TLC Live Updates!


Sorry folks. We’re catching up being chatty Cathies and shit so we’re starting late.

New United States Champion Zack Ryder pins Dolph Ziggler via Rough Rider

Mascara de Fuego: Solid and entertaining opener these two were great tonight! Going to be hard to beat this one tonight. Good shit for Ryder.

Great Puma: Perfect curtain jerker. Excellent finish with some great false finishes beforehand. It’s pretty awesome to have a match of the night contender to start the show. Ziggler was on top of his game tonight and Ryder followed suit. Watching Ryder’s father celebrate was a nice moment.

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Air Boom retain the Tag Titles vs. Epico y Primo (via Kofi’s Trouble in Paradise kick to Primo)

Great Puma: Decent match. Evan Bourne played Ricky Morton here until he made the hot tag to Kofi. Some decent double team work from Epico y Primo.

Mascara de Fuego: Decent tag team match but when you don’t give me a build up, why do I care? Come on, this could have been at least mentioned on Monday…!

They cut to Teddy Long giving Hornswaggle Rosetta Stone Ebonics. Weak.

Tables Match

Randy Orton puts Wade Barrett through a table via RKO in mid-air

Mascara de Fuego: Much better match than I suspected. I think they utilized the stip as much as they could. Closing segment through the table was nice. Good shit.

Great Puma: Good and methodical match with a very sick finish. Orton catching a leaping Barrett with a mid-air RKO was a sight to see.

Divas Championship Match

Beth Phoenix pins Kelly Kelly via reverse powerbomb/modified flapjack

Great Puma: Okay match with a Sin Cara moment or two with a decent match. No in-depth opinions here. Too busy chatting to MDF about comedy and other shit.

Mascara de Fuego: This was fine I guess for a WWE Superstars internet match. Another not advertised match.

Sledgehammer Ladder match

Triple H defeats Kevin Nash via Pedigree followed by Sledgehammer hit

Mascara de Fuego: This felt reeeaaalllllyy long. They could have done 5 mins then the closing spot and called it a day. Nash is just bad here. Botching and making shit look bad left and right.

Great Puma: God damn this was ten minutes too long. Nice finish with the battle of the hand signals; Clique vs. D-X. It was hard to watch but the finish was pretty entertaining.

Sheamus pins Jack Swagger via Brogue Kick

Great Puma: Wish somebody did a “Random Match” chant. Okay match with Swagger getting in some good amount of offense.

Mascara de Fuego: Match was fine but I’m taken out of the moment when you don’t build a ppv match up and just throw it onto the show. Come on man people be paying for this shit!

Chairs Match

New World Heavyweight Champion  The Big Show pins Mark Henry via WMD then…

Daniel Bryan cashes in his MITB Briefcase to pin the Big Show and become the New World Heavyweight Champion!

Mascara de Fuego: Wow they really turned an anticlimactic ending around to something really dope! Like I was staying the match was going well before the punch out of nowhere. Really glad they let Bryan actually cash in and win and win the title. I was afraid that they were going to make him the first person to lose a cash in. Good shit for Bryan!

Great Puma: Great moment for every Bryan Danielson fan. Show vs. Henry was a decent match with a finish out of nowhere. The cash in was lovely boost to a very uneven pay per view.

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes pins Booker T via two consecutive Beautiful Disaster Kicks

Great Puma: Way too short and I mean that in a good way. Booker T still got ‘it’ for sure. Really entertaining and I hope they do more matches together.

Mascara de Fuego: Good shit, Booker looked good here. I enjoyed this. Hopefully we can get a few more matches out of these guys.

Triple Threat TLC Match

WWE Champion CM Punk retains the title and defeats The Miz and Alberto Del Rio

Mascara de Fuego: Solid match I thought. Del Rio, Miz and Punk did some good shit right here. Del Rio looked really aggressive which was good. Rodriguez still gets top spot for taking the dive through the table from the ladder in the ring.

Great Puma: Very strong main event to close the show. The inclusion of the handcuffs and the Ricardo Rodriguez bump really made this match stand out against other TLC matches in the past. Hats off to Ricardo Rodriguez for taking a highlight worthy bump for years to come.

Stay tuned for MDF’s TLC review coming up next.


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