Interesting night of possible positive movement.

Hey fuckers hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving break. Now let’s get back to business…


Where getting the rematch Punk vs. Del Rio tonight. Lawler mentions we haven’t had a WWE Title match on RAW since August 15th. GOOD! That way you keep title matches especial!


We’re starting off with Pipers Pit! They really could have built this happening a lot more. We get a “Rowdy” chant, nice. He asks how someone who never won the WWE Title ended up being so iconic. He then says its because of the fans, good or bad. Then says there is someone who he thinks doesn’t care about the fans reaction and then intros John Cena. He gets his usual reaction plus a twitter plug for @johncena. Cena puts over Piper then says he doesn’t know what Piper was talking about with his comment. Piper plays word association and list Austin, Hitman, The Rock who all get cheered then Cena who gets his mixed bag. A Cena chant does rise from the boos. Piper says he’s just trying to help Cena out. He brings up The Rock at Suvivor Series and his reaction. Cena says he’s dealt with this his whole career and puts over HIS fans and the people who hate on him. Piper then calls Cena the face of the WWE but the boos are getting lauder. How he needs to tells the people what he really thinks of them or he’s going to be the biggest loser in WrestleMania history. Cena brings up the instances when the crowd shit on him larger than ever, lastly bringing up the first WWE ECW ppv and how the Survivor Series wasn’t shit compared to that. True. He said the fans came to have fun and everyone came out to see The Rock that night for ONE great night. He puts over to Cena dressed babies at ringside and goes on how he did 3 make-a-wish meetings today. How he sees people having the time of their lives and how this isn’t phasing him with the boos and he’s going to go to WrestleMania and beat the Rock. Piper then puts over Cena and said that he respects him and how he’s brought up the bar and how he is there every day. Piper then puts his own Hall of Fame ring into Cena’s hand and says he needs to tell the people how he really feels. Cena insists that he’s in a good place where he’s at. Piper then slaps Cena! Piper then asks if he feels the energy. Cena then ends up shaking Piper’s hand and bounces.


I kind of liked this segment and where they are going with Cena on this. interesting.


Miz gets Morrison’s last match at the company tonight? Damn that’s kind of cool and sad at the same time…


Morrison in the back with Riley chatting… oh man.


John Morrison vs. The Miz – Falls Count Anywhere

-welll that stipulation out of nowhere.

-Before Morrison can get down the ramp Miz takes out JOMO’s leg with a steel pipe. He gets the trainer treatment.

-Miz talks to the ring anyhow and just waits.

-Morrison pushes off the refs who were going to take him to the back.

-Morrison then comes into the ring and we’re still getting the match.

-Miz goes right for the injured, taking it to the ring post.

-JOMO then gets a kendo stick to the leg.

-John tries to make a come back and gets his hand on the stick and beats the shit out of Miz with it.

-2 count on the ramp by Morrison.

-Miz tries to crawl out of here and makes it to the stage.

-Miz then sends JOMO head first into the WWE symbol on the stage.

-SCF on the steel by Miz!

-Miz rolls over Morrison and goes to cover him but the ref just calls it off

Winner: The Miz


Damn you didn’t even get pinned, you got “knocked the fuck out” on your last night. Yeah, this is definitely the last time we see John Morrison… While Morrison was about to get carted off Miz comes back out again, then back to the ring. This brings out John Laurinitis who comes out, looks at Morrison for a second them leaves. What the? Miz then brings up his last two weeks and who knows who’s next. He puts himself over because he’s awesome. His delivery was dry, rather monotone. Not sure I dug it. He’s played serious well but this is different. Lawler calls him “ice cold”… oh boy let’s not go there…


AND THEN we get the Stone Cold commercial for the DVD… coincidence?


Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox vs. The Bella’s

-before the match gets underway we get another easter egg in the Twitter plug. Its another cryptic video consistently drilling in “second”…

-During the match Phoenix & Natalya comes out in work out gear and do a lap around the ring… what the fuck.

-Fox gets the pin with a harlem hangover leg drop. No not from the top rope.

Winner: Kelly & Fox


Cole shills the new WWE12 game.


Sheamus video package while him saying he’s a nice guy… yeah that’s a great way to get him over as a good guy monster… ugh.


Johnny Ace tells Brodus its NEXT week… Otunga asks when he’s going to come back? Ace says he’s doing him a favor by making him more angry. Del Rio comes in, Ace tells him he failed last week in front of a lot of people/exec’s. Punk then comes in and has dumb jokes about google searches on Ace, Del Rio and Otunga. Even making a Jennifer Hudson reference. This is dumb. Punk leaves and these three knuckle heads come up with that if Punk gets DQ’d he loses the title…


Wade Barrett comes out for commentary on the next match.


