis was pretty amped with the Daniel Bryan chants.

Mascara de Fuego: Good opener, Bryan worked his balls off and took beatings from both Henry and Show. Glad they kept the title on Bryan for at least ONE pay per view!

8-Diva Tag Team Match

Beth Phoenix, Natalya, & the Bella Twins defeat Eve Torres, Tamina, Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox via Beth’s Glam Slam on Kelly Kelly

  • They just set up high spot where Kelly Kelly does a plancha from the top turnbuckle to the Divas on the outside.

Mascara de Fuego: Whatever that shit went too long.

Great Puma: It was what it was. Everything was clean, nobody botched anything. Glad Beth got the clean pin.

Zack is at the arena sporting a back brace and rolling around in a wheel chair. Eve tells John Laurinaitis off.

John Cena and Kane battle to a double countout

  • Kane fought out of an STF and Cena did a You Can’t See Me fist drop from the top turnbuckle. Back and forth battle.
  • Kane knocked Cena out in the back and then dragged Zack Ryder to the ring. Kane Tombstons Zack as Eve begs for mercy. Cena comes in for the save but gets chokeslammed for his efforts.

Great Puma: Decent match. Kane countered everything but still couldn’t put Cena away. The storyline continues.

Mascara de Fuego: Thought it was a decent fast paced match. They are doing wonders for putting Kane back into the spotlight as a SUPER monster. Not sure what this does for Cena in the long run but right now Kane is the one shining out of this feud.

Funkasaurus Brodus Clay defeats Drew McIntyre via High Cross Body

  • Brodus Clay comes out in Celtic green. There’s a Jurassic Park-ish “Funkasaurus” logo on his booty. Awesome.

Mascara de Fuego: Short and sweet like Puma called. Dude is catching on AND he got a chant!? Fuck man, I guess the WWE does know best. Hope Clay will be in the Rumble still.

Great Puma: Great stuff! I just hope they have the Funkasaurus in the Rumble. A little disappointed that Drew got in the most offense out of all of Clay’s opponents so far.

WWE World Championship Match
CM Punk retains against Dolph Ziggler via GTS

  • John Laurinaitis comes out first. He says that he’s going to be officiating from outside the ring.
  • Huge CM Punk chant prior to Punk coming out.

Great Puma: Match of the night so far with a somewhat odd ending. There was a ref bump and Punk could have won at least twice prior to the final pinfall. This was ‘wrestling’ at the biggest stage. Kudos to both men. Hopefully Ziggler will be WWE champ sometime in 2012, just not between now and ‘Mania.

Mascara de Fuego: Solid match but these guys could have gone much longer. I hope we get move matches between them. Laurinaitis was just distracting in the match instead of affective in getting over his feud with Punk.

Sheamus wins the 30-man Royal Rumble match

1. Miz is out first. Miz cuts a promo about being first. (eliminated)
2. Alex Riley comes out second. (eliminated)

Miz pulls the ropes and eliminates Alex Riley.

3. R-Truth out third. (eliminated)
4. Cody Rhodes comes out. (eliminated)
5. Justin Gabriel is fifth. (eliminated)
6. Primo enters the ring. (eliminated)

Miz throws out R-Truth.

7. Mick Foley comes out to a big pop! (eliminated)

Foley back body drops Primo out of the Rumble!

8. Ricardo Rodriguez comes out in white tights and a banged up ’85 Datsun! HILARIOUS! (eliminated)

Foley and Ricardo eliminate Justin Gabriel.

9. Santino is out. Comedy heaven is here! (eliminated)

Santino throws out Ricardo. Santino and Mick have a SOCKO vs. Cobra stand off!!

10. Epico is tenth! (eliminated)

Mick Foley eliminates Epico!

Cody Rhodes throws out Santino. BOOOOO!!

Miz throws out Foley. I’m pouting.

11. Kofi Kingston comes out. (eliminated)

12. Jerry Lawler gets in from the announcers’ table. Huge Jerry chant! (eliminated)

Cody throws out the King.

13. Ezekial Jackson is Mr. Thirteen. (eliminated)

14. Jinder Mahal is out. (eliminated)

15. Great Khali walks down. (eliminated)

Khali throws out Jinder.

Khali throws out Ezekial.

16. Hunico rides down to the ring with Camacho. (eliminated)

17. Booker T pulls off a Jerry Lawler. Booker has been in tights all night. Funny! (eliminated)

18. Dolph Ziggler pulls double duty tonight. (eliminated)

19. Hacksaw Jim Duggan is the first “surprise” of the night. (eliminated)

Cody takes out Hacksaw.

Cody and Ziggler threw out Booker T and the Great Khali.

20. Michael Cole is out. Ridiculous. (eliminated)

21. KHARMA is out! First Diva in tonight’s Rumble! (eliminated)

Kharma eliminates Cole!

Kharma eliminates Hunico.

Ziggler throws out Kharma.

22. Sheamus is out.

Sheamus drops Kofi out of the ring.

23. Road Dogg is in the ring. (eliminated)

24. Jey Uso enters the Rumble.(eliminated)

25. Jack Swagger walks down to the ring. (eliminated)

26. Wade Barrett is out. (eliminated)

Wade throws out Road Dogg.

27. David Otunga enters the melee. (eliminated)

28. Randy Orton runs down and wrecks shop. Huge pop for Orton. (eliminated)

Orton takes out Jey Uso.

Orton throws out Wade Barrett.

29. Chris Jericho comes out! (eliminated)

Jericho throws out Otunga.

30. Big Show is the last man out. (eliminated)

Sheamus throws out Swagger.

Big Show eliminates Cody, Miz and Ziggler!

Orton eliminates Big Show.

Jericho eliminates Orton.

Jericho and Sheamus are the last two.

Sheamus Brogue Kick’s Jericho off the apron to win the Royal Rumble!

Mascara de Fuego:

Great Puma: One of the best Royal Rumbles I’ve seen in years. Kudos to all involved.

*Stay tuned for Mascara de Fuego’s Royal Rumble recap and analysis!

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