Go-home show time.


Show starts with WWE Champion CM Punk coming out to the ring. He reminds us what’s going on at the ppv with he and Dolph Ziggler. He also tells us about Ziggler’s last three wins over him and how Laurinaitis had something to do with each one of those victories. Punk mentions how Laurinaitis finally admitted that he is going to screw Punk at the ppv. He then calls out Laurinaitis and wants to hear these things to his face. This gets a Punk chant. He doesn’t come out which gets Punk telling Laurinaitis he is going to find him. John Cena’s music hits and this dude comes out before Punk ended up leaving for the back. Punk said the wrong John came out. Cena then shits on Punk and tells him this is how it is done. Cena then talking shit about Laurinaitis and how he IS going to come out to give Ryder a rematch and Cena another match with Kane. How Laurinaitis will show up to step down as interim GM. Punk is still confused as why the fuck Cena came out. Laurinaitis finally comes out and says he stands by what he said last week and wont be intimated but Cena or Punk. Punk keeps teasing Laurinaitis to come to the ring. Laurinaitis makes Kane vs. Ryder for tonight, no holds barred and if Cena gets involved Ryder will never get another US Title shot. He sets a tag team match for right now…


WWE Champion CM Punk & John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler & US Champion Jack Swagger w/Vicki

-Ziggler tells Punk he needs to worry about HIM not Laurinaitis. How he’s going to beat Punk again. Swagger says some shit.

– Laurinaitis is also at ringside for this one.

-Cena’s going to try to wrestle with Ziggler. It breaks into a Cena match quick.

-Punk in with a series of kicks to the back of Ziggler.

-GTS is teased early before Ziggler goes to the outside for the break.

-Cole says Laurinaitis is looking on intently… he’s actually texting…

-back from the break and Cena made a 2 ½ count on Ziggler.

-Ziggler shows off before tagging into Swagger.

-Cena takes a shot at Ziggler on the apron before taking a Swagger clothesline.

-Cena is cornered where Ziggler can get revenge on that punch.

-the fuck tennis shoes is Cena wearing. Good lord for a second I though they were Adidas… THAT was a close one…

-series of elbow drops by Ziggler who then does situps on Cena for a 2 count.

-Swagger bomb in the corner for a two count on Cena.

– Lawler brings up Laurinaitis’ texting at ringside.

-AA by Cena to Swagger into the hot tag to Punk.

-running high knee into the bulldog on Ziggler.

-GTS teased into a kick to the head for a close three that is broken up by Swagger.

-Swagger and Cena fight on the outside when Punk goes to the top.

-Laurinaitis gets on the ropes only to get pushed off by Punk.

-Ziggler then rolls up Punk for the win.

Winner: Ziggler & Swagger


After the match Punk gets back on the mic and says one day he will beat the hell out of Laurinaitis. Punk then wants Laurinaitis for one night to be a WWE Superstar and challenges him tonight! Laurinaitis then accepts! This really wont happen.


Jericho is shown in the back smiling all excited. We’re apparently getting a Highlight Reel tonight?

Recap of Jericho’s match from last week before he is intro’d.


Jericho then comes out and is shushing up. This is getting mixed boos. Jericho runs out of the ring saying hold on just one second… yeah is finally speaks and its wasted on those words. He then goes to the back and comes back to the ring with one of those t-shirt guns. He does the whole t-shirt gun tease and the crowd is going ape shit over this shirt. Jericho then asks the camera man for the camera and starts to show the crowd as they cheer for a fucking t-shirt. Haha Jericho then points to the flat screen then shows footage of Jericho’s WWE career in its entirety up to his return. Jericho then shush’s us again and then finally he says “this Sunday at the Royal Rumble the world will end as we know it”.


Since they’ve been holding off they should have maybe waited for the Rumble for his first words but maybe this might make a few more people order the ppv.


They recap last September’s match between Ziggler and Ryder where Hugh Jackman got involved in, timely… well I guess it is since the DVD to that robot movie comes out tomorrow. Such pluggers.


Truth vs. Miz tonight, well that could have waiting for the ppv…


I love the Royal Rumble by the number recaps. Such a nerd for these facts. Haha! Best hype video they could have shown for the Rumble, they should have been showing this shit off on Television since December.


Foley in the back with Ryder and Eve. Foley gives advice on Kane before walking off. Eve tries to talk Ryder out of this shit. Cena then walks in to a mixed bag. Ryder tells Cena to stay out of it…


Zack Ryder vs. Kane – falls count anywhere match

-Ryder is out with tape on his ribs.

-Ryder starts off strong but Kane throws him off and kicks Ryder in the ribs.

-Ryder is then kicked off the ring apron and hits head first on the announce table.

-Kane beats on Ryder at ringside then sends him back first into the corner post.

-the beating continues as Eve comes out to ringside.

-Kane takes Ryder’s back to the announce table before we take a break.

