Brodus Clay debuts again but flips the script, Jericho pulls another silent treatment and we get TWO Hall of Fame announcements!

Ok so my TIVO is an asshole and for some reason didn’t record the first 24 minutes of the show, so I looked it up right quick… Kane opened the show did some yapping that involved Zack Ryder and Cena. Also, Sheamus & Santino beat Wade Barrett and Jinder Mahal.


We’re back from break and we get a Hall of Fame fact on Andre the Giant. Our first inductee for 2012 is… Edge! This is cool but lets be honest, it’s a little too soon for him yeah?? I mean I get he’s never going to be able to wrestle again but damn. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan but he JUST retired shortly after last years Mania. Solid video package. We get another inductee tonight.


Miz in the back talking to Mason Ryan, Lawler says he’s trying to find a body guard. Ryan just walks away.


Ryder in the back freaking out about Kane to his dad on the phone when Eve walks in and he puts on his big boy pants. Ryder then asks Eve out right now and she reluctantly agrees but after her match with Beth for a chance to wrestle her for the title. Ryder and Eve leave to reveal Kane was stalking him.


WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston vs. World Champion Daniel Bryan

-Kofi out on his own, what did Bourne do now?!?

-apparently this is Champion vs. Champion that developed on… the website… fuck, come on.

-recap of Smacky is shown and yes the heel turn for Bryan has begun.

-Bryan offers his hand before the match, Kofi shakes it. no issue here.

-springboard by Kofi from the ropes for a 2 count.

-Kofi goes for TIP but Bryan kicks out.

-fast paced so far.

-Kofi tries for a crossbody from the ropes but Bryan locks in the La Bell and Kofi taps.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Bryan celebrates after the match like he just won the title. The Big Show’s music hits and he comes out to stop this one man party.


Bryan and Show both head back to the ring and Bryan cuts off Show saying he hated how the match ended last week. He says he is a fighting champion and will give Show a rematch whenever he wants. Show says Teddy Long agrees and the match is this Friday, no DQ no countout. Show extends his hand and Bryan shakes it. Bryan finally has more life to his WWE character, this could be the best thing that happened to him.


Jericho is joining us tonight… we shall see how this goes.


Hey look, Brodus Clay may be actually debuting tonight!


Highlights of the ’94 Royal Rumble that saw the Bret Hart/Lex Luger “tie”.


Brodus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins

-Clay is billed from “planet funk” and is called the “funkasaurus”…

-He got dancers… Christ.

-He comes out looking like a fat red b-boy from 1986…

-Well they killed this dude as a giant. What the fuck WWE!?!

-Clay yells out “you didn’t see that comin’”… no shit.

-Dude is doing his best/worst Dusty Rhodes impression.

-is this April Fools?!

-t-bone suplex by Clay.

-splash in the corner into a springboard cross body for the win.

Winner: Brodus Clay


God Dammit…


Ryder in the back getting ready for his date in the bathroom when Ryder gets paranoid.


Primo, Rosa and Epico in the back. Miz is trying to get their help. They bounce and Punk walks by Miz laughing at him.


Jack Swagger w/Vicki & Ziggler vs. WWE Champion CM Punk

-2nd week in a row with Punk wrestling in the MIDDLE of the show…

-Laurinaitis comes out before the match starts, reminds us he will be the ref for the Rumble match between Punk and Ziggler. He wants to show Punk he is fair, if Punk beats Swagger tonight Vicki and Swagger will be barred at the ppv.

-Laurinaitis also makes Cena vs. Ziggler for tonight.

-chain wrestling to start the match.

-Brodus Clay is tending worldwide… they never specify if its GOOD or BAD…

-Punk goes for the Macho Man elbow but Swagger rolls to the outside.

-high cross body from Punk from the second rope. Looked a little dicey, it could have gone wrong!

-Swagger teases the ankle lock but Punk fights outs.

-Punk sent to the outside and Ziggler is stopped by Laurinaitis before he gets involved.

-Punk recovers and hits the dive to the outside on Swagger.

-Swagger floors Punk with a big boot for a 2 count.

-Punk makes a comeback landing a swing neck breaker into the high knee in the corner.

-Swagger fights out of the bulldog attempt and hits a Swagger bomb in the corner for another 2.

-Punk counters the 2nd Swagger bomb and Punk goes for the springboard clothesline but Swagger catches him and takes him down for another 2 count.

-Gut wrench is countered as is the GTS.

-belly to belly suplex by Swagger for yet another 2.

