Fuck. Overall this was a solid RAW! One of those RAW’s that you are going to wake up the next day and hope you weren’t dreaming about what happened. This was some new shit here!


Show starts off abruptly with a drum roll into CM Punk’s voice welcoming us to the show and shitting on John Laurinaitis. He then asks if Del Rio or Miz won the match last night. He then says it was him who won the match before coming out to the ring. I don’t like jokey Punk. He recaps last night and how he’s still champion. This gets a “CM Punk” chant. He brings up the US Title match, even doing another drum roll before announcing Ryder as the winner. This brings out the new US Champion Zack Ryder. He gives a fist pump. Solid reaction for him. Punk then brings up the chairs match saying it was the best for last. He goes into another drum roll into graphics of Henry and Show… he puts over the winner of the match and the title saying its proud to announce it was Daniel Bryan! This brings out the new World Champion. Nice to see Bryan with THIS belt of all the belts. Bryan and Punk hug. We get a “Daniel Bryan” chant. He said if anyone would appreciate this photo, it would be Philly! J We get an “ECW” chant! Punk brings up meeting Bryan 10 years ago and how amazing is that they can stand as champions in the WWE. This is a cool shot and has gotten Bryan over in seconds what this last year couldn’t! Punk puts over Bryan and Ryder, how they busted their asses for this. He passes the mic to Ryder who is all happy face to be US Champion. The mic is now passed to Bryan to takes a second before saying how people like Cole said he wouldn’t be here but now he’s World Champion. Before Bryan can get another word The Miz, Ziggler and Del Rio one my one come out to the stage. They then walk to the ring and surround the ring before the brawl starts! The champions stand their ground in the ring. Ryder then takes the dive onto Ziggler before taking the steel steps. Brawl breaks out and John Laurinaitis comes out to stop this shit. He makes a 6 man match tonight for the main event. Nice. Ace calls this a Christmas gift to us all.


Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

-oh no not again, so soon…

-Wade takes the advantage off the bat cornering Orton.

-Orton makes a comeback punching on Orton and hitting a dropkick for a 2.

-spills to the outside leading to Wade hitting a front faced suplex on the barricade into a stiff kick to the head of Orton.

-after the break Barrett hits a kick to the head of Orton sending him to the outside.

-Orton’s back taken to the ring apron.

-Orton recovers hitting his rolling powerslam.

-Wade blocks the vertical DDT and goes for wasteland but Orton recovers.

-Orton finally hits the vertical DDT and sets up for the RKO

-Wade then sticks his thumb in the eye of Orton for the DQ

Winner: Orton by DQ


After the match Barrett continues to beat on Orton into the side slam. Barrett then pulls a table from under the ring and slides it into the ring. The table is set up by Wade before kicking Orton’s head in again. Barrett then puts Orton through the table with wasteland. Well they really want to get Barrett over as a big heel huh? That wasn’t blatant.


Cole and Lawler cover the HHH vs. Nash ladder match calling it a brutal match… you ain’t lying…


Beth Phoenix and Alicia Fox to the walk in the back to the cheesiest music ever heard.


ANOTHER Diva of the Year Award recap, yeah we get it already.


Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox

-botchy match that Beth tries to make dope.

-Phoenix gets pinned jobber style….!?

Winner: Fox


Fox gets on a the mic after the match and wishes us a Foxy Holiday… stupid…


Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal

-I hate Sheamus smiling so god damn much.

-Mahal talks jive on Sheamus on the way to the ring.

-both brawl to start the match

-nice baseball slide dropkick to the head of Sheamus

-Sheamus makes a comeback leading to a back breaker.

-Irish Curse is hit for the win.

Winner: Sheamus


Oh no we hear from John Cena next about getting jumped by Kane last week.


