A few quick thoughts on John Morrison…


John Morrison’s WWE career is now over. From Tough Enough to tag team gold with MNM to teaming with Miz to winning singles gold like the ECW Title and the I-C Title, then to jobber limbo. What went wrong?

Many can speculate that it was his relationship with Melina that ruined his WWE career, who knows. At this point we all suspect that he is TNA bound.

Unfortunately going that route has done nothing for others who’ve come before him. Guys like RVD, Kennedy and Foley have all gone to Orlando hoping for greener pastures only to end up in TNA limbo.

I could only hope that Morrison is the exception but because he is truly talented and deserves a break but my gut tells me its not going to go well.

Morrison would be better off going the route of MVP, Hass and Benjamin. Either going to Japan or going to Ring of Honor.

All we can do now is wait to see what happens.

Good luck where ever you end up next.

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2 Responses to “A few quick thoughts on John Morrison…”

  1. workmancer Says:

    I’m not sure it was his woman. He had back to back injuries. They knew his contract was coming up. He said in interviews he wasn’t gonna slow down his style and why should he when it gets him over? And to top it off… backstage he was weird. Ever seen his Youtube movie?

    I hope he doesn’t go to TNA, he’d just get lost amongst the 44 workers they already have. In fact I’d like to see him, RVD, KAZ and Daniels start their own Los Angeles promotion. But that wouldn’t happen.

    Its sad JoMo ended up like this, because he had great looks and style that could have made him the next HBK.

  2. Tammy Says:

    good riddance to bad trash maybe now he will cut his hair the tramp

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