Smackdown Thoughts & Review [November 18, 2011]


Do WWE executive sheep dream of Mexican thugs? Jack Swagger is jobbed to Batista 2.0 and I wonder if I really care about Survivor Series this year.

Bridgeport, CT

They start the show off with Mark Henry whupping Daniel Bryan’s ass in the back. Henry drags him out to the ring and gives D-Bryan an extra beatdown with a side of two World’s Strongest Slams. He gets on his mic and does his Hall of Pain spiel aimed at the Big Show.

~ Cool way to start the show. Does Daniel Bryan leave Smackdown for a month and come back a badass? Surprise me, WWE.

United States Champion Dolph Ziggler pins Sin Cara via roll up.

~ Super quick match. Ziggler basically countered a roll up with a handful of tights. I would love to see these two feud for a month or two. The potential for their chemistry is definitely there.

After the match Swagger comes in and beats Sin Cara down. Swagger and Ziggler then do a sick Wheel Barrow-Famouser double team on Cara. Batista Mason Ryan then comes out to make the save.

Mason Ryan pins Jack Swagger via Full Nelson Slam

~ Ugggh. They’ve been giving Swagger some shine lately only to be shamelessly jobbed to Batista 2.0. Mason Ryan has come a long way and all but the dude is still green in my opinion. Ryan still has that cookie-cutter developmental look in his technique and movement around the ring.

They cut to Justin Gabriel spitting to Alicia Fox.

  • Zack Ryder interrupts and asks them to sign his petition.
  • Big Show enters the scene and they tell him about Mark Henry’s promo at the start of the show.

~ Neat segment. I’d like to see more random superstars talking and supporting each other in the back. It shows different dimensions to their personalities when they interact with different folks on the roster.

They show Ted DiBiase, Hornswaggle and Teddy Long talking in the back Aksana butts in says some sexy shit and mentions handling a joystick. Uh huh.

Christian comes out in a neck brace. He says that Big Show’s chokeslam has caused a serious neck injury. He also discusses his ankle injury that he got in Europe. Christian says he’s been replaced on Team Barrett and that he’s still going to inspire Team Barrett to victory. He also adds that he’s special.

They show AJ comforting Daniel Bryan in the back. Big Show comes in and vows to get revenge on DB’s behalf.

Ted DiBiase pins Derrick Bateman with Maxine via Dream Street

~  Decent short match. DiBiase is on a winning streak against C-level talent. I wonder when they’re going to put him in a feud with someone in the upper mid-card? I’m guessing January. The WWE audience seems to be slowly warming up to him every week.

They follow Big Show walking through the corridors. Tyson Kidd and Jinder Mahal are hanging out and then Jinder starts talking shit to the Big Show. Show knocks him out and Tyson Kidd carefully exits the area. Big Show heads to the ring and vows to capture the World Title at Survivor Series.

Kofi Kingston pins Hunico via SOS (Ranhei)

~ Really Good match. Hunico hit a nice counter to Kofi’s monkey flip with a dropkick to the midsection. As I’ve said before, I hate the pro wrestling Mexican thug look with a passion. Can’t the WWE feature alternative images of their Mexican wrestlers other than thugs and luchadores? Alberto Del Rio was a breath of fresh air but even his character has become one-dimensional lately. It’s a shame Hunico is probably going to stuck in WWE’s midcard limbo. It’s evident that Hunico has tons of talent and a lot to offer in the ring.

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Natalya def. AJ & Kaitlyn via submission (Sharpshooter on AJ)

~ It’s great to see a Beth and Natalya bust out more double team moves than the last five male WWE Tag Team Champions. By the way, AJ looked good. Kaitlyn looked good.

Randy Orton & Sheamus def. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett via DQ (Christian interferes with a crotch shot to Sheamus)

~ Christ this is the worst pair of go home shows prior to a pay per view ever. The main event was okay but it didn’t leave me dying to see the Smackdown 5-on-5 match at Survivor Series. I honestly don’t care enough about the match. However, I do expect a face or heel turn or two at the pay per view along with Mark Henry retaining his title. Giving the Big Show a run at the title was perfect booking and storytelling but I don’t see him becoming World Champ anytime soon. You know there’s a problem when arguably the best match of the show was Kofi Kingston vs. Hunico.

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