The biggest thing tonight was an Easter egg video… oh yeah, Miz & Truth break up out of nowhere.

Skinny Jonah Hill is hosting tonight. I hope they keep up the momentum they made last night but I’m not counting on it…


WWE Champion CM Punk starts the show off… still the same shitty belt. Fuck. He wants to tell us a story, it’s a story about 1st grade and how he told his teacher he wanted to be a “professional wrestler”, he makes note of what he just said and not “entertainer”. He puts over winning the title at MSG as himself and not anything else. He claims “hot potato is over”, HA! I said that last night. He then proclaims himself the new face of the WWE. He wants to make the title interesting again and wants to make change. He then asks where are the ice cream bars!? He wants to change Johnny Ace out of the GM role. This course brings out Laurinaitis, he wants to have relations with Punk because they both have the WWE Universe in hand. He then says he doesn’t get why Punk doesn’t like him. Punk then shits on Vince but then says he will at least talk shit to your face, not like Ace. Punk makes an Office Space joke on Ace then shits on calling the fans, the “WWE Universe”.  Punk then shits on Ace but then he makes the match for next week Del Rio vs. Punk. Punk wants it tonight but hits not happening cause Ace make Ziggler vs. Punk for tonight, that’s good. Punk says the fans don’t want to see that, they want Ryder vs. Ziggler. Ace makes Ryder vs. Del Rio. Punk makes his way up the stage, claims he will win this week and next and how Laurinitis is going to get his… Punk leaves and Ace doesn’t even give us the respect to wait before he gets on his phone to text. So rude.


Long segment.


Footage from last night is show after the ppv where the Rock gets on the mic and the crowd is STILL chanting “we want Ryder”, that’s huge folks. Rock up rider over before they cut to Ryder coming out for his match.


Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio

-Ryder smacks the mic out of Rodriguez’s hand before he can finish Del Rio’s intro.

-ADR on top from the get go working in Ryder’s arm.

-crowd is behind Ryder

-dope kick to the head in the corner Ryder who then goes into the rough rider

-Del Rio follows through, sends Ryder into the corner before locking on the arm breaker for the win.

Winner: Del Rio


Sheamus does the walk in the back with a Kool-aid smile.


Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger w/Vicki

-man, do I hate the “great white” nick name.

-wait a minute… something is happening to the twitter mention in the corner… this it what it briefly showed… http://www.youtube.com/user/itbegins2012 when you play it, it’s a creepy video with a kid in black in white in a school. He’s sitting at his desk talking about the end of the world?? INTERESTING!…

-test of strength to start.

-Swagger takes the lead shortly after

-Sheamus with a come back

-nice exchange that ends up with Sheamus in the ankle lock.

-he fights him off, hits the brog kick and pins him.

Winner: Sheamus


Eh, match was fine.


Oh no, Nash is here. He comes out to the stage (it would tire him out to go to the ring). He cant even get out “Madison Square Garden” but talks about winning the title there and the night the kliq celebrated before they left to WCW. This of course leads to him talking about HHH and how he got fucked up by him. He proclaims himself the true survivor of “the group”. Ok thanks man.


Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes in the ring talking about how his unmasked like an unleashed  mad dog. I hate the stupid laugh he’s doing.


Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Santino

-stiff, aggressive Rhodes here… that didn’t come out right.

-Santino goes for the cobra but then gets locked in the cross roads for the pin.


Winner: Rhodes


After the match Cody gets in Booker’s face. Cody then pours water on Booker T, oh no! Booker stands up but Cody smiles it off and does the walk. Booker in ring return perhaps?


Josh in the back with Ziggler and Vicki. Dolph claims to have won TWO matches last night even though he had gotten eliminated. Ziggler then claims HE is the new face of the WWE.


Booker T tries to laugh off this watery incident.


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki

-Cole keeps shitting on Punk then makes a President Obama joke, fuck you Cole.

-chain wrestling to start, nice exchange

-they go into a rope exchange but its starts to go bad so Ziggler heads to the outside.