-back from the break and the ass whoopin’ continues.

-Kane does that face chokey thing to Ryder before throwing him over the barricade and into the crowd.

-Ryder tries for a small comeback but all for not.

-this is going long…

-this then heads up to the stage area over by the big ol’ WWE symbol.

-Ryder kicks out of a pin attempt which gets a Ryder chant finally.

-Ryder tries again to fight back but is taken down quickly and choke slammed through the stage!

-Kane then turns to Eve and chases her back to the ring.

-Cena then finally shows up on the stage when Kane heads out through the crowd.

-Cena looks in shock over the hole that Ryder is in, such a bad actor. haha

-Eve gives us crocodile tears. Haha

-Ryder is getting the long EMT spot before we go to another break.

Winner: no contest


Back from the break Ryder is still getting carted out of the hole. He gets cheered on the way out. Ryder has been taken some ass kicking. Ha. Another long segment follows Ryder all the way to the back and into the ambulance. Eve blames Cena for this shit and climbs into the ambulance with Ryder. Cena looks sad when Josh comes up and asks him about this. Cena looks mad faced before he turns and knocks the mic out of his hand. Cena then looks into the camera trying his hardest to look crazed.


Jinder Mahal vs. Sheamus

-solid reaction for Sheamus.

-Sheamus beats on Mahal while Barrett comes out for commentary.

-eventually the distraction works in Mahal’s favor to take the advantage.

-Sheamus recovers teases the celtic cross when Mahal fights out.

-Mahal then takes the brog kick for the pin.

Winner: Sheamus


Sheamus is over and I’m going with him to get the most eliminations at this Rumble. Sheamus and Wade have words before Barrett backs off. Sheamus tells Barrett to take note as he will win the Rumble on Sunday.


Miz in the back when Josh asks him about his match tonight. He shits on Big Show and Morrison, how he will headline WrestleMania again by winning the Rumble. Truth interrupts in “disguise”… he tells Miz he is #1 in being shitty in the ratings. They argue before Laurinaitis comes in all mad that he cant focus on his match later tonight. He says that the loser of the Miz/Truth match will be the #1 entrant into the Rumble.


William Regal is now at ringside. Cole brings up Regal dancing against Brodus on Friday before he got splashed by Clay.


Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater

-Clay comes out doing the t-rex.

-Slater is laughing at Clay before catching a shoulder block.

-Slater gets a dropkick on Clay before he catches a running head butt.

-move set of funk for the pin.

Winner: Clay


I’m going with Clay getting a surprise elimination on a high mid card guy at the Rumble.


The Miz vs. Truth – Loser starts the Royal Rumble at #1

-Miz the first to head to the outside before he’s clotheslined by Truth.

-Miz recovers in the ring with a series of stomps.

-slingshot suplex onto the ropes then sends Truth to the outside.

-back from the break we have a abdominal stretch broken by Truth

-close pin attempt by Truth with an inverted victory roll.

-Truth then gets a back slide before getting hit with the backbreaker/neck break combo by Miz.

-Truth avoids SCF and Miz blocks the mic check before Miz hits his short DDT.

-Truth finally hits the mic check out of nowhere and pins Miz.

Winner: Truth

Loser starting at #1 on Sunday: Miz


Lawler declares Ryder having a… broken back… how long are they keeping this kid off TV?


Laurinaitis in the back wearing a boxing style robe. Otunga brings Laurinaitis a fax, he looks grumpy face over it.


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Laurinaitis

– Laurinaitis is intro’d a couple of times before he comes out with Ortunga.

-Cole puts Laurinaitis being a champion in New Japan.

– Laurinaitis says he has unfortunate news from a fax he got. Otunga reads that the board is concerned about Laurinaitis saying he is going to screw Punk. They aren’t happy and Laurinaitis gets a job review next week for his GM job. HHH is conducting this review.

-Punk says Laurinaitis cant screw him or he is out of a job.

– Laurinaitis takes this fax as a wakeup call and apologizes to Punk and the crowd.

– Laurinaitis puts Foley in the Rumble as a nice thing and claims he was going to call Punk vs. Ziggler down the middle all along he just got hot.

-this is a talking match…

-Punk fumbles his words calling Vince grandpa. Saying Punk is going to be fired.

– Laurinaitis claims the match isn’t happening and he has a substitute with Ortunga

-Otunga jumps Punk and beats on his in the corner.

-Punk comes back with a spear and locks the Anaconda Vice on Ortunga while Laurinaitis watches on.

– Laurinaitis and Punk are face to face and the crowd is eating this up.

– Laurinaitis puts out his hand to shake.

-CM Punk chant.

-GTS to Laurinaitis!!!!

-Ziggler out of nowhere with the zig zag!

-Ziggler then stands over Punk while Laurinaitis sells the GTS.

Winner: no contest


Decent show and push towards the Rumble. Although it felt they could have done more to push the ppv I’m not sure what that could have been.















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