Hey fuckers sorry for the late post but holidays, lots of food and liquor took over. Now lets just see if last week was part of my imagination…


We’re in Chicago and Punk’s music hit to start the show but it was John Laurinaitis comes out instead sporting a CM Punk shirt. Ace mumbles about some shit before claiming he is a “Punk believer”. This brings out Punk, he gets a nice reaction from Chicago. Punk isn’t happy about Ace’s shenanigans. Johnny’s taken management classes(!?) and gives Punk the night off which the crowd isn’t having. Punk tells a bad joke about Ace being unpredictable. Laurinaitis then puts Punk in a gauntlet match and whoever beats Punk gets a title shot next week. Punk wants to know what he gets if he beats three dudes then decides if he wins he gets a match with Laurinaitis. This begins a “you can’t wrestle” chant for Ace. They banter and Punk gets his stip.


Man, for someone who use to wrestle you figure the former Johnny Ace would be a better actor.


Punk is cut off while celebrating by another spooky video. Who knows who it is, just get to it already. 😉


Booker T vs. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

-Started off slower paced but gets aggressive shortly after with Cody taking the advantage.

-Booker tries for a YAY/BOO punch exchange but gets cut off again, this has been all Cody thus far.

-Booker finally makes a comeback ending with a side slam for a 2.

-close pin count exchanges by both

-Booker kicks out of the flash kick into a pin attempt.

-scissors kick by Booker..1…2…THREE!

Winner: Booker T


Good, old school match. Both looked strong here, I thought. Spinaroonie after the match.


US Champion Zack Ryder thanking Cena for all that has gone down. Cena tells Ryder he did it all and gives him a pep talk thingy. Ryder asks about Kane, Cena says he’s going to find out. ooooo!


Punk gets Swagger, Ziggler and Henry tonight.


Kelly and Show in the back chatting when ref Scott Armstrong comes to get Show as Laurinaitis wanted to see him.


Laurinaitis is in the back with Brodus, he’s getting pushed off again. Otunga is there when Show comes in. They recap Otunga getting knocked the fuck out by Show last week on Smacky. Otunga gets mouthy when Show cuts him off and tells this fool he can beat him with one hand behind his back. Ace makes that match tonight.


Swagger and Ziggler yapping about their match with Punk and talking shit to each other. Vicki comes in the calm these bitches down and tells them one of them will be bringing the World Title to her stable. Henry does a drive by to scare all these fools.


Eve & US Champion Zack Ryder vs. Tyson Kidd & Natalya

-Eve’s got new music, less impressive than the last.

-semi-reunion by the Hart Dynasty.

-Tyson starts quick on the US Champion.

-Diva’s tagged in and Eve hits that booty shaking moonsault she does.

-Natalya keeps Eve grounded until she makes the hot tag.

-Ryder comes in hot before hitting a sit down powerbomb.

-double broski boots by both

-Ryder with the rough rider for the pin.

Winner: Ryder & Eve


Ryder and Eve have a goofy exchange after the match where he has her hold (but only momentarily) his Title…!?


Cena comes out to confront Kane. He gets typical response which be brings up his history with Chicago and his reactions there. He sucks up to them bringing up having 3 WrestleMania’s and Eddie Guerrero getting inducted into the hall of fame there. They end up buying his shit before he calls out Kane. He gets the Miz instead who wants Cena right now. He claims Rock stole his shining moment at WrestleMania and wants to prove he can beat Cena without anyone’s help. Cena wants it, a ref comes down and its..on?!


The Miz vs. John Cena

-slow start but Cena gets Miz in a head lock with the loudest dueling chants for Miz.

-Miz is pissed because the fans are chanting the wrong person.

-Miz gets counted out while talking shit. He says this match doesn’t count because he beat Cena at Mania… um but didn’t you just say… oh nevermind.

Winner: Cena by countout


After Miz was done talking shit R-Truth comes down and both brawl at ringside. Truth is bouncing Miz all over the place. This looks more like Truth is the heel..? Truth is taking gibberish between beating on Miz. Made no sense as usual. Apparently this is going to happen every week…


Big Show (w/his right arm tied behind his back) vs. David Otunga

-Otunga got hit for realies on Smackdown! Haha

-Show catches Otunga to chop and pound on him.

-Otunga tries to stick and move with Show.

-Show throws Otunga over the top rope.

-Henry then comes down to ringside.

Winner: No contest

-Show tries to untie his hand before getting run over by Henry

-Daniel Bryan comes down to distract Henry who almost gets chokeslammed before slipping out.

-Otunga then gets chokeslam to end the segment.




Ricardo Rodriguez (sporting a neck brace) is out and he has carted out Alberto Del Rio in a wheelchair. ADR claims to have brought balls to the WWE before injuring his groin. The Bella’s then come out and kiss up on Del Rio before they start to argue. Alberto tells them to bounce. That was a useless bit. ADR claims that he will be back more aggressive… he hit all the “key” words in this one. Aggressive, ruthless etc.


Punk does the walk in the back.


Gauntlet Match 1

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Jack Swagger w/Vicki

-Punk chant off the bat.

-chain wrestling to start.

-nice test of strength spot.

-heel kick by Punk for a 2.

-series of kicks by Punk but gets caught in a gut buster.

-leg drop by Swagger for a 2.

-botch spot with Swagger not catching Punk properly when he came off the 2nd rope with a cross body.

-Swagger fights out of the GTS but gets hit with a roundhouse kick for the Punk pin.

Gauntlet Match 2

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki & Swagger

-Swagger sweeps Punk’s leg and works on Punk’s leg before the ref pulls him off.

-Swagger wants the match to start ASAP but the ref wants to check with Punk first.

-He claims to be ready to go.

-back from break and Ziggler is working on the injured leg of Punk.

-Punk chant while Ziggler keeps him grounded.

-Punk gets a roll up for a 2.

-Ziggler goes back to work on Punk’s leg.

-dropkick by Ziggler for a short count.

-slingshot into the corner by Punk.

-Ziggler recovers again to continue to work on Punk’s leg.

-half Boston crab by Ziggler.

-Punk finally makes it to the ropes but Ziggler is long to break the move.

-Punk comes back with chops and kicks.

-kicks to the back of Ziggler, then his head…1..2….TWO!

-Punk avoids the leg scissors.

-Punk goes for GTS but Swagger distracts the ref as Vicki sweeps the leg.

-leg scissors, 1.2……and a ½!

-John Laurinaitis comes down and distracts the ref while Punk is covering Ziggler.

-Ace kicks Vicki and Swagger out of ringside.

-Ace then distracts Punk into the zigzag for the pin!

Winner: Ziggler


Good match but I think they could have just given Ziggler the win without the useless Laurinaitis involvement.


After the match Ziggler runs around the ring with the WWE Title.


Kane is out next for the final segment of the show. New tights need A LOT of work, they look bush league. Both masks are cool though. Arena is lit red while he says all of us are living a lie. Cena is then out quick. He stands on the stage but Kane’s pyro goes off to keep him at bay. Kane says he jumped Cena because Cena tells the fans to rise above the hat when its ok to hate. What? Lame story short, he tells Cena to embrace the hate that’s building inside of him. That until he embraces this hate he wont be free. This gets dueling chants while Cena just stands on the stage and listens. Kane says he’s going to help Cena on his path to enlightenment… he tells Cena that the last thing he will see this year is everyone chanting what tears him apart, “Cena sucks”. Kane ends up being right as the fade to black.


Seemed like just an “eh” night but then again these end-of-year shows usually are.








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