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Here’s a fraction of great UFC 141 coverage from all over the interwebz. The links to the articles and videos are followed by video stills and brief excerpts.

Kevin Lole of YahooSports discusses the Lesnar Rules

“He’s so hard to read, man,” White said of Lesnar. “One minute you could be hanging out with him and you’re like, ‘Oh, Brock’s in a good mood today.’ Then you meet him the next day and he’s back to being the old Brock. He’s a very, very tough guy to read.”

picture courtesy of espn.com

VIDEO: Brock and Alistair weigh in on their epic battle on ESPN.

Brock on Alistair: I’ve been a heavyweight for many years. Alistair was a 205 pound fighter for many years. I’ve faced many a foe that have been my size. Definitely he’s a big man but I don’t think he has what it takes to beat me on Friday night. I really don’t.

Alistair on Brock: I’ve been following his career for quite some time. You can say I was a fan of Brock in the sense that his fights are entertaining. He’s a big guy, he’s very aggressive. He brings it.

Fightline.com has an interesting story about how Lesnar’s camp had problems with Alistair Overeem training at Xtreme Couture

“There were some issues with Alistair training at Xtreme Couture because Randy, after he fought Brock, trained with him and signed a disclosure with them,” Martinez revealed. “So even though Randy isn’t at the gym, Brock’s people made it an issue so Overeem ended up not finishing his training here.”

Some MMA pros pick between Lesnar and Overeem over at Sherdog.com

Yves Edwards: This fight is all about the takedown. If Brock can secure the takedown and control, he wins. Problem with that is he’s going to have to do that and get the sub or do that for five rounds. Alistair has to stop the takedown and look for the KO. We’ve seen Brock take a beating and come back from it; we’ve also seen him get beaten and break. I think Overeem can break him, but will he? My pick is Overeem.

mmamania’s Sergio Hernandez revisits Brock Lesnar’s rematch with Frank Mir at UFC 100

Lesnar is able to keep his limbs safe and begins his ground attack. Smothering his opponent from above, short elbows bruise and bump Mir’s forehead and open up small cuts along his nose. They give way to more powerful punches that begin to seep away at Mir’s gas tank as well as his confidence.

Like a bigger brother picking on his younger sibling, Lesnar holds his opponent in a headlock while delivering unanswered punch after unanswered punch, first to the head, then to the body and then back to the head. At the end of five minutes, Mir’s face is already a battered and bloody mess while Lesnar doesn’t seem to have a scratch on him.

mmamania’s UFC 141 Fight Card Preview

How he gets it done: Lesnar has to keep it simple here. He’s got a longer reach than Overeem, so don’t be surprised to see him throw a few wayward jabs early against the musclebound Dutchman, but everyone knows he wants to take this fight to the ground.

The second Overeem opens up the slightest with his striking (or even if he doesn’t), Lesnar is going to duck his head, charge forward and try to blast him through the Octagon canvas with a powerful double leg takedown. The key here will be if Lesnar can put “The Reem” on his back and can he keep him there.

VIDEO: mmafighting.com’s Ben Fowlkes and Ariel Helwani, sporting some “fly” New Years Eve outfits, break down Lesnar vs. Overeem and the rest of the card

VIDEO: mmafighting.com also has a bold prediction from UFC Heavyweight Champion, Junior Dos Santos

Some of the bloodyelbow.com writers gave their UFC 141 predictions

Brent Brookhouse: Overeem wasn’t exactly a whirlwind of aggression in the fight with Werdum and he wasn’t being pressured nearly as much as he will be against Lesnar. I also don’t trust Overeem’s cardio much more than that of Lesnar’s. I expect a round of Lesnar getting inside and leaning on Alistair before taking down and fininishing the gassed Overeem in the second. Brock Lesnar by TKO, round 2.

*Top photo courtesy of heavy.com’s Matt Brown

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