Smackdown Thoughts & Review [December 23, 2011]


This was one of the better Smackdowns in 2011. This episode had meaningful backstage segments and great wrestling. Also, Big Show is still rocking the camo. C’mon son!

Richmond, VA

G.I. Show comes out and cuts a promo in the ring.

He talks about how he scratched and clawed his way to get back the World Title, only for it to be taken away by Daniel Bryan (mixed reaction). He said he’s filled with conflicting emotions but he’s proud of himself for not going over the edge.

Mark Henry comes out and makes fun of Big Show’s brief title ‘reign.’ Henry goes to say that Big Show should feel embarrassed and humiliated. Henry then suggests that Show should quit the business and possibly get a job as Santa Clause.

Both giants begin to argue about who should get a rematch but Daniel Bryan comes out to a decent pop. Cole goes all Batista on Bryan as he walks down.

Bryan grabs a mic and says that nobody believes he’s the World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan says that he’s not one of the stronger guys in the back and he’s also one of the shortest guys in the WWE. Bryan does more self-deprecating and says he is a very good wrestling and he’s the World Heavyweight Champion.

Mark Henry says he always beats the hell out of him whenever they wrestle. Henry and Big Show go back to arguing about who should get the shot at the title. Henry goes back bagging on Show’s short ass title reign.

Teddy Long comes out and makes a number one contenders match between Mark Henry and Big Show. He also congratulates Daniel Bryan. Big Show shakes Bryan’s hand and squeezes it a little harder than needed. Bryan proposes a handshake with Henry but disses him. MODED!

~ This was a lovely opening segment. Everybody had an equal amount of presence and the emphasis was put on the World Title, which is the way things should be. Really great acting by Big Show here. He had that happy but about to cry thing going on and he did it well. I really liked how Show was able to put over Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan throughout his promo. I wish more of the wrestlers at the top of the roster did that more.

Zack Ryder pins Cody Rhodes via the Rough Ryder (due to Booker T distracting Cody by singing ‘Cody the Rednosed Reindeer)

~ Really solid match despite the distraction finish. Cody showed interesting and methodical wear down holds while Ryder took some nice bumps in and around the ring. Like most of Cody’s feuds, I could see Ryder and Cody wrestle each other for the next month. Hell, the Booker T vs. Cody feud still has a lot of legs going into the new year.

They cut to Santino and Teddy Long in his office. Santino wants to apply to be the Assistant to General Manager of Smackdown. Aksana interrupts and you know how the rest of this went.

Vicky and Dolph Ziggler come in after Aksana leaves. Ziggler asks for a match with Daniel Bryan. Teddy says that’s a good idea but then starts having his own private dance party.

~ Holy shit Santino was pure comedy here. Watch this segment just for him.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry go to a no contest.

David Otunga comes out and says that Henry isn’t medically cleared to wrestle. Otunga also wishes Happy Holidays to the crowd and then Big Show clocks Otunga with the WMD.

~ Otunga is gold and I hope he gets a little push in the new year. He’s great at promos and has improved in the ring a lot since his run in the Nexus. Glad this match got postponed. I think this feud deserves a blow off match in a steel cage. Hopefully they’ll give it a few more weeks to develop.

Teddy Long bumps into Miz in the back. Miz asks Teddy why he’s in Smackdown tonight. Miz questions Teddy’s ability to run the show. Miz drops some knowledge about how he’s main evented pay per views more than any other Smackdown superstar in the past year.

Miz walks out and drops a few giant turds on John Morrison and R-Truth. Miz challenges the Smackdown locker room and calls them cowards. He says there is no ‘face’ of Smackdown which as much star power as himself. Miz continues shit on the locker room until Sheamus comes out.

Sheamus pins The Miz via Brogue Kick

~ It’s about time they job a Raw main eventer to a Smackdown wrestler. It’s about damn time. Sheamus continues to roll through the WWE roster with no destination.

Wade Barrett comes out and shows clips of how he keeps skinning the Viper. Wade says some shit about the Barrett Barrage and then says he should be in line for a World title match against Daniel Bryan. Orton comes out and tries to give Wade an RKO but he escapes to the back. Orton follows Wade, kicks his ass and hoses him down in the back to end the piece.

~ Can a wrestler still boast about his personal ‘barrage’ if he gets sprayed with water, gets trashed dumped
on him, and gets RKO’d on top of a car? I have a feeling it was just to advertise the street fight mode in the WWE 12 video game.

Kofi w/ Evan Bourne pins Primo w/ Epico & Rosa Mendes via Trouble in Paradise

~ That’s the most one-on-one offense I’ve seen from Primo in years. Primo did a sick hip toss from the top turnbuckle. Decent match with a really interesting and flash finish by Kofi. Dope!

They played a really cool highlight video showcasing Ryder, Bryan and Punk’s victories at TLC and Raw.

~ That was very entertaining. TLC and the RAW that followed were two very special days of Wrestling Goodness. The writers have been fans of Punk and Danielson since their PWG/APW days and it’s been a pleasure to watch those two “make it” to the top of the pro wrestling industry.

World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vicky Guerrero went to a no-contest

  • Jack Swagger and Big Show come down and eventually end up in the ring.
  • Teddy Long makes it a tag match.

World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan & Big Show defeated Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero via Bryan submitting Swagger with the Lebell Lock

~ Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler were having a pretty damn good match before it got changed. Bryan executed a picture perfect Mexican Surfboard, a rolling german suplex, and a Belly to Back Superplex. Ziggler hit a sick reverse Exploder Suplex and was hanging with Bryan move for move.

Seeing Big Show do the Pounce was neat to see. The tag match was okay but I would have rather seen Bryan vs. Ziggler have a clean match. The prospect of Bryan and Ziggler having great matches over the next month or two is promising. It would also be interesting to see Swagger challenge Bryan for the title after they give Swagger some meaningful wins in the next few weeks.

We have one more episode of Smackdown before the new year. It’s safe to say that the WWE will end 2011 with Daniel Bryan as the World Heavyweight Champion. With Daniel Bryan as champ and a bunch of number one contender prospect, the Smackdown brand is nicely set up for an entertaining and compelling three months on the way to Wrestlemania.

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