God I hope this isn’t a long night.


Lawler is building up the show which means… yup, Cole’s segment is starting the show. He shits on JR before introducing him. He goes over the challenge for tonight, it consists of three then reminds us that if JR wins he gets his old job back and he’ll quit. First challenge is Arm Wrestling which Cole takes forever to get to. He’s wasting time preparing and dodging… come on! JR wins quickly, the crowd pops and Cole is shocked and takes it out on the ref. Cole blames the loss on BBQ sauce. Next challenge… dance. Kill me. Cole dances like an asshole followed by JR’s… dance. This is segment is awful. The crowd chants “JR” before they agree he won. Cole isn’t fazed by this being 2-0. The last challenge… who weighs less. Cole 200 pounds, JR 239 pounds. Cole claims victory when CM Punk then comes out, Cole is angry face. Punk says Cole’s time is up and how this was a waste of time, except for JR’s dancing. Cole is tending on Twitter so says the WWE. I don’t care enough to check. Punk puts over JR and tells Cole to leave, how he gets fast forwarded. Punk puts over how we all thought that segment went on forever and how he is going to change the WWE by becoming the WWE Champion. John Laurinaitis comes out and says shit about Twitter. Years from now, they’ll show this footage and people will ask, what the fuck was Twitter… just like Myspace. Ace makes a match for later that I didn’t hear cause I was zoning out then he leaves. Cole wants an apology from Punk but gets the anaconda vise instead.


Striker in the back shitting his pants about a stretch SUV shows up… ITS MICK FOLEY! He’s here to see the Rock come back! Crowd eats its up! Dude just got more pop in a few seconds than he did his entire TNA career.


They cover Rhodes losing 2 weeks ago and his mask being broken.


Sin Cara & Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & Hunico

-well, well, well look who we have here on live TV.

-Cody’s out with no mask, they cut to a split screen where Cody says Orton emancipated him…

-Hunico is straight up Homicide with this outfit.

-nice lucha exchange with no move fucked up.

-double dives by Kofi and Cara to the outside from the top.

-this Hunico gimmick is so 1998.

-Lawler puts over Foley now tending, I hate this shit.

-nice pinning combination by Cara that’s a bit fucked up but not enough to not appreciate the move.

-I don’t know how I feel about Rhodes not using the mask anymore for his gimmick.

-Kofi hot tag.

-really nice cross body from the top from Kofi onto Cody

-this breaks down and it leads to Cody hitting the cross roads for the pin on Kofi.

Winner: Rhodes & Hunico


Rock is show in the back doing the walk as he shows up in the arena bags in hand.


Wait, the ppv is THIS Sunday! Man this month is going by QUICK!


Santino is in the back playing Rock vs. Cena on WWE 12 when Ryder walks in. He tells Santino about his petition. Santino sells the video game siding with Rock. They argue which one is their favorite then Santino signs the petition on Ryder’s iphone which has a Ryder case on it… this was one big commercial for shit.


Vicki Guerrero comes out and tells us about Christian’s injury and how he out of the Survivor Series. She blames long for his then announces… no wait, Ziggler comes out to interrupt her and announce he’s on team Barrett but then complains how he is the champion and should be the champion. He puts over his match with Ryan and winning at the Survivor Series. Straight and to the point promo, I liked it.


Laurinaitis and Cole are next to JR after the break and they send JR packing… fuckin’ hell.


United States Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. Mason Ryan

-Ryan’s music is so generic it hurts.

-Cole claims he will sue CM Punk.

-bless Ziggler for trying to get this dude over.

-Vicki slaps Ryan and the match is over.

Winner: Ryan by DQ


Ziggler goes to leave but Morrison comes out throws him back into the ring so he can get locked in the full nelson then uranage drop by Batista Jr.


Foley in the back doing the walk when he walks into Ryder, he wants Foley to sign the petition. They go over Ryder’s chant then signs it.