Randy Orton vs. United States Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki (non title)

-this has the potential to be a solid match.

-sounds like Ziggler has new music… again?

-Ziggler has #HEEL on his jacket, that’s kinda dope for him. Look like they are keeping that. He shouldn’t even reference it and just rock it.

-nice exchange to start with Ziggler getting a pin fall attempt.

-stiff clothesline by Orton that sends Ziggler to the outside.

-Ya know, since they really aren’t doing much with Orton right now that counts, they could put the US Title on him and have him build that title up while putting over mid card guys with feuds with him. Ziggler could then move to main event. Just a thought.

-nice dropkick by Ziggler on Orton on the ring apron.

-Barrett claims to have gotten in Orton’s head…

-RKO chant.

-Ziggler cut off on the top rope, both fight on the top before Orton gets a superplex! 2 count

-After the break Orton hits his power slam into the inverted DDT.

-RKO attempt is avoided when Ziggler roles to the outside.

-Barreet gets on the ropes who gets knocked down.

-Ziggler comes back in hits the zigzag and pins Orton!

Winner: Ziggler


NICE! Wait, what the fuck!? Why is Ziggler doing a fucking hand stand again?!


Michael Cole in the ring with Daniel Bryan who he calls the biggest hypocrite. He’s taking on Henry tomorrow in a steel cage. He says he earned that match and doesn’t deserve Cole’s shit. How Cole should respect him. Cole calls Henry “defenseless” when Bryan lied about him cashing in the briefcase. Cole then cuts to the video of what happened on Friday and how that should be on a practical joke show. Cole didn’t like him shoving the title in his face after he won. Cole laughs at him for not actually winning the title. Cole wants Bryan suspended for what he tried to do to Henry then wishes him hateful shit. Bryan says plans change when Henry got in his business. Bryan then cuts the best promo so far in the WWE before Henry comes out to the stage. Bryan looks emotional…? He aint happy about shit but he’s still the world strongest champion. He then says he CAN beat Bryan. Bryan comes up and kicks Henry’s leg before bouncing.


Heel Bryan already? Hmm could be a good time for it. Want people to really hate on Bryan? Put Cole with him! HA!


Jack Swagger w/Vicki vs. Zack Ryder

-Ryder should get pyro when he fist pumps, woo woo woo during his entrance.

-lets go Ryder chant while Swagger beats on him.

-Swagger keeping him grounded.

-Ryder might have accidentally distracted Swagger during the first Swagger bomb in the corner attempt. Awkward.

-rough ryder for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ryder


They recap Piper’s Pit from the start of the show.


Mick Foley is out next to put over the Smackdown live tomorrow night. He comes out dressed as Santa… He does a WWE version of The Night Before Christmas. Cheese. Mick, what’s happened to you dammit.


Josh in the back with Punk who’s asked about tonight stip for the match. Punk then tells Ace to kiss his ass! That wasn’t very PG13! Haha


Alberto Del Rio vs. WWE Champion CM Punk

-Del Rio tries to keep Punk grounded from the top but Punk fights out and puts on his own arm bar.

-ADR sent to the outside leading to a dive to the outside by Punk.

-back from break and ADR is on top working on the arm of Punk.

-ADR from the top with an axe handle to the Punk’s arm.

-where’s my ice cream chant. ha

-dueling chant for Del Rio? Del Rio…Sucks…

-couple of near falls by Del Rio.

-Del Rio tries to expose the corner as a distraction.

-Rodriguez throws a chair in and Del Rio throws it to Punk but Punk does the same thing and the ref sees Del Rio with the chair and almost DQ’s him.

-Punk gets a near fall with a roll up as does Del Rio with a back cracker.

-Punk hits the GTS in the exposed corner for the pin and the win.

Winner: Punk


Rodriguez argues with the ref about Punk using the corner to beat Del Rio. This gets him a GTS of his own.


Show over.


Good show I thought, looks like they are trying to move forward with some ideas. Ziggler gets over Orton, Piper tries to get Cena to crack. Miz destroys Morrison and Bryan’s possible heel turn on Henry?















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3 Responses to “11-28-11 WWE RAW SUPERSHOW”

  1. Dex Says:


    That was the link that was shown. I love how after all these years they still manage to keep every smark confused, guessing and hoping with just 85 seconds of footage.

    Thank you guys for keeping up the good work covering the shows, I really enjoy reading it!

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    thanks Dex, much appreciated! 🙂

  3. dex Says:

    Not sure where to post this, but let’s have a look at Cenas new Attire:


    I really hope that’s fake…

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