Smackdown Thoughts & Review [December 9, 2011]


Michael TOOL Cole was so unbearable tonight that I watched most of this episode on mute with Christmas music in the background. Also, Lillian Garcia is back, bitches!

Jacksonville, FL

They open the show with a wounded Booker T on the side of the entrance ramp. They replay the attack while TOOL justifies the attack.

The returning Lillian Garcia busts out her “it’s so good to be back” speech but is dissed by Cody Rhodes. Cody cuts a promo on Booker and says he’s going to replace Bookers spot at the announcing table.

~ Nice to see Garcia back in the WWE. Not looking forward to Triple H’s dumb ass horseface jokes any time soon. Perhaps he has matured.

Beat the Clock Challenge
Wade Barrett pins Ezekial Jackson via Bossman Slam @ 7:53

After the match Wade cuts a promo on Orton.

~ A Bossman Slam? They did a few hype packages for Ezekial Jackson just so he can be a stepping stone in a Beat the Clock Challenge? Decent big man match here.

They cut to David Otunga speaking with Teddy Long in Teddy’s office. Otunga wants his loss last week expunged from his record. Long blows him off and tells Otunga that he’s going to compete against Sheamus tonight.

Daniel Bryan in-ring interview

DB talks about his disappointment. TOOL starts talking shit but then Cody Rhodes attacks DB from behind.

~ I really thought the spotlight was taken off TOOL’s character a long time ago. TOOL is unwatchable and this segment totally blew. You don’t need TOOL to build interest in Cody vs. Daniel Bryan feud.

Zack Ryder pins Heath Slater via Rough Rider

~ This shit was over quick Superstars of Wrestling style. I’m not on Ryder’s nuts like the rest of the world but it’s nice to see someone other than the usual WWE golden boys get upper-midcard attention.

Ted DiBiase pins Jinder Mahal via roll up

~ Odd odd match. Jinder was pretty much serving that ass until the roll up finish came out of nowhere. They’re giving Tailgate King weak pin finishes already? They should be building him up instead of having him barely get over Jinder Mahal, who’s on the fringes of the midcard. If there were ‘official’ WWE rankings, Jinder wouldn’t make the top 30.

Big Show namedrops Brock Lesnar and confronts Mark Henry. Henry sucker punches him but Show attacks the injured leg with a chair and walks off.

~ I like how they’re not being put in meaningless matches to escalate this feud. Both Show and Henry are nice on the mic and are able to build interest without all the cliché interference in each other’s matches.

What’s brilliant is that Mark Henry is adding just a pinch of cowardice to make the audience think that Big Show has a chance of winning the World Title.

Hornswaggle is the guest ring announcer for David Otunga vs. Sheamus

Sheamus pins David Otunga via Brogue Kick

~ Another Superstars of Wrestling squash. Otunga got some offense in but Sheamus pretty much tossed him around the ring. They have to give Otunga a push sooner or later. He has as many in-ring tools as Barrett, Ezekial or even Sheamus. I doubt he’d want to make a career out of being a lower mid-card punching bag.

Cody Rhodes defeats Daniel Bryan via DQ (Booker T interferes)

~ I loved every second of this short match. I won’t even mention chemistry, since DB and Cody can have great matches with almost anyone in the business. DB’s strikes to start off the match were a sight to see. I think most matches should begin with this much intensity if the feud itself is really heated. Take note, workers!

The best thing for us fans is for this feud to last until the end of January. I really liked how Cody instantly went for the injured midsection. Cody took a serious bump outside the ring. These two should be bigger stars than they already are. Also, Booker T just looks major league. Everything he does is eaten up by the crowd. I’m looking forward to seeing him do his thing in the ring again.

I watched this match on mute. A silent wrestling match is far better than a match with TOOL commentary.

They air another 1-2-2012 video. Jericho? ‘Taker? Somebody from FCW? These promos are awesome, whomever these promos are for. I wish they were for somebody new.

They cut to Cody Rhodes requesting to face Booker T in Teddy Long’s office. Teddy makes the match while Aksana looks on.

Orton interview

Orton says he’s going to beat Ziggler quickly instead of his usual slow and methodical way.

~ “I – am – a – robot. I – have – no – inflections – in – my – speech.”

Beat the Clock Challenge (Time to beat 7:53)

Randy Orton pins Dolph Ziggler via RKO at 7:51 and gets to pick the stipulation for his match at TLC.

After the match Wade Barrett attacks Orton and teases to Wasteland Orton through a table on the outside. Orton fights out of it and Barrett runs off. Orton powerbombs Ziggler through it as a consolation prize.

~ I have a feeling Dolph Ziggler will have a breakout year after Wrestlemania. The dude does some of the sickest bumps in the business and always makes his opponents’ offense look more dangerous than it really is.

Good match and Ziggler seem to give Orton a run for his money. Ziggler is quickly becoming the go to heel for the upper echelon of WWE faces.

We have one more episode of Smackdown before the TLC pay per view. This episode was a hundred times better than last week’s Yuletide Turd but I’m still not completely sold on the pay per view. I think right now the powers that be are just sowing the seeds for the three month run to Wrestlemania in the new year. It’s a bit sad to say that the short Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes match was the best wrestling on the show.


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