Smackdown Thoughts & Review [January 13, 2012]


Cody channels his inner-Bobby Heenan, someone says “I love you”, and Brodus Clay gets one of the biggest pops of the night. What more can you ask for?

Laredo, TX –

They open with a video package highlighting Daniel Bryan’s World Heavyweight Title reign. It’s more or less asking the viewer how long can Daniel Bryan survive as champion?

Lilian Garcia introduces Daniel Bryan and the crowd gives the shittiest reaction a crowd could give. This shit is pretty upsetting. Bryan grabs a mic. Daniel Bryan talks about his passion for being the champ and how he ‘successfully’ defended his title last week against the Big Show. Brilliant shit here as he subtly says the right shit to make this crowd boo him. He also talks about the negative arguments towards him on internet message boards and says they contain no weight behind them. He then goes on to say that Mark Henry should be suspended for his interference last week.

Mark Henry comes out. Mark Henry says that it was all Bryan’s fault. Henry also says that he’s banned from ringside tonight but he will get a championship rematch next week.

Daniel Bryan’s voice gets a crackly as he claims that the rematch is all right with him.

~ Holy shit I’m so stoked that the Daniel Bryan heel turn we’ve all been waiting for is here. Let’s hope we hear Bryan say his classic “I have till five, ref” line sooner than later. This was probably Daniel Bryan’s best promo outing to date. He looked comfortable out there and he looked very natural when he was going face to face with Mark Henry.

Justin Gabriel pins Heath Slater via 450 splash (after Hornswoggle distracts Slater)

~ Decent and short match. There’s so much improvement between these two since the nexus days. I doubt I’ll ever be a fan of either wrestler but I really think they’re watchable now. It’s a shame their wrestling skill and exposure came at different times in their careers.

They cut to AJ telling Daniel Bryan that she loves him whether he wins or loses. AJ leaves and Bryan just says, “Wow…thanks, AJ.”

Cody Rhodes comes out and shits on the crowd. He says some racist shit against immigrants and goes to announce that he’s been champ for ‘cinco’ months. Cody then says he’s outshined Tito Santana, Pedro Morales, Booker T and Goldust. He then says he’s going to pull an “Ultimate Warrior,” which means he’s going to be the IC champ and the World Heavyweight Champion. He says it all starts in the 2012 Royal Rumble match. He ends his promo with “ARRIBA!”

~ Excellent promo by Cody. It’s been a while since someone went all Bobby Heenan on the crowd. Cody didn’t go too far into David Duke territory but it was derogatory enough for the fans to boo him more than ever. I love this time of year when everybody on the roster starts saying their world title aspirations and hype up the Royal Rumble.

Cody Rhodes pins Ezekial Jackson via Cross Rhodes

~ Good, short match.  Big Zeke got a lot of offense in for the majority of the match but Rhodes was able to take care of business with his two moves of destruction (Beautiful Disaster to the Cross Rhodes).

Santino is in Teddy Long’s office. Santino discusses a bunch of his ideas including a War Games/Cage match concept involving a ‘medium’ cage within a big cage and overturning Jack Tunney’s ruling against bringing reptiles to the ring. Ha!

Otunga comes in and Santino makes a match between himself and Otunga. Drew comes in and Teddy shuts him down and tells him to head out to the ring and get results.

Ted DiBiase pins Drew McIntyre via Dream Street

  • Hector & Camacho come out to watch the match.

~ Woah. DiBiase is really opening up his arsenal. He hit a pretty sick suicide dive in the opening moments of the match. Hopefully Drew will be exiled to Superstars for a long time.

Sheamus pins Jinder Mahal with the Brogue Kick

~ Usual and quick Sheamus match. Minimal offense from Jinder before getting dominated by Sheamus. Is Sheamus a favorite to win the Rumble? I’d say so. Sheamus seems to get consistently loud pops for every appearance. It’s always a good sign.

Big Show is in the back speaking with a referee. The ref reminds Show of the rules. Show says that he understands the rules and he just wants him to count to three. AJ comes by and tells Show not to be too rough on Daniel Bryan. Bryan interrupts and accuses Show of trying to take ‘his girl.’ Bryan tells Show to buzz off. After Show leaves, DB tells AJ that he’s her knight in shining armor. DB then asks AJ, “How much do you love me?” AJ pauses and then DB and her walk off.

~ Pretty incredible segment here that leaves you wondering what’s going on in Bryan’s head. He’s able to come off very sweet, dickish, protective, arrogant and conniving in such a short segment. I think it’s genius.

David Otunga pins Santino via Kryptonite Krunch

~ Surprisingly good match with Otunga showing some new attacks in his offense. I’m really glad they put over Otunga here. He’s really come along as an important member of the roster and I think it’s fitting that he’s able to win matches as well as being a strong heel on the mic.

Brodus Clay pins Tyson Kidd via flying giant cross body

~ Wow. I know Smackdown is taped and all but I think the tremendous crowd reaction was hardly tweaked. Damn it. Tyson Kidd was pinned in less than 30 seconds. I like Brodus Clay and all but I hate seeing people pushed at the expense of the incredible talents like Tyson Kidd. At least show us a little more of Clay’s offense. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Another Aksana and Teddy Long segment. They hype up the Vegas Smackdown and Aksana says that she wants to hit up the Roulette table because she likes to hit on black. Long spits out his coffee. Heh. Stupid.

Tamina pins Natalya via Superfly Splash

~ Awww man! Really? Why you gotta do Natalya like that, WWE? I’m all for a second generation wrestler like Tamina getting a push but not like this. I’m positive that Natalya and Tamina can give us a great five to ten minute match. To see Natalya get beat in two moves is disheartening and totally unnecessary. To build up Tamina and Superfly’s legacy at the expense of Natalya and the Anvil’s legacy is really shortsighted.

Wade Barrett comes out and says he’s going to win the 2012 Rumble. He also challenges Sheamus to a match on next week’s Sin City Smackdown.

~ I’m so glad this was shorter than usual. Whew!

Daniel Bryan w/ AJ Big Show wrestle to a non-contest when Big Show accidentally runs over AJ at ringside

  • Daniel Bryan emotionally lays into Big Show as they stretcher AJ to the back. He calls show reckless and says that he injured a 95 pound person.

~ Sick match despite the non-finish! Seeing Daniel Bryan get his jedi on with a steel chair was a sight to see. He swung for the fences and it got the crowd solidly behind Big Show. I’ve never heard such a loud “Big Show” chant. The giant spear that Show gives Daniel Bryan in mid-air was pretty brutal as well as the big chest chop to Daniel Bryan as he jumped off the ring apron. Ouch.

The show ended with Big Show crying and I have to hand it to the Smackdown writing team. This was pretty good drama that came at the price of a non-finish to a very entertaining match. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode regardless of whether a funkasaurus shows up.

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