Smackdown Thoughts & Review [November 11, 2011]


Los Aviadores make their Smackdown debut wearing their Homicide Halloween costumes and Daniel Bryan gets a lil’ love from Kaitlyn and AJ. What more can you ask for?

Liverpool, England

They start off with a respectful Veterans Day tribute. I love that about the WWE and the UFC. They are two definitely of the most patriotic sports entertainment companies around.

Randy Orton comes out to discuss his participation as Survivor Series team captain, whupping Cody Rhodes ass, shutting up Christian and beating the rest of their teammates.

Wade Barrett comes out to a mixed reaction. Wade talks about being a natural born leader and that Randy is a natural born predator. They banter back and forth until…

Christian, sporting a fat neck brace (due to the Big Show’s chokeslam), comes out and compares Randy Orton to Yoko Ono. What? Randy Orton makes overrated noise music?

Orton sucker punches Christian and starts brawling with Wade. Sheamus comes out to save MC Apex P.

Teddy Long comes out and makes Sheamus vs. Christian and also makes a captain vs. captain match in Orton vs. Barrett.

~ Okay WWE, I don’t think “shark” when I hear the nickname of “The Great White.” I tend to think of racist undertones and the fact that the WWE is still run by a bunch of good ol’ boys. Decent segment but it’s a shame that Cody Rhodes has been pushed out of the main event scene. I suppose he’d be in a bigger role if this show weren’t taped in England.

Sheamus pins Christian via Celtic Cross

~ Match of the night here that really showcased Sheamus’ power and strength, well…like most of his matches seem to do. Christian got a decent amount of offense in but it wasn’t enough for Mega Shark.

Good matches are what we can expect from Christian and this match delivered. There was a very nice fallaway slam into the ring barrier by Sheamus. Much respect to Christian for the sick bump! It’s going to be a good day when someone in the main event scene finally puts over Christian the same way he does for so many of the WWE’s top superstars.

They cut to Daniel Bryan speaking with AJ and Kaitlyn. They give him some support until Mark Henry interrupts them. Mark Henry talks some shit and tells DB that he has some guts. Henry then says he’s going to splatter DB’s guts all over the ring.

~ Damn good segment. First off, Kaitlyn and AJ looked dope as ever. Mark Henry was typical, intimidating-ass Mark Henry, and he stole the scene as always. This is first time I felt Daniel Bryan’s character was clearly defined; a highly skilled wrestler with tons of heart and confidence. Keep it coming, WWE.

They show an Ezekial Jackson hype package. What? It was actually a good piece. They showed a picture of him and his son. He’s narrating the package and it does a good job of featuring his intellect and intensity. Good job, WWE production team.

Teddy Long gives a ref a pep talk for the main event. Aksana shows up and Teddy tells her that she’s going to be in the corner of Alicia Fox during her match.

Ted DiBiase pins Jinder Mahal via Dream Street

~ It’s interesting how DiBiase is basically doing a modern version of Cody Rhodes’ dad, Dusty Rhodes’ gimmick. He’s now the tailgating common man that just happens to like kicking ass in the ring. He doesn’t need to talk much since he’s going to get over with his in-ring ability. DiBiase’s new moveset, along with the way he counters his opponents, has made him more entertaining than he’s ever been.

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry pins Daniel Bryan via World’s Strongest Slam

~ Good match but not as good as their first encounter. It was the first time I’ve seen the Lebell Lock countered so easily. DB got a little offense in but it was pretty much of a squash for the Monster Champ. It’s going to take minor miracle to build DB back up in time for his Wrestlemania Title match.

After the match, DB takes a chair away from Mark Henry and smacks him with it. Henry no sells DB and smashes him with another World’s Strongest Slam. Henry then threatens to injure DB’s leg with a steel chair. Big Show comes out for the save and knocks the chair out of Henry’s hands. The two big men stare each other down as Henry retreats up the ramp.

Big Show pins three local workers via Double Chokeslam and WMD Punch

~ Nice Superstars of Wrestling style squash match for Show. Looking forward to seeing Show and Henry go at it one more time.

They show an excellent Wrestlemania hype piece showing all the fans that camped out to get tickets.

Alicia Fox pins Tamina via Somersault Leg Drop

~ Decent Divas match. Tamina looked great and it’s a shame that she’s not featured more often during Divas segments. Tamina is second generation with better wrestling skill and technique than most of the Divas.

Matt Striker asks Sheamus about his temper. Sheamus mentions Justin Bieber and Beeker and that he’s just spirited.

Los Boricuas Hunico & Epico with Primo def. The Usos via pinfall

~ WTF? We can’t have more than 2 masked luchadores in the WWE? They mention that Epico is Primo’s cousin. Good match since both teams hit some nice double team moves on each other. Big ups to Jay Uso for the sick running hip attack.

After the match, Hunico, Epico and Primo give the Usos a beatdown.

Wade Barrett pins Randy Orton via cheap ass roll up

~ Good match. The announcers made a big deal about Barrett getting the win despite the fact that he used a thumb to the eye prior to the roll up. With an exception of Mark Henry, the WWE does a poor job of giving their heels enough mojo to make them believable opponents. They have on week to make me believe that Barrett’s team can actually defeat Randy Orton’s team. I ain’t buying it. Mark Henry should probably retain but I see the rest of the card being a fun-filled night of victories for the faces.

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