-Punk fights out of a superplex attempt and hits the Macho Man elbow for a 2….no….!? the ref called it!? dude that was a 2 count…

Winner: CM Punk


Laurinaitis claps for Punk after the match. The recap shows that it was a close call on the pin attempt but Swagger did in fact kick out in the slow-mo. Well at least the acknowledge it. Cole puts over Laurinaitis not making these kind of mistakes.


They recap a brawl that happened with Kane and Cena on the outside of the arena. Kane disappeared into the shadows… ooo spooky!


Ryder thanks Cena AGAIN for the US Title match AND saving him last week AND earlier. Cena brings up Ryder passing the Miz with Twitter followers. Cena tells Ryder he is going to be fine but Ryder is still paranoid.


The Bella’s argue in the back until Ricardo Rodriguez comes in, they have a message for Del Rio. Miz comes in and tells Rodriguez to go to the ring and call out Truth. Miz threatens him if he doesn’t.


Our next inductee to the Hall of Fame is… The Four Horsemen! Oh fuck! Puma, we might be going to the ceremony son! Anderson, Flair (he’s in already!?), Blanchard, Windham and Dillon! Oh fuck! So uh… how are they going to pull this off without fucking Ric Flair!?!?


Rodriguez is in the ring and tells Truth he’s really bad and his mom is really ugly. He’s talking shit to get Truth to come out which he finally does. Truth doesn’t know why RR would want to pick a fight with him because he is a “good R-Truth”. He says he is going to let RR go because Little Jimmy told him to. He then asks all the Jimmy’s if he should let RR go but they say no. RR panics and calls for Miz. Truth calms him back down and wants him to sing him a song… RR is acting his ass off. RR starts to sing and gets carried away but the crowd eats it up. Funny. Truth wants it “uno again”. RR accidentally makes Truth drop his match so RR takes the mic check. Miz then comes out of nowhere and beats on Truth. Truth fights back and Miz bounces through the crowd.


Justin Roberts intros Chris Jericho as the only man to beat Stone Cold and The Rock on the same night to become the undisputed champion. Jericho comes out and goes into the same shtick as last week leading the crowd in cheering for him. They cheer as he leads him on. Jericho then grabs a mic while they chant Y2J so he keeps egging them on. This crowd wont be easily turned. Jericho then overplays being choked up and looks like he’s… crying. Another Y2J chant. Some boos start to filter in when he puts down the mic in the ring and goes to leave while still playing that he’s choked up. He gives us one more wave before heading to the back. Well at least this one didn’t last as long as last week.


’98 Royal Rumble hightlights of Stone Cold winning are shown.


Eve vs. Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix

-instead of Phoenix we get Kane’s music and ominous red lighting.

-Ryder runs down to the ring and takes Eve by the hand and they run the eff out of dodge.

Winner: no match.


Ryder takes Eve to a car but there is a flat. Ryder goes to change the flat and is rushing this… pace yo self man. Back from the break he’s still working on it…


Next week Ryder defends the US Title against Swagger… uh oh… I smell something bad happening.


Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. John Cena

-fast start but Ziggler slows it down to show off.

-Cena teases the STF quick but Ziggler fights out and hits the leg drop to the back of the head of Cena for a 2 count.

-Ziggler gets the head lock on Cena while doing a hand stand… well at least he’s incorporated it into his matches now… ugh.

-Cena fights out with a belly to back suplex.

-Ziggler quickly recovers with a series of elbow drops.

-now Ziggler is doing situps… pull back a little bit man…

-Cena recovers into the YCSM… no we go to the video of the back with Ryder as Kane shows up to beat on Ryder.

-Ziggler takes this chance to lock in the sleeper hold on Cena in the ring.

-Kane then chokeslams Ryder off a ramp.

-Cena watches in shock.

-Cena fights Ziggler off and runs to the back.

-Cena is now in the back and outside the arena looking for Kane when Kane finds him and beats on him.

-Kane then does his infamous mouth hold move while we see Ryder laid out. Both are completely out while Kane looks on… and we get credits…

Winner: no contest


Well folks… a bit of an odd night. The build to the Royal Rumble was just ok really, nothing that makes me jump out of my seat except for the back in the day video packages. Two good Hall of Fame announcements but it will be interesting to see how they deal with Ric Flair in all of this. Jericho pulls the same shit as last week but at least keeps it tighter. Oh and Brodus Clay… well… um… uh… takes us back to early 90’s WWE.








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