John Laurinaitis opens the show with some yip yappy shit about his 10th year with the company, yeah thanks.


United States Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. John Morrison   

-Zack Ryder chant

-nice dropkick out of the corner by Ziggler.

-crowd is shitting on this, they want Ryder.

-nice exchange by these two which leads to Morrison diving onto Ziggler on the outside.

-DOPE spinning neck breaker on Morrison when he was coming back into the ring.

-Ziggler is working his ass off tonight

-nice springboard kick by Morrison for a 2 count.

-float over by Ziggler for a sleeper that gets reversed briefly.

-Vicki gets Ziggler’s foot on the ropes which gets her ejected.

-close 2 count by Ziggler after the inverted leg drop.

-running knee by Morrison, he sets up for the Starship but Ziggler gets the knees up.

-Ziggler hits the zig zag for the pin.

-Vicki runs back out after the match.

Winner: Ziggler retains


Solid opener here. These dudes must have gotten a pep talk in the back before the show!


Vicki says Ziggler has something to say, he says he’s not showing off he’s just that good. Crowd is hating on him continually asking for Ryder.


Ryder is out and the crowd loses their shit! Ziggler stops him but Ryder makes his recovery hitting the rough rider. He gives the crowd a WOOWOOWOO which the chant along.


The John Cena of the Diva’s is out Kelly Kelly next leading all the Diva’s to the ring for the LumberJill Match.


Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix w/Natalya vs. Eve in a LumberJill match

-botchy off the bat.

-Eve goes for the standing moonsault but Beth goes to the outside. Get gets thrown in by Kelly.

-Beth takes the advantage until she gets sent into the corner.

-Eve locks in a submission style head scissors before Beth ends up in the ropes.

-they’ve killed the crowd.

-Eve goes for the moonsault but Beth cuts her off.

-Both fight on the 2nd rope until BETH HITS THE GLAMSLAM FROM THE TOP ROPE FOR THE WIN!

Winner: Phoenix retains


Wow much better than expected and they kept the Jill’s interference to a minimum. They must have gotten the pep talk too.


Punk in the back when David Otunga comes in saying something stupid about “Chicago’s other unwanted son”… what? David tells Punk that Ace wants him to apologize to Cole tonight. Stupid.


The Rock is in the back with mic in hand which starts a “Rocky” chant. He goes lists things he’s seen and done in MSG. Says how he hung out with Andrew the Giant in MSG. His reference to the “WWF” gets censored. Oops. He shits on his look at his first Survivor Series he was in but said it’s the first time the people chanted his name. The goes on about all of his catch phases, then all of his WWE Titles won all the way to becoming the People’s Champion. The crowd is memorized by this dude tonight. The covers Miz and Truth for a second before moving onto his partner tonight, Cena which New York shits on. He runs down Cena but saying they are going to run a lightening up Cena’s lady parts… lady parts gets a chant. haha! He then starts to sign Frank Sinatra which gets the crowd singing as well. Classic Rock.


Team Orton vs. Team Barrett – Survivor Series Match

-Ziggler & Kofi start it off before Orton is tagged in to hit the RKO on Ziggler of the pin.

-4 on 5, Barrett regroups the team on the arena floor but Orton breaks up the huddle.

-all the heels are thrown out of the ring setting up the Kofi and Sin Cara dive. Cara fucks it up and is getting checked out at ringside. Fuck this dude.

-We want Ryder chant.

-Sin Cara is announced as eliminated. Fuck man, you’re an botchy asshole.

-4 on 4

-Orton and Rhodes try to put the steam by into the match.

-Ryan tagged in to manhandle Cody.

-Cody heads to the outside before Ryan can land the big boot.

-Hunico tagged in and Ryan brings him in the hard way.

-Kofi is back in and Hunico almost gets a pin on him.

-Barrett slow things down with Kofi with a head lock rest hold.

-Fuckin’ Sin Cara has taken this crowd out of this shit.

-Ryan manhandles Hunico like the Ultimate Warrior before Cody tags himself in hit the flash kick and the crossroads to take Ryan OUT of the match.

-4 on 3.

-Cody chant!

-Sheamus slows things down on Cody.

-Cody dropkicks Sheamus’ legs from under him on the apron setting up Barrett to beat on him.

-Kofi hits the boom boom leg drop on Barrett.

-Wade kicked the shit out of Kofi’s face in the ropes, hits the waste land and pins him.