Cena is out next. Funny in the long shot of the arena you can see a security of the event jump up for Cena. Stupid yo! Haha Typical reaction for him. He’s got “jokes” about people who don’t like him then name drops The Rock out of nowhere…!? He understands why The Rock doesn’t like him but doesn’t get this shit with Kane. I’m sparing you the stupid dentist jokes by Cena. He wants to know if this was an accident and he just got in the way or this was on purpose. Instead Cena gets the former World Champion Mark Henry who recaps last week. Henry gets a “sexual chocolate” chant! haha He said he’s not in the mood for jokes after losing the title. The get in each other’s faces until Kane’s music hits, pyro included. He comes down and Cole questions who he has come out to face. He and Henry have a few words at ringside before Kane turns to the ring where Cena is at. Kane comes into the ring and the brawl in on. Cena quickly gets thrown over the announce table. Kane dismantles Cena to the point where it looks like he is smothering him. Cena has blood in the mouth and gets his shirt ripped off. That was a bit predictable since you can see the cut on the shirt while Cena was wearing it. Kane bounces and Cena looks like while he shits himself.


This feud is fine by me. Keeps Cena out of the title picture!


Primo & Epico w/Rosa vs. The Uso’s

-Damn we really getting a tag match on RAW?!

-Uso’s got dances (a Samoan war dance) and pyro now.

-Uso’s takes the advantage fast with double teams.

-Primo makes the comeback.

-Cole claims the tag team division is lighting up… since when!?

-Uso makes the hot tag, hitting a Bubba Bomb.

-Primo makes the save after an Uso butt splash in the corner.

-Epico hits the back cracker for the win.

Winner: Primo & Epico


Josh in the back with I-C Champion Cody Rhodes, he shit’s on Santino’s Royal Rumble commercial and Booker T trying to fuck with him. He’s interrupted by Santino who has a gift for him, although Cody doesn’t want it. It’s the cobra… Santino keeps calling Cody, Kobe! Haha


Santino vs. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

-Santino throws kicks only to be taken down with a punch.

-Cody then corners him.

-Cody keeping Santino grounded.

-come back by Santino then teasing the cobra before getting hit with the Alabama Slam for the win.

Winner: Rhodes


In the back the Bella’s argue by the Xmas tree when Johnny Ace is out. he stops this shit, apparently Teddy Long is being watched by the board. Otunga is out to smile when Vicki comes in as does Hornswoggle with mistletoe, this shit ends with Vicki getting kissed… stupid segment on such a good night thus far.


They are still hitting last nights ppv hard trying to get those replays.


The show footage of Ryder and his dad hugging after this match. Dad’s got kind words for his son.


Josh in the back with Big Show. He’s asked about last night. He goes over having the title in his hands after 9 years only to get it taken away in seconds. Show blames himself for encouraging Bryan to cash in before WrestleMania. Josh pokes the bear claiming he has the shortest World Title reign in history. Show claims to be “ok” before walking off.


The Miz, Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio vs. United States Champion Zack Ryder, World Champion Daniel Bryan & WWE Champion CM Punk

-while the heels are coming out we get another cryptic video cut into the show. This one ends with the word, Prophetless.

-Ryder comes through the crowd.

-Bryan does the same.

-Punk follows suit, coming through the crowd as well.

-double team by the World and WWE champions on Miz.

-frequent tags by the champions.

-all the heels end up on the outside setting up for the Ryder dives, Bryan’s high knees off the apron and Punk off the top rope.

-nice reaction from the crowd.

-After the break the heels take over the advantage keeping Bryan cornered.

-stiff European uppercuts by Bryan on Del Rio before he corners Bryan and works on his arm.

-Bryan fights out of the corner and makes the hot tag to Ryder.

-Ryder hits the broski boot to Ziggler in the corner.

-tag to Miz.

-Hot tag to Punk who cleans house.

-Macho Man elbow by Punk onto Miz.

-anaconda vice but Ziggler breaks it up.

-Bryan and Del Rio tagged in.

-match breaks down.

-GTS by Punk to Miz.

-Bryan sent to the corner post.

-Del Rio goes for the arm breaker but Bryan reverses and gets the LaBell lock…HE TAPS!

Winners: Bryan, Ryder and Punk


After the match the three champions pose for the crowd and in the crowd as the show ends.


Fuck dude this was a solid fucking night on WWE RAW! They focused on the younger guys and everything was consistent. Not much I can shit on here folks this was a really nice night of wrestling.









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