CM Punk to walk out with Chael Sonnen on UFC on FOX 2?


Sonnen photo by Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

From MMA Fighting

WWE Champion CM Punk will walk out with Chael Sonnen for his match against  the “Filipino Wrecking Machine” Mark Munoz on the UFC on Fox 2 card. This superstar team up seems fitting since both men are considered to be best promo men in their respective companies. We all know CM Punk for his great mic work in the WWE. UFC president, Dana White, has compared Chael Sonnen to Muhammad Ali.

There are reports that the WWE has allowed CM Punk to stay in Chicago while the rest of the RAW roster is doing houseshows. This seems sketchy since CM Punk is scheduled to be at the Royal Rumble in St. Louis the following Sunday. Would the WWE allow one of its top superstars to appear on a major event from it’s main competitor for PPV business? However seeing CM Punk on a major UFC card on Fox could only be good. CM Punk’s appearance would only be a positive for the UFC since the Punk fans that don’t watch MMA are likely to tune in to see him.

After jump you can see Chael Sonnen doing what he does best from his segment, Chael’s Corner, on the new UFC Tonight show on the Fuel Channel.

*This was buzzing around the internets this morning and I wanted to wait until a reliable and “legit” news source reported this. I saw it first on twitter, frontrowbrian’s post on the underground, and then the score. We would hate to report rumors.

*The pictures used in the composite are from MMA Fighting (Chael Sonnen) and WWE (CM Punk).

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