12-18-11 WWE TLC


Shit for the most part they pulled out the stops but there was a few botches…. guess.

US Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. Zack Ryder

-hope this is the show stealer.

-lets go Ryder/woo woo woo chant early on.

-nice arm drag my Zack

-nice exchange to start off the match with Ryder sending Ziggler to the outside and landing the seated senton onto Dolph on the outside.

-long series of elbows from Ziggler for a 2 count.

-Ziggler keeping Ryder down thus far.

-another chant for Ryder

-nice Angle slam by Ziggler for another 2

-2nd rope drop kick by Zack for a 2 count

-Ryder come back leading into the kick in the corner.

-Vicki gets involved which gets her kicked out of the match.

-crowd is losing their their.

-quick near falls by both, nice exchange.

-Ziggler gets the rough rider on Ryder for a 2 count.

-Ziggler goes for the sleeper but its fought off so he lands a nice drop kick.

-Ziggler cut off on the top, hurricaneranna by Ryder for another close 2.

-rough rider is avoided then Ryder gets rolled up by a two count.

-double knees in the corner by Ryder into the rough rider…1..2…THREEE!!!!!

-Ziggler sold the shit out of the rough rider!

Winner: Zack Ryder wins the US Title


Solid and entertaining opener these two were great tonight! Going to be hard to beat this one tonight. Good shit for Ryder.


Booker in the back with Alica Fox but before she can go down Booker is jumped from behind by Cody Rhodes. He beats on Booker before the agents pull him off. Booker ain’t happy.


WWE Superstars sell Slim Jim’s to the troops….


WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom vs. Primo & Epico w/Rosa

unannounced match here.

-Bourne and Kofi star off keeping the advantage.

-Bourne then sent to the outside by the opposing team to take over.

-Evan almost makes the tag but is cornered and drop kicked for a 2.

-hot tag by Kofi into the boom boom leg drop.

-shit breaks down with Evan diving to the outside while Kofi hits the trouble in paradise for the win.

Winners: Air Boom


Decent tag team match but when you don’t give me a build up, why do I care? Come on, this could have been at least mentioned on Monday…!


Josh in the backs give us an update on Booker, he makes it sound like the match COULD be off…


In the back Teddy Long is dressed as Santa when his “elf” Hornswoggle comes in, he’s made he’s dressed as an elf and this motherfucker says some shit about Santa not being black… um… that’s awkward. Teddy still gives himself a Rosettastone “hooked on ebonics” CD’s… this gets Teddy kicked… what the fuck was this?!


Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett (Tables Match)

-not really paying attention already…

-both end up on the outside with Wade bringing in the table first…

-well, he tries to but Orton kicks the table into him leading to more ringside shenanigans.

-they fight all the way to the entrance way where tables are all set up.

-Wade is the first to attempt the table with a pump handle but Orton fights out.

-Wade knocks the table over to avoid going through it.

-they fight to ringside where Orton almost lands a suplex from the steps to a table.

-Lawler claims Barrett is busted open…!?

-Barrett takes the advantage and lands a stiff elbow drop from the 2nd rope.

-high kick by Barrett almost sending Orton onto a table on the outside.

-Orton makes a comeback leading to both fighting onto the apron.

-Barrett teases wasteland but Orton fights out and hits his vertical DDT spot.

-he sets up for the RKO but Wade fights out and hits a sidewalk slam.

-Wade slams a table onto Orton.

-just noticed the ref has gloves on…

-Wade comes off the 2nd rope onto Orton on a table but Orton moves and hits the RKO THROUGH THE TABLE!

Winner: Orton


Much better match than I suspected. I think they utilized the stip as much as they could. Closing segment through the table was nice. Good shit.


The Bella’s argue on Santa Teddy’s lap on who’s the naughty one. Just fuck and get it over with! Teddy gives them is # for Xmas… stupid x 2. Swagger comes in after the Bella’s bounce. He’s pissy about being hit by a chair by Henry. They bicker until Sheamus comes in all smiley. Sheamus and Swagger eye fuck each other after Sheamus says some stupid shit. Teddy makes the match for tonight between the two.


Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

-as Puma said, isn’t this supposed to be Alicia Fox??

-I’m not paying attention to this, too busy talking to Puma about Harold & Kumar.

-oh look Beth misses a leg drop from the top.

-Kelly goes for the leg drop and fucks it up, luckily Beth saves it.

-Beth hits Kelly with a version of an behind the head powerbomb for the pin.

Winner: Phoenix


This was fine I guess for a WWE Superstars internet match. Another not advertised match.


Del Rio yells at Rodriguez in the back before he walks into Miz. They banter back and forth about their short lived alliance. They talk shit to each other Miz pie faces Rodriguez, then Del Rio pushes him down…


Booker T vs. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

-before the match Cody jumps Booker again at ringside.

-refs check on Booker and start to walk him to the back.

Winner: no contest


Triple H vs. Kevin Nash (Sledgehammer Ladder Match)

-this is really happening, this is REALLY going to happen…

-brawl starts by both.