-4 on 2 Team Barrett.

-Barrett fights off the inverted DDT sending Orton to the outside.

-Hunico with the non-botched dive onto Orton.

-Hot tags to Sheamus and Swagger

-Shoulder block by Sheamus from the top.

-back breaker by Sheamus.

-Sheamus gets DQ’d for not breaking on the refs count.

-4 on 1 Team Barrett

-Sheamus hits the brog kick on Swagger before leaving setting up for the Orton pin.

-3 on 1

-Orton vs. Hunico, Cody & Barrett.

-rolling powerslam by Orton on Cody.

-inverted DDT by Orton

-Orton sets up for the RKO but Barrett distracts him and Hunico makes the tag only to get RKO’d when he came off the top.

-2 on 1

-RKO on Cody but Wade is the legal man, he hits Orton with the Wasteland for the pin and the win!

Winners: Barrett & Rhodes


Cole says Sin Cara has some shit fucked up so he’s out for a while and I’m called he gets fired before the year. Solid Survivor Series match (except for the Sin Cara botch). Glad Cody & Barrett got the rub.


Alberto Del Rio in the back with the Bella’s, he’s trying to fuck. John Laurinaitis comes in to make sure ADR is taking this match seriously. He says this is one of a lot of title defenses for him at MSG and Ace forgets who he is. ADR leaves and Ace texts.


World Champion Mark Henry vs. The Big Show

-Cole claims the ring was reinforced for this match and even show the refs checking it out before the match. Nice touch.

-nice cheer for Henry during the intros.

-Show with the first feet of strength knocking down Henry from the lock up.

-Henry gets his by pushing Show off into the ropes.

-can’t make out what the crowd is chanting…?

-nice take down by Show, he’s keeping the advantage thus far.

-Henry grounds Show working on his legs.

-boring chant…

-nice DDT by Show to shut the crowd up.

-Show makes a comeback, teases the Chokeslam but Henry kicks the leg out! hits the World Strongest Slam for a 2 count.

-splash by Henry for another 2 count.

-Undertaker chant?

-Henry spears Show on the outside through the barricade. This gets a “holy shit” chant from this crowd who was just shitting on this. assholes.

-Show makes it before the 10 count… barely.

-Henry and Show head to the top but Show cuts it off.

-superkick by Show!

-Show is heading to the top rope!!!!… he’s taking his time playing up how dangerous this idea is!


-strong Randy Savage chant!

-Show goes for the right hook but Henry kicks him in the balls for the DQ.

Winner: Big Show by DQ


Really good big man match here. I know the crowd was shitting on it for a second but they were quickly turned with Henry taking Show through the barricade and with Show’s massive elbow drop from the top. These two are really showing that big men can deliver. The feud continues!


Henry brings a chair into the ring and puts Shows ankle between it. Henry goes to the second rope for the Vader bomb but Show moves then comes back and hits the right hand on Henry. Daniel Bryan chant, they want him to cash in. Show takes the chair puts it on Henrys leg and leg drops the chair! Henry is in pain! Show watches on as EMT’s come out to check on Henry.


Wade Barrett in the back with Matt Striker. Wade says he wants to be England’s first world champion. Miz and Truth show up and Wade makes a stupid “winning” reference. Miz and Truth aren’t happy about shit being about Rock and Cena and not them.


WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

-CM Punk gets his own ring announcer…. HOWARD FINKEL!

-He gets his own chant this makes him emotional. Awww!

-Crowd is eating Punk up, there HAS to be a title change tonight!

-we want ice cream chant, nice!

-Colt Cabana chant. I love you New York.

-match goes to the mat with Punk teasing the anaconda vise before ADR heads to the outside.

-Punk corners ADR while connecting with boots to the leg and head of Del Rio.

-dive to the outside by Punk.

-Rodriguez takes a shot at Punk, he runs after him which sets ADR taking him out.

-ADR takes Punk’s arm into the steel steps then comes off the ropes with some shit…?

-Hangman by Del Rio but Punk comes back with a quick boot to the head of ADR.

-YAY/BOO exchange of punches.

-bulldog by Punk for a 2.

-springboard clothesline by Punk for a 2.

-Punk teases the GTS but Del Rio comes back with a back cracker for a 2.

-rollup by Punk for a close 2 ½

-flash kick in the corner by Del Rio for his own close 2 ½.

