Live Super Smackdown Thoughts & Review (November 29, 2011)


If you’re under nine years old, you loved the first 100 minutes of this episode. Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry brought it for the main event.

Charlotte, NC

It’s ‘snowing’ inside the arena and St. Mick Foley comes out in a Santa suit. Foley tells the crowd how much of a Christmas fanatic he is. Huge “FOLEY” chants.

He gives a rundown of a few matches with Christmas themes.

  • Steel Cage Match
    “Tiny Tim” Daniel Bryan vs. “The Ghost of Christmas Fear” Mark Henry
  • Miracle on 34th Street Fight
  • An All I Want for Christmas Battle Royal (winner gets a wish granted by Santa Clause)

He introduces Michael Cole dressed up as Rudolph.

Booker T comes out as Booker Clause. Nice. Booker does a “Dreidle-Roonie.” Kill me.

Cody Rhodes comes out and disses Booker T. Booker T tells him to chill but warns him that he can still go. Foley steps in and calls Booker a legend and makes a match between Cody and Booker. Yesss!

Brie Bella wins the Divas Mistle Toe on a pole match (She gets to cash in on a ‘special prize’ between now and Christmas)

  • Mick Foley comes out and says Brie Bella gets to give a kiss to any superstar of her choice. Yay.

~ My god, Tamina looked absolutely horrified to go out dressed like that. Decent eye candy match I suppose.

Jinder Mahal comes down and cuts a promo on Ted DiBiase.

Justin Gabriel pins Jinder Mahal via 450 Splash

~ Quick match that embellished the feud between DiBiase and Jinder Mahal.

The cut to the Uso’s showing Mick Foley their Haka dance at a backstage Christmas party. Trent Baretta, Hornswaggle, Roddy Piper are hanging out. Goldust says ‘hello’ to his dad, Dusty Rhodes. Mick Foley puts David Otunga in the Miracle on 34th Street match versus Randy Orton.

They cut to Matt Striker interviewing Booker T. Cody attacks Booker from behind with his IC Title belt. Booker sells his injury. Huge “Cody Sucks” chant from the crowd. They announce that the Cody vs. Booker match won’t happen.

Kofi Kingston pins Tyson Kidd via Flying Reindeer Press (this really happened)

~ WTF. Kofi took TOOL’s reindeer hood and red nose so he could put it on for his high cross body. It hurts to see talented wrestlers like Kidd being involved with such buffoonery. Damn you, WWE. Damn you. I’m embarrassed to be watching this bullshit.

They cut back to the Christmas party. Kaitlyn talks shit to Hornswaggle, and Sheamus talks to Teddy about tonight’s battle royal. Aksana does some shit and then I mentally tuned out.

Miracle on 34th Street match
Randy Orton pins David Otunga via RKO (despite Wade Barrett coming in and giving Orton a huge boot)

~ I guess this was the most brutal type of hardcore match since there were wreaths and Christmas trees all around the ring. I liked that they used the wreaths and trees to hurt each other. The candy cane kendo stick was a lovely touch. Ho ho ho. I’ve always realized that the WWE isn’t marketing their product towards people my age but I think this is the last straw. I think I’m going to stop watching professional wrestling soon.

The show Teddy Long talking to Mark Henry in the locker room. Henry says that he’s going to give Daniel Bryan the beating of his life.

Hornswaggle wins the NXT Megastars All I Want for Christmas Battle Royal

~ The ending was a farce and I won’t bother to write about it.

Crap. I wasn’t expecting to see Heath Slater on my TV again any time soon. Surprised they put Ezekial Jackson in this match since they just featured him in some vignettes recently. You would think he would have came back in bigger fashion.

This episode was definitely written for the WWE’s 9 years old and under fanbase, also known as John Cena fans. Oh snap! They didn’t follow through with what Hornswaggle’s wish was since he won. Hopefully, Horny is going to wish for the WWE Title to be re-hauled.

They go back to the Christmas party and the Bellas shoot down Ricardo Rodriguez. Hornswaggle talks to Santa and says he wants to talk. He gets a magical Santa hug and starts talking! Mick Foley enters and the ‘real’ Santa disappears.

A.J. gives Daniel Bryan, who’s wearing a very fly warm up jacket, a pre-match kiss. Matt Striker mentions that this may be the biggest night of his life. Daniel Bryan says that his dream will become a reality.

Steel Cage Match
Mark Henry pins Daniel Bryan via World’s Strongest Slam from the second turnbuckle

~ Wow. This match saved this show from being a complete Yuletide turd. Who would have thought that “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson would be main eventing in a steel cage on WWE television? It’s a beautiful thing, especially if you’ve watched his career develop over the years.

Despite the outcome, Bryan and Henry put on a hell of a match. It could have ended at least 4 different times in Bryan’s favor. As much as I want a major world title around Bryan’s waist, I’m okay with this result. Henry is still a monster and I think some in-ring time with Daniel Bryan can only help Mark Henry continue to evolve in the ring. I’m still going to hold my breath for a Daniel Bryan world title win around April 2012.

If you’re going watch this later, fast forward to Goldust and Dusty and then to the great main event. This was a horrible show with a fantastic main event.

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  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    such a painful show to watch other than the main event!

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