Smackdown Thoughts & Review [November 4, 2011]


FCW invades. Not really. Big Show does LL Cool J and fails. Daniel Bryan’s beard gets Epic-er. Epic-o debuts! Orton and Rhodes show Hall and Oates that they got nothing on their chemistry…and oh so much more.

Greenville, SC

Street Fight
Randy Orton pins Cody Rhodes

  • This is a street fight but both dudes are in wrestling tights. I guess you have to be in a bunkhouse brawl match to wear Toughskins in the ring.
  • Really dope extended collar and elbow tie up. Somewhere Mascara de Fuego was filling a cup.
  • They take the brawl to the outside of the ring and through the crowd. Lots of back and forth action with Orton taking out Cody’s baggers in the process.
  • Cody takes control in the latter half of the match. He attacks the legs and also manages to smack Orton in the face with his mask during a figure four attempt.
  • Cody dodges an RKO attempt and returns the favor with a Sick Beautiful Disaster for two.
  • Orton slides out of Cross Rhodes attempt, then Cody wiggles out of the second rope hanging DDT but eventually gets caught with a DDT while his legs were hanging on the guardrail! Brilliant.
  • Orton drags him to the ring, RKO, and it’s over.
  • After the match, Orton places a bag on Cody’s head. Moded.

~ Sick match. The counters at the end and the Hanging DDT from the guardrail made this match something to see. It’s not Orton vs. Christian but this feud comes close.

Ted DiBiase pins Tyson Kidd

  • Not sure when he lost them but it’s nice to see Tyson without those annoying antennae.
  • Tyson hardly gets any offense in.
  • Tailgate Ted hits a nice KENTA-ish running Busaiku knee/kick.
  • After a few countered attempts, Tailgate Ted hits Dream Street and it’s over.

~ It’s painful to see Tyson Kidd get Kaval’ed like this but then again, he was getting Tyson Kidd’ed way before Low-Ki got to the WWE. Great showcase for Tailgate Ted though. I like the new moves added to his moveset.

They cut to Mark Henry cutting a promo.

  • Henry was talking about taking care of business at Vengeance but Daniel Bryan, who is standing a few feet away, distracts him.
  • Henry starts talking shit to Daniel Bryan and his briefcase and makes a match between them.
  • Daniel Bryan doesn’t blink and says that he’ll see Mark Henry in the ring. Nice.

Alicia Fox pins Natalya

  • Natalya pretty much just bullies Fox around the ring.
  • Fox kicks Natalya’s face to get out of a Boston Crab and then hits a nice Forward Flip Leg Drop and it’s over.

~ Nice selling of the Boston Crab by Alicia Fox. Not sure where they’re going with the jobbing of Natalya but the mild surprises are welcome. I’m glad Alicia Fox is dropping the Rihanna-lite steez.

They cut to Big Show in the ring and he starts doing his Jokey Smurf shtick.

  • Show does this bad Frankenstein anecdote and I swear they added a hint of canned sitcom laughter.
  • Show threatens to KO Mark Henry every time they don’t have a rematch. Show does a bad LL Cool J reference that I can barely speak about here.
  • Christian comes out and clowns Show for the LL reference. He says Show doesn’t deserve “one more match” at Mark Henry’s World Title. Christian rags on the “South,” how civilized he is, and talks about how he deserves a title opportunity.
  • Show chokeslams Christian and leaves the ring.

Wade Barrett pins Sheamus

  • Wade comes out to replace the injured Christian.
  • They brawl back and forth at the start.
  • Wade gains momentum and gets in some lovely knees while Sheamus was tied up in the ropes along with being trapped in Wade’s Thai Clinch. Wade then follows that up with a killer Mafia Kick to the head that sends Sheamus out of the ring. Very dope.
  • Nice Pumphandle Slam by Wade.
  • Sheamus rallies and gets Wade up in the Celtic Cross position, Christian distracts him on the apron, and Wade rolls him up for the win.
  • Christian immediately spears Sheamus and heads up the ramp and raising Wade’s hand in victory.
  • After the commercial break they show Sheamus brawling with Christian and Wade Barrett in the back.

~ This is interesting feud. I can definitely watch another Sheamus vs. Wade match.

They cut to Big Show speaking with Daniel Bryan in the locker room. Show tells him that he’s going to be in Bryan’s corner for his match.

Sin Cara defeats Epico via interference DQ

  • Crap. Back to botch-a-palooza again.
  • Sin Cara starts off hot but Epico catches Sin Cara in the middle of a Springboard Elbow and rocks him with Rolling German Suplexes!
  • Epico gets in a Gory Special but Sin Cara fights out of it.
  • Sin Cara hits his sick Enziguiri and gets ready for the Swanton.
  • Hunico comes out looking very thuggish and beats Sin Cara down with Epico.
  • They pull off a pretty fresh Double Team Powerbomb combo on Sin Cara.

~ Weak match and the live reports say that this match was heavily edited due to a few missed spots. What’s new. The good part about this match is the possibility of seeing Los Aviadores on Smackdown. I’m not crazy about the thug-wear but I can overlook that if they bring their luchadore tag team style to Smackdown. Let’s hope they get a nice push from this.

Mark Henry defeats Daniel Bryan via interference DQ

  • DB comes out in a nice looking maroon t-shirt. Wish they panned on DB a little longer so I could see it.
  • Mark Henry pushes DB off with ease.
  • DB attacks Henry’s legs with kicks.
  • Henry was about to do his body drop World’s Strongest Slam variant but DB catches him in a guillotine!
  • Henry explodes Bryan into the turnbuckle to counter the sub attempt.
  • The match goes to the outside and Big Show deters Mark Henry from adding any more punishment on the outside.
  • DB knocks Mark Henry down with a running dropkick to the legs!
  • DB blasts Henry with a flurry of kicks to the body and head!
  • DB gets in another guillotine attempt but Henry tosses him off.
  • Henry gains momentum and punishes DB in the corner with HUGE running avalanches.
  • Big Show comes in and knocks Henry down with a big punch to the face.
  • Mark Henry comes out when Big Show tries to convince DB to be World Heavyweight Champ.
  • Daniel Bryan still looks glassy-eyed and gets World’s Strongest Slammed for his efforts.
  • Mark blasts Show in the face with the MITB briefcase and then destroys Show with a World’s Strongest Slam.
  • Teddy Long comes out and makes the World Title rematch at Survivor Series.

~ Good match here. Both men made each other look really good. I don’t even think they know what they’re doing with Daniel Bryan yet. I think his story arc will begin in January. For now, I think Daniel Bryan is in limbo until the end of the year. The Big Show and Mark Henry feud is a solid storyline to base Smackdown around right now.

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