-arm breaker drop by Del Rio for another 2.

-both fight to the top but Del Rio gets knocked down and Punk goes for the Savage elbow but Del Rio cuts him off on the top then kicks his head in.

-Del Rio takes the corner post shoulder first.

-Punk finally hits the Savage elbow drop.

-Thank you Savage chant.

-Punk goes for the GTS but Del Rio reverses and locks in the arm breaker!!

-Punk fights to get to the ropes and finally makes it.

-Punk hits Rodriguez only to get rolled in from behind with the tights for a 2.

-Del Rio ends up in the anaconda vice, Del Rio fights but taps out!!!!

Winner: CM Punk is the new WWE Champion


Punk dives into the crowd as The Fink announces him as the NEEWWWWW WWE Champion!  Yet another solid match tonight! Del Rio and Punk are making magic together and they need to juice this shit. I think it took them a while to find their stride but they’ve found it. Good shit here only made better by New York City. Please change the belt tomorrow night!


The Rock & that other guy vs. The Miz & R-Truth

-massive ovation for the Rock!

-Cena feels so second fiddle here.

-Cena gives his shirt to an old lady at ringside and damn near makes out with her.

-Miz and Rock start it off!

-Rock is doing some Ricky Steamboat arm drags!

-The Rock just out wrestled Cena in 1 minute.

-Truth wants Rock so Truth gets the tag.

-nice exchange by Rock and Truth.
-Rock goes for the perfectplex but Cena accidentally distracts the ref.

-fruity pebbles chant.

-Its all Rock to this point but Miz now wants Rock to make the tag. The Rock begrudgingly does it.

-Cena gets shit on after the tag and gets a “you cant wrestle” chant.

-Cena tries to show and prove but it just looks forced.

-this gets a “you still suck” chant. LOL!

-Cena goes for his YCSM fist thingy but before goes over and does it to the Rock. This brings the Rock into the ring and gets Cena clotheslined!

-Miz & Truth now keep Cena cornered.

-Cena takes the ring post to the shoulder.

-we get the “lets go Cena/Cena sucks” chant while he gets beat on at ringside.

-we want Rocky chant.

-Cena goes for the AA but Miz reverses and gets the DDT on Cena.

-clothesline in the corner by Miz.

-Truth cheap shots Cena behind the ref for a Miz 2 count.

-Cena tries for the tag and almost gets it but Cena is cornered again.

-stiff clothesline by Miz on Cena for a 2.

-frequent tags my Awesome Truth

-hippity hoppity leg drop by Truth for a 2 count.

-Truth off the top but Cena rolls through, Truth still gets out of the AA and hits the frontward suplex for a 2.

-Cena finally gets on the STF but Truth is in to break it up behind the refs back.

-AA by Cena on Truth.

-Cena goes to tag but Miz cuts off Rock. Truth then comes over and beats on Rock on the outside.

-Rock gets in the ring but is cornered by the ref.

-double flap jack by Miz & Truth for another 2.

-Truth missed the other leg drop.

-hot tag to Rock!

-DDT from Rock to Miz.

-ROCK BOTTOM to Truth!

-sharpshooter to Miz by the Rock!

-Truth makes the save with a DDT only to get taken out by Cena to the outside.

-Miz beating on Rock with kicks and punches.

-spinbuster by Rock! THE PEOPLES ELBOW ON MIZ! 1…2…..THREE!!!!

Winners: The Rock and the other guy


Rock celebrates while Cena claps him on front the ramp…!? Cena looks like he’s giving Rock his moment but the music turns off and Rock invites Cena back to the ring. Cena goes to celebrate but gets shit on by the crowd. Rock then takes the ring post to show Cena how its done, this gets a “Rocky” chant. Cena takes a corner again and gets shit on again. Rock just shakes his head at Cena. funny. Rock has Cena walk again from the ring post on how its done. Cena doesn’t look happy. Cena and Rock start jaw yapping before Rock hits Cena with a Rock Bottom. Cena walks off like he just got served.


Good match, the crowd loved every moment of the Rock in the ring. Miz and Truth did a good job carrying Cena during the match. Good shit but I think it could have been great shit with a better build. This definitely made Cena seem bush league which only makes sense if they end up turning his ass. He was a 2nd class citizen in this one. The end was a little anticlimactic.


Overall, I think it was a much better pay per view than expected.














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