Mick Foley gets welcomed back by Justin Roberts. Nice “Foley” chant. He quotes Wizard of Oz and says there is no place like home. He calls Cena & Rock greatest duo of all time… He calls Cena one of the greatest performers in WWE history which doesn’t go over well then intro’s his “good friend” John Cena… not even you Foley can get this kid over with everyone. Cena says he knows what Foley is trying to do but he and Rock don’t have to be friends. Foley then changes his tune on being “good friends” with Cena. Foley wrote Cena a letter in 06 for treating everyone in the back with respect but the crowd still doesn’t like it. Foley then puts over him tweeting about Cena’s matching being great and calls HIM a great. Foley is wearing a shirt that is a combo “Team Bring it” and Cena’s current shirt mess.


Foley then does… Cena this is your life… Cena tries to stop him but Foley still cuts to a video tribute on him. Its got really cheesy music which clips of Cena’s life from a kid to his WWE career. They even show the Vanilla Ice outfit that got him noticed. BAH! They come back and Cena is cringing at the song used. Foley then brings out his “little league coach”… coach goes in for a hug but Cena isn’t buying it. Coach puts over Cena… striking out! ha! Foley then brings out Bull Buchannan while playing a video of Cena busting a rhyme to the ring back in the day yo. Cena wears the fake, sarcastic smile. Bull says Cena was the best tag team partner he’s ever had, sounds bitter. He brings up being fired, wife leaving him, losing all his money and how Cena ruined his life. Cena calls that worse than the Shock Master… Foley then brings out John Cena Sr., its actually him… god this is going on long too, fuck. Sr wants to say something and wants to say something to the people who chants “Cena sucks” and tells them THEY suck. Cena buries his head in his hat while his dad continues on calling the crowd losers. Cena stops Sr and tells him to hit the bricks. He does… Cena says all this isn’t his life but being in this “20 x 20 box”… meaning the ring… Cena calls this a catastrophe and is going to call it off but Foley wants to continue… and he does but then the Rock’s music hits and the crowd loses their shit and starts to sacrifice babies! The Rock then Rock Bottom’s Foley and leaves!!!  Cena checks on Foley while sporting a Kool-aid smile.


An hour and a half left… Sigh.


Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger w/Vicki

-nice pop for Sheamus, I still don’t like “the great white” tag line…

-Sheamus gave Justin Bieber an award overseas… oh god. The WWE will make him champion on that premise alone…

-Swagger with a nice tack down but gets pummeled shortly after.

-back from break and Swagger is still getting beat up.

-Swagger recovers for a bit

-Swagger bomb before locking on the ankle lock!

-Sheamus breaks out sending Swagger to the outside.

-Irish curse back breaker into the brog kick for the pin.

Winner: Sheamus


Ryder and the Bella’s in the back when the Bella’s head over to Alberto Del Rio but he’s too busy to talk to them. They still want to hang out with his ass after the ppv. Del Rio says he’s throwing a party after he beats Punk. Ryder chimes in only to annoy everyone. They leave him standing on his own.


Commercial for Survivor Series… the only mention Miz and Truth have gotten so far tonight…


Natalya w/Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly w/Eve & Alicia Fox

-Kelly video piece from the Maxim shoot.

-Kelly wins with a small package…


Winner: Kelly


John Laurinaitis on the phone in the back with Brodus Clay, he’s canceling his debut again and doing it next week. Del Rio & Rodriguez come in shortly after. Ace says Punk has been showing him up and could cause trouble if he wins at the ppv. ADR claims he wont make it to the ppv. Laurinaitis is the worst actor ever.


Striker in the back with Miz and Truth, he asks them if they felt overshadowed and disrespected. They don’t answer anything and walk off.


Punk does the walk but then gets jumped by Del Rio until the refs break it up.


WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio & World Champion Mark Henry vs. Big Show & CM Punk

-Del Rio is on the cover of a Spanish magazine called Hombre, dope.

-Henry gets a shirt, its not the worst thing I’ve seen.