-elbows by Nash in the corner.

-they exchange corner time.

-Nash sloppily sent to the outside.

-Nash uses the ladder to the neck of HHH.

-HHH dives off the announce table onto Nash, HBK you are not.

-Nash sent over the barricade.

-still elbow by Nash on the other side of the barricade.

-snake eyes by Nash onto the barricade.

-HHH sends Nash into the ring post, another sloppy one.

-oh no Nash is holding his knee! Not again! ha

-HHH using the ladder on Nash’s knee in the ring.

-Nash’s leg is put between the ladder and stomped on.

-HHH wraps Nash’s leg in the ladder and locks on the figure four! Not fully on, looked bad.

-HHH suplexs the ladder onto Nash.

-this spills to the outside briefly so Nash can hit his elbows on HHH.

-both back in the ring with Nash hitting a side slam on a ladder.

-this is going long….

-slingshot by Nash onto the ladder in the corner.

-Nash on the outside clears the announce table.

-Nash gets a back body drop (bad and sloppy) over the table

-HHH finally sets up a ladder to climb it, about it.

-HHH climbs but Nash cuts him off short

-Nash sends HHH into the ladder in the corner.

-“chokeslam” by Nash.

-Nash goes to the outside and is looking for shit under the ring.

-Nash pulls out a table into the ring… he sets it up and pulls down his straps…

-he goes to jackknife but HHH pushes him into the ladder in the corner.

-HHH uses the ladder on Nash to send him to the floor and sets up the ladder.

-Nash and HHH climb the ladder and “fight on the ladder while trying to get the sledgehammer.

-Nash falls off the ladder and onto the table he set up in the ring! check him out!

-HHH unhooks the sledgehammer and takes it to Nash’s knee.

-god this is longer than it needs to be…

-HHH throws the hammer away and goes for the pedigree but Nash botches it!

-HHH finally hits it as the fans ask for “one more time”.

-instead he picks up the hammer while Nash is giving him the clique sign.

-HHH gives him the suck it crotch chop, hits him with the hammer and pins him.

Winner: HHH


This felt reeeaaalllllyy long. They could have done 5 mins then the closing spot and called it a day. Nash is just bad here. Botching and making shit look bad left and right.


Striker in the back with Punk. They recap Monday’s shenanigans with Miz and Del Rio. Punk’s got stupid Cena jokes here… he’s more mad at Johnny Ace accepting his award. Laurinaitis walks in and tells Punk that he mailed his Slammy. They banter before Johnny wishes him a Merry Christmas. Punk bounces and Ace texts.


Jack Swagger w/Vicki vs. Sheamus

-the brawl to start before Sheamus shuts down Swagger with a series of elbow drops.

-shoulder block by Sheamus.

-abdominal stretch by Swagger avoided.

-Sheamus with the chest punches in the ropes then a clothesline to the outside.

-Vicki causes the distraction then sends Sheamus into the ring post then the barricade.

-Swagger rolls him back in the ring then hits a corner Swagger bomb.

-Cole and Lawler are talking about angry birds…?!

-Sheamus makes a comeback with double axe handles then a powerbomb for a 2.

-Sheamus going to the top but is cut off and sent to the outside.

-Swagger sent into the ringpost then barricade, returning the favor.

-shoulder block from the top by Sheamus for a 2 ½.

-crowd is dead for this.

-Swagger avoids the brog kick and hits a shoulder block to the knee of Sheamus.

-Swagger goes for the ankle lock in the middle of the ring.

-Sheamus tries for the ropes then sends Swagger into the corner head first.

-brog kick by Sheamus for the pin.

Winner: Sheamus


Josh in the back with Big Show. He says tonight is his night and its ending in a giant way.


World Champion Mark Henry vs. Big Show (chairs match)

-Big Show is now sporting camo… looks like Cena’s tag team partner.

-off the bat Show is filling the ring with ringside chairs.

-Henry is just swatting chairs away.

-Henry has a chair but then slowly walks out of the ring.

-Henry goes to leave but Show stops him with a chair.

-series of punches on the outside back Show.

-Henry fights back then takes a chair to the back of Show then slams his right hand on the steel steps.

-both end up back in the ring and swat chairs at each other which doesn’t go well for Show’s injured hand.

-Show is taken down with a series of chair shots.

-Show tries to come back but can’t punch effectively with his hand nor can he hit the chokeslam.

-Show avoids the slam but can’t hit the chokeslam.

-Show hits the right hook…1…2…THREE!?….

Winner: Big Show


That ending was a bit anticlimactic… match was going decent until that. Henry takes out Show’s leg with the chair then DDT’s him on a stack of chairs. OH SHIT DANIEL BRYAN IS OUT!!!!!!


Daniel Bryan vs. World Champion Big Show


Winner: Daniel Bryan!


Big Show looks pissed as he watches Bryan celebrate with the fans!


Wow they really turned an anticlimactic ending around to something really dope! Like I was staying the match was going well before the punch out of nowhere. Really glad they let Bryan actually cash in and win and win the title. I was afraid that they were going to make him the first person to lose a cash in. Good shit for Bryan!


