Smackdown Thoughts & Review [November 25, 2011]


Yeah this is late. It was Thanksgiving weekend?!?

Wilkes-Barre, PA

Mark Henry comes out on crutches. He grabs a mic and says that he’s a champion that deserves respect. He’s hurt but he’s not broken. Henry says that he didn’t kick Big Show in the groin. He’s going to fight through pain and through injuries. He says he can’t compete because the doctors didn’t clear him.

Big Show comes out and says that Mark Henry did indeed kick him in the groin because he knew Big Show was going to beat him.

Henry calls him the world’s biggest loser and Big Show knocks him out.

Daniel Bryan comes out and cashes in his MITB briefcase. He rolls Henry over and the ref counts to three!

Daniel Bryan becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion

Teddy Long comes out and revokes the title change since Mark Henry wasn’t cleared to compete. Teddy gives DB his briefcase back. He also announcers a Fatal Fourway between Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett to determine the number one contender to face Mark Henry today on Tuesday.

~ Great promo from the big man as usual. Henry definitely knows how to get a crowd riled up.

Awesome brief moment for Daniel Bryan until it got revoked. Loved how Bryan stood on the announcers table to celebrate. Daniel Bryan and Teddy Long played it perfectly and the “Daniel Bryan” chants added to the moment.

Hunico pins Justin Gabriel via Swanton Bomb

~ Nice high flying match with nice offense from both wrestlers. Gabriel did a nice enziguiri and a sick Lionsault from the top rope. Pretty much a showcase for Hunico. The dude is a solid wrestler and it’s a shame he will be probably be stuck in the midcard for a long time unless he starts his own webshow and spikes his hair.

Beth Phoenix & Natalya defeat A.J. & Kaitlyn via submission (Nat’s Sharpshooter on AJ)

After the match, Kaitlyn looks at A.J. in disgust and walks off. Nat put on an second Sharpshooter but Rihanna Alicia Foxx walked in for the ‘save.’

~ This was more entertaining than some of the recent men’s tag team matches. A.J. got in some nice luchadore offense before she got tapped out. Kaitlyn is rumored to be joining Beth and Nat but I don’t think she’s earned her place yet. Perhaps this will just lead to a mini-feud between Kaitlyn and A.J. I’m disappointed that Eve’s run at the title may already be over. She’s one of the few face Divas that could wrestle Beth to a good match. I’m guessing that Alicia Foxx will be getting the next Diva’s title shot.

Teddy Long and Aksana do their flirting thing before Mark Henry barges in. Henry confronts Teddy Long about his decision to make him wrestle tonight next Tuesday. Long adds insult to injury and says the title match will be in a steel cage.

The cut to Zack Ryder and Sheamus discussing their tag match against Swaggler.

Zack Ryder & Sheamus defeat Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger via pinfall (Ryder hit Ziggler with a Rough Ryder)

~ Very good tag match here. This match had it all from nice doubleteam moves to close saves. Ziggler and Swagger did a sick Wheelbarrow Famouser on Ryder that should have ended the match. The storyline continues nice and slow for Ryder’s quest to attain the U.S. Championship. I just hope the WWE doesn’t wait too long to give Ryder the title. I have to add that Ziggler’s bump for the Rough Ryder is as good as The Rock’s bumps for the Stunner. Excellent shit right there.

A.J. is in the back giving Daniel Bryan some words of encouragement. Wade Barrett steps in and puts him down. Daniel Bryan says he’s not intimidated and gets a peck on the cheek. Lucky bastard.

Ted DiBiase pins Heath Slater via Dream Street

Jinder Mahal talks shit to DiBiase via Smackdown Tron. He says something about DiBiase lowering himself by tailgating with commoners. Right.

~ The whole Ted DiBiase is a common man banter is tough to take. It feels like they’re force-feeding his new character direction down our throats. I think DiBiase is going to do fine on his own with his improvements and tweaks in the ring.

It’s interesting to see all the ex-Nexus members really coming into their own right now. Slater and his ex-cohorts no longer look green as shit in the ring. Too bad the Nexus were given an amazing opportunity way before they were ready to do anything with it.

They cut to Matt Striker interviewing Cody Rhodes. Cody calls Booker a lowly WWE commentator and says that he’s free to win the World Title since his mask is off.

Fatal Fourway Match
Daniel Bryan defeats Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett (Bryan makes Cody tap out via Lebell Lock)

~ Amazing match. Seeing Bryan headkick Orton was a sight to see. I think those two can definitely have some great matches together in the future.

Pulling Orton away from the title scene is refreshing. As great as he is it’s nice to see someone else get title opportunities. The only way Wade Barrett is going to see as a serious threat is for him to go over Orton. I just don’t see that happening any time soon.

I think Cody Rhodes would be the perfect first title challenger to Daniel Bryan if and when he becomes the World Heavyweight Champion.

This was a pretty solid night for wrestling.

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