-Punk favors the shoulder on his entrance then gives a short chase to Del Rio at ringside.

-Punk chant from the start.

-Show starts strong on Del Rio, then tags in Punk who stomps Del Rio in the corner.

-Del Rio makes the quick tag into Henry who locks up with Show.

-long lock up leads to another, Henry wins both until Show takes off his shirt and hulks up and pushes Henry over.

-Show fails the Henry slam for a close 2 count.

-Series of kicks to Show’s head by ADR for a 2 count.

-Show recovers after Henry is tagged in.

-Show teases the right hook but Henry makes the quick tag. Del Rio is pissed.

-Punk was tagged in during the break and is getting stomped on by Henry.

-Punk is cornered.

-Punk makes a comeback but then gets hit by the world strongest slam

-Show runs him off and Del Rio makes the pin on Punk.

Winner: Del Rio & Henry


A bit anticlimactic. Del Rio locks on the arm breaker on Punk before Show runs him off.


They recap Foley getting Rock Bottomed, luckily they didn’t show any part of the “this is your life” segment.


Santino out for the 2nd time tonight brings how he almost won the Rumble in Boston if it wasn’t for Del Rio. He claims to be on rack on his career before Kevin Nash comes out… dig the beard. Santino is worried about being beat up but Nash claims to be his biggest fan. Santino does the trombone for Nash before getting booted in the face. He brings up the Rumble and how he got the biggest ovation of the night. The crowd sounds like its behind him… he tells HHH that he is here and he is not… jackknife to Santino.


Skinny guy Jonah Hill guest stars next week…


Wade Barrett w/Team Barrett vs. Randy Orton w/Team Orton

-Barrett yaps before Orton’s crew comes out.

-back and forth match

-Cole and Lawler spend most of the time trying to put over the ppv.

-assisted DDT and the RKO is teased by Cody runs in and the match breaks down.

Winner: Team Orton by DQ


Everybody brawls until Hunico is left with the goodie-goodies. RKO then gets thrown at his team by Ryan.


The Rock finally comes out (officially) after a moment of silence to get the crowd to chant “Rocky”. He comes out a little more “Dwyane Johnson” than the Rock. They chant for a while, yeah this ain’t the Rock kind of reaction. He looks like he’s funna cry. Rock lists out his day from the moment he woke up until he got to the arena and stand in the ring to say “finally”…. Good lord this dude is still the shit. He makes everyone else look like a chump. Rock apologizes to Foley but says that segment sucked. We get a “thank you Rock” chant. He says “you’re welcome”, that gets a chuckle. Rock then puts over his presence on Twitter and how he just made “boots to asses” trend on Twitter right NOW. He pauses. Haha This gets a strong “boots to asses” chant. Fuckin’ Rock! He doesn’t want to wait 6 days and wants to beat up Awesome Truth right now. This brings out Miz and Truth, they aren’t happy. They try to spit to Rock and its about to break down but Miz holds Truth back and says they don’t care what Rock or the people want so they are doing it on ppv. “boots to asses” chant. They are about to leave when Cena comes out to the most lack luster crowd reaction in a long time. Rock took it out of them! Cena’s got jokes and asks if Miz is wearing makeup. Cena goes right to shitting on Rock… and thus Miz and Truth start to disappear even more… They both talk shit but while still eyeing Miz and Truth, not each other. Both keep making threats on each other. Miz is sick of the Rock and Cena show and asks why not make it a national holiday. Ha. Miz claims what they do at the Survivor Series wont be forgotten. Rock’s got this “boots to asses” chant cemented. Rock and Cena then jump Miz and Truth and beat on them, hitting their finishers. Rock then leaves and heads up the ramp. Both eye fuck each other to end the show, the segment and the careers of Miz & Truth.


Highlights? Not much, but a solid Rock promo and Mick Foley’s return was nice. Did it sell me on Survivor Series, nope but we’re still getting it.






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