Loud annoying WWE Network commercial.


Recap of Booker getting fucked up tonight.


Booker in the back with Josh, he’s going through with it tonight. Josh tries to talk him out of it but he’s not going out like a sucka.


Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T

-We’ll try this one more time! Haha

-Booker onto from the get go, looks good.

-you still got it chant for Booker.

-close 2 count by Booker after a side leg kick.

-Cody tries the suplex in the ropes but hits a hangman into a forearm to send Booker to the outside.

-Cody goes for Bookers leg then locks a full nelson.

-Cody cut off in the corner into yay/boo punches.

-side slam by Booker for a 2 count.

-spinbuster by Booker.


-side kick missed into Cody’s flash kick for a 2 count, nice exchange.

-another flash kick by Cody for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rhodes


Good shit, Booker looked good here. I enjoyed this. Hopefully we can get a few more matches out of these guys.


Cole shits on Bryan’s World Title win.


Triple Threat TLC Match

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz

-Rodriguez still has food stains on his suit and looks like he just had a good cry. Face turn?

-strong CM Punk chant before the match.

-double team on Punk right off the bat.

-Punk counters with a series of drop kicks.

-Miz and ADR come back and work together.

-we want ice cream chant.

-Miz and ADR break down.

-Miz and Punk now with Miz hitting a back suplex on Punk.

-ADR back body drop on the outside to Miz onto the ladder.

-Punk is back landing a big knee into the ladder to Del Rio.

-Punk and ADR on the outside going back and forth teasing a table spot.

-Punk brings the first ladder into the ring, he climbs and Rodriguez comes in and handcuffs Punk to the ladder!

-Del Rio then runs in and beats on Punk!

-Del Rio goes up but Punk busts the ladder and gets out still wearing the cuffs.

-flap jack on the ladder to ADR by Punk.

-Miz is back in with a ladder and takes it to Punk

-Miz sets up his ladder, he climbs but Punk stops him and teases the GTS!

-Miz and Punk to the top but ADR hits Punk with a flash kick and PUNK GOES THROUGH A TABLE AT RINGSIDE!

-Del Rio then goes after Miz beating on him on the ramp way.

-ADR gets the arm breaker on Miz while his arm was in the ladder!

-ADR then throws a chair on Punk then beats pounds a chair onto that chair!

-Del Rio them arm breaker on Punk on the outside, long one.

-ADR back in the ring, sets up the ladder and starts to climb.

-Miz and Punk push over the ladder and ADR takes the nut shots in the ropes!

-yay/boo punches in the ring with Miz and Punk.

-Rodriguez climbs the ladder but Punk and Miz toss it over and Rodriguez takes the table on the outside!!!!

-holy shit chant!

-Miz and Punk counters

-Miz locks up Punk in the corner with the handcuffs!

-Miz taunts Punk in the corner until Punk lands a kick to the back of Miz’s head!

-Del Rio back in the ring while Punk is trying to get lose by taking the ring rope off!!

-Miz and Del Rio climb their separate ladders until Punk gets loose!

-All three on the top of the ladder fighting.

-Miz is gone!

-Del Rio is gone!

-Miz stops Punk but gets stopped himself and a GTS!

-Punk climbs again, he grabs the title!

Winner: Punk


Solid match I thought. Del Rio, Miz and Punk did some good shit right here. Del Rio looked really aggressive which was good. Rodriguez still gets top spot for taking the dive through the table from the ladder in the ring.


Interesting night. Some really good shit and yet the crappy was…. Crappy. Cough, cough ladder match cough, cough.

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One Response to “12-18-11 WWE TLC”

  1. zankarne Says:

    Ryder vs #Heel: already enough said about this. dope, entertaining match, dolph has to move up the card NOW!

    Tag Team Match: didnÄt really pay attention, didn’t care… where are the Usos?

    Orton vs Barrett: solid match (as expected.. Wade is fucking A :)). I want to see this continue on SD and not booked into oblivion.

    Divas Match: Waited for Natty to come, didn’t happen, don’t care. Kelly² still looks constipated.

    HHH vs Nash: everything I’ve expected. HHH carrying the shit out of Nash and delivering. Nash tried to do something but he couldn’t get any speed. Glad this one is done and in the books.

    Swagger vs. Sheamus: Didn’t care. Sheamus looked good.

    Henry vs. Show: Decent match, but I would have preferred Henry retaining the title. It always sucks to give up your title only because of injury. 😦

    Rhodes vs. Booker: Match #3 I was really looking forward to tonight. Both guys delivered and I still like Bookers performance. Cody was dope as always.

    Main Event: This thing was booked and executed almost perfectly. Both beatdowns on the Miz, Rodriguez fall from the ladder was the shit, the handcuffs on Punk (haven’t seen this since WM 12??) and every single spot felt like it was hurting like hell.
    My only complaint was the weak booking of The Miz and him being pretty useless throughout the match (except the cuffs). It would’ve been an excellent main event with only Punk and ADR.

    Crowd was boring :/

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