MVP on Japan and leaving the WWE


Courtesy of MVP's facebook

The Miami Herald posted an interview with MVP. MVP talks about why he left the WWE, speaking with John Laurinaitis, and his career in Japan. It’s a great read. Here’s a brief excerpt:

 “He (Laurinaitis) knew about my passion for Japanese wrestling. I made no secret about it. I would talk about it all the time. I expressed to him I wanted to leave here on good terms. There are guys that have left here in the past and have returned, who have done well. Japan is where I always wanted to be. When I presented it to him in those terms, because I didn’t speak to Vince [McMahon], I asked him to speak to Vince for me. He just understood that I wasn’t happy and needed to go. He was very accommodating. That was on a Tuesday at SmackDown!. He called me that Thursday to tell me he spoke to Vince, and Vince agreed to let me out. I can’t tell you how happy I was.”

*You can read the article here.


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