Smackdown Thoughts & Review [January 27, 2012]


Daniel Bryan puts on a manipulation clinic. Yoshi Tatsu sighting! Orton returns and more.

Tucson, AZ

They open with another AJ injury highlight package.

Big Show comes out and looks preoccupied. Somebody is wearing his acting underwear tonight. Show publicly says he’s sorry to AJ. He said that AJ forgave him immediately. He’s always injured people since he was a kid. But unfortunately those types of incidents are not behind him. Show teases his retirement.

Daniel Bryan interrupts without his World Heavyweight Title belt on. Daniel Bryan says that AJ was ‘heavily medicated’ at the time she accepted Show’s apology and that she doesn’t even remember the moment. DB says that he thought that the WWE is for athletes, not for genetic freaks. DB also says that Big Show is no Andre the Giant. DB says that Big Show isn’t sincere and that he should just retire right now. DB starts yelling at show and slaps the shit out of his face twice. Show backs DB into the turnbuckle and reiterates that the AJ deal was accident, then throws him down.

This brings out Mark Henry. He reminds them that it’s a Tripe Treat match. Henry doesn’t care about Show’s hurt feelings and Daniel Bryan’s Napoleon Complex. He said he also doesn’t care about some 95 pound girl with a training bra. Classic! Henry advances towards Bryan and threatens to whup his ass.

Teddy Long says that Wade Barrett is facing Randy Orton in the main event tonight. Teddy Long makes Big Show vs. Mark Henry tonight.

WWE Intercontinental champ Cody Rhodes pins Justin Gabriel via Cross Rhodes

~ Good but brief match Gabriel got a little more offense in than he did in their last encounter. Gabriel was hanging with Cody move for move. Loved how Cody showed off a little more technical moves here. Good stuff and I look forward to seeing Cody have a good outing in the Rumble.

Santino and Yoshi Tatsu are speaking with Teddy Long in the back. Santino and Yoshi argue about their tag team name being “Santoshi” or “Yoshitino.” Drew comes in and gets blown off by Teddy…again.

Sheamus pins Drew McIntyre via Brogue Kick

~ Another decent but short match. Drew got in some nice offense and even managed to pull off a solid northern lights suplex. If you’ve seen a Sheamus squash match in the last three months, this one looked just like it and that’s not a bad thing.

WWE Tag Team champions Epico & Primo defeat Yoshi Tatsu & Santino Marella via Epico’s Back Stabber on Santino

~ Anytime I get to see Santino play the Air Vuvuzela I’m a happy wrestling fan. I hope Epico and Primo come out with a legit double team finisher.

Daniel Bryan approaches Mark Henry while he’s warming up. DB tries to Jedi Mindtrick Mark Henry into taking the Big Show out of their match at the Rumble.

~ Holy shit! Daniel Bryan is rocking the douchey manipulative heel roll here. Excellent stuff. WWE, please keep the title on Bryan. I’m excited just to see the promos between Bryan and Orton.

Wade Barrett is in the ring with a mic. He says that Randy Orton is a spiritually broken man. Wade claims that Randy Orton is not the same man after his injury.

Randy Orton and Wade Barrett brawl to a no-contest

~ This is what most injury returns should look like. Orton turned on the intensity and you could really buy into the animosity of the feud.

Daniel Bryan is speaking with Kaitlyn in the back. Bryan tells Kaitlyn to tell the Big Show that Mark Henry is going to try to injure him. Kaitlyn tries to ask him about how he feels about AJ but he quickly directs the conversation towards the Big Show.

~ Again Bryan shines here.

Hunico (with Camacho) pins Ted DiBiase via a modified Angle Slam

  • After the match, Hunico and Camacho attack DiBiase’s injured left arm.

~ Pretty good for the limited time given. The story was set with Hunico going after the arm early. Both men played their parts perfectly. Hopefully this leads to a more than moderate push for Hunico.

Aksana and Teddy Long are watching some shit in the back. Natalya demands a rematch with Tamina. However Teddy makes Natalya vs. Aksana. Somebody farts, they all leave and then Santino walks through it and gags. Hilarious.

Brodus Clay pins Alex Riley via Flying Cross Body (What the Funk?)

~ This is the first time an opponent was actually getting into Brodus Clay’s entrance. This was unbelievable short. Is Brodus Clay being fast tracked towards a major title this year? It certainly looks like it.

Aksana pins Natalya via roll up

  • After the match, Natalya beats Aksana down and puts her in the Sharpshooter.
  • Tamina comes out, wrecks shop with a Samoan Drop, and then hits Natalya with the Superfly Splash.

~ I wish Natalya wasn’t getting jobbed so quickly but I do like Tamina’s push. I think the crowd is catching on every week.

Big Show defeats Mark Henry via countout

  • In the opening moments of the match, Mark Henry collapsed while he was attacking the Big Show. He rolled out of the ring and was counted out.
  • Daniel Bryan entered the ring and attacked Big Show with a steel chair. Bryan then put Show in the Lebell Lock. Show eventually powered out and dropped Bryan with a chokeslam. Bryan ran out of the ring before Show could give further punishment.

End of show

~ Not sure if Henry is going to make it to the Royal Rumble. That didn’t look like a planned finish and the interwebs is reporting that Henry has suffered a hyper-extended knee. This is probably a product of Henry overcompensating for his groin injuries. Minor injuries always lead to major injuries if athletes are not careful.

Perhaps they’ll take Mark Henry out early in the pay per view to excuse him from wrestling in the Smackdown Triple Threat. I was looking forward to seeing Daniel Bryan wrestle two of the biggest wrestlers in the WWE but I’m sure Big Show and Bryan will more than carry their weight in a one on one steel cage match.

This changes my Royal Rumble predictions where I picked Mark Henry to have the most eliminations. Now I’m guessing it’s either going to be Sheamus or Brodus Clay. This was a good episode of Smackdown and Daniel Bryan’s manipulative actions throughout the show really added to the drama and intrigue of the World Title angle.

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