-Ziggler takes advantage

-stiff clothesline by Ziggler

-Ziggler with a version of the crossface

-back suplex to Ziggler

-Vicki tries to cause the distraction but it doesn’t work

-Punk misses with the high knee in the corner which sends him to the outside

-Ziggler in the ring is doing… head stands… the fuck!?

-leg lariat by Punk into a neck breaker for a 2.

-Punk tries to get the GTS but ends up in the Ziggler sleeper!

-Ziggler tries to use the ropes for the pin leverage but the ref catches it.

-Punk tries a shady pin of his own.

-Ziggler finally get caught in the corner with a big knee and a bulldog for a 2

-Punk starts to go for the Savage elbow but Ziggler rolls out of the way.

-STIFF dropkick by Ziggler!

-Both on the top but Ziggler loses this exchange setting up for the Savage elbow form the top for a 2 ½!

-reverse powerslam by Ziggler!

-we get a one man “this is wrestling” chant. ha.

-GTS! For the pin.

Winner: Punk (and his bloody mouth)


Good match, this could have steam to it.


Kane video.


WWE12 comes out tomorrow. Let me know if you want to get this for us Fighter Hayabusa guys! Thx.


The Big Show comes out with mic in hand. He recaps last night’s match with Henry and how he funna beat Henry next time. Basic and to the point promo.


Kelly and Alicia are in the back playing WWE12. Phoenix and Natalya come by make video game character jokes… dumb. It was just a commercial.


Cole, Booker and Lawler yap about Twitter.


Wade Barrett vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston

-fast paced exchange ends with a stiff clothesline by Barrett.

-Orton comes out to distract Barrett.

-Wade then ends up on the outside as Orton approaches and Kofi watches on from the ring.

-Kofi’s legs get sweeped on the ring apron during the break.

-nice black hole slam by Barrett.

-stiff kick by Barrett in the ropes for a 2 count.

-suicide dive on the outside by Kofi who gets a two count shortly after.

-Kofi cut off on the top.

-Barrett tries to get a wasteland from the top but Kofi fights him off and lands a high cross body for a 2.

-boom drop

-Barrett kicks the ropes during a springboard attempt by Kofi

-wasteland for the pin.

Winner: Barrett


Short, decent and to the point.


After the match Barrett wants to talk shit to Orton about him winning. Orton makes Barrett flinch before he walks off with a shit grin on his face.


Assclown Cena does the walk in the back towards the ring, ugh. He comes out after the break in typical fashion. He smiles off the constant boos from the crowd. He plays up last night, Ryder and Punk winning the title. He then talks about how he and Rock coexisted last night to beat Miz and Truth. He puts over Rock’s reaction last night and his “business as usual” reaction to him. Cena wants to play goodie goodie and brings up last night after the match when Rock asked him back into the ring. We get a fruity pebbles chant. Cena got the rock bottom last night and how Rock has never lost it so this makes WrestleMania what it needs to be. Before he can finish Miz and Truth comes out. Miz quickly goes into how Cena got shown up by Rock. He brings up a “don’t tag Cena” chant from last night, of course it broke out. Miz says last night no one want to see Cena. haha Truth gets “what” chants while he goes on a gibberish rant. Truth brings it back by saying the “Cenation is going to turn into the SEEYA nation”! haha Oh look Cena got serious and begins to threaten Miz and Truth. Cena then says no one cares about Miz and Truth then tries to run them on each other… come on. Cena leave them with that and bounces…


Miz and Truth then eye fuck each other and begin to argue… ugh. We get a “little Jimmy” chant… you really going to break these dudes right now?! And just like that they push each other… good god really!? These two are breaking up cause John Cena is the voice of reason?! Miz is trying to get cooler heads to prevail and they both leave up the ramp only to have Miz hit the SCF on Truth on the stage. Miz stands over him then slowly walks off…


The fuck just happened here to end this show?? Uh ok…


They had such momentum coming off this ppv and they are back to the same old weird bullshit booking. Fuck.












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2 Responses to “11-21-11 WWE RAW SUPERSHOW”

  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    totally forgot Jonah Hill was suppose to be on the show and wasn’t!

  2. Dennis Says:


    Well that explains a lot..

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