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Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 7, 2011]

October 7, 2011

Beth is given her first squash. The Battle of the Sin Caras continues. How does the Raw walk out effect Smackdown? Big Show returns and so much more!




October 6, 2011

Is Hogan gone? Is Joe back? Can TNA fuck up the push of Robert Roode? Let’s find out…



October 3, 2011

HHH faces the jury of his peers in a vote of confidence. Did he make it out?…



October 2, 2011



Hell In a Cell 2011 Live Updates

October 2, 2011

Sheamus pins Christian

They show R-Truth and The Miz standing at ringside. The Awesome Truth gets kicked out by security. Didn’t they do this angle recently with Punk?

Great Puma: Good opener. It’s what you can expect from Christian every time he goes out to that ring.

Mascara de Fuego: I thought it was a good opener. I think I was hoping for a mind-blowing match which it wasn’t but it was still solid.


Hell in a Cell Predictions

October 2, 2011

Hell in a Cell Match

WWE Champion John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

Great Puma: Alberto Del Rio all the way. As much as I’d like to see CM Punk wear the WWE gold, I’m all about the long term ramifications of an ADR title win. I’ve always liked seeing challenger after challenger get their opportunity to beat the cocky heel champion. With ADR as a champ, you’re guaranteed great matches and possibly new faces pushed to the main event scene if only for a match or two. Cena doesn’t need this but the WWE usually thinks otherwise. If Cena wins this, I’ll probably skip Raw for a month.

Mascara De Fuego: John Cena. Nothing is going to change here and this will just be a waste of a HIAC match just to make Cena seem even more like the Superman he is going into the Survivor Series in November. Where does this leave Punk and Del Rio? Good question, who knows. Cena doesn’t need the title and I know I’ve said this before but right now in this scenario he really doesn’t and it adds nothing to his match with The Rock. They need to take the title off of Cena and leave him out of the picture letting others use the title to elevate themselves. This WWE Title means shit and the #1 reason for that is John Cena and his 45 title reigns. Fuck.

World Champion Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

Mascara De Fuego: Mark Henry. If there is a title that means something at the moment it is the World Title and that is because of Henry. The WWE did a solid job in Henry’s heel turn and dominance to the Title. Taking it off of him right now would be a HUGE mistake. He needs to go into this match and look like a bigger monster defending the title. These matches don’t even have to be long, they can be Goldberg style title matches, short and sweet.

Great Puma: Mark Henry please. I mentioned this in my Smackdown Review. Mark Henry needs this title way more than Orton does. Mark Henry’s new-found dominance is still in its infancy. If the WWE cares about establishing another main event monster, they’ll keep the title on Mark Henry. His aura of invincibility shouldn’t be broken until a major pay per view like the Royal Rumble or even Wrestlemania. I don’t care if Orton destroys Mark Henry from the opening bell, the end result should be Mark Henry walking out of the arena with the World Heavyweight Title.

Diva’s Champion Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

Great Puma: As I do every month, I’m picking Beth Phoenix in the spirit of wishful thinking. I pick as a fan and not how I think the WWE is going to book shit. Beth needs to win this match. I want her to win this match. Kelly Kelly is already over with or without a title. Beth brings prestige and legitimacy to a very shallow division.

Mascara De Fuego: Beth Phoenix. One month too late but I think they finally got that they made a huge mistake in not giving Phoenix the title at Night of Champions. Match will be shits.

Sin Cara (Blue aka Mistico) vs. Sin Cara (Black aka Hunico)

Great Puma: Misitico/OG Sin Cara. Hunico Sin Cara 2 needs to lose this match so he can establish his own character. I like his style and he seems a lot less prone to botched moves than the original Sin Cara. If this match gets at least 9 minutes and is botch-free, it might be a sleeper match of the night.

Mascara De Fuego: Sin Cara (Hunico). I hope these two practice this match A LOT before this Sunday because done well it could be a great match. It wont be but he’s hoping that nothing gets botched in a Sin Cara (1 or 2) match. Daniel Bryan probably gets involved in this one setting up a triple threat next month.

Sheamus vs. Christian

Mascara De Fuego: Sheamus. Man, I hate to say it but this is the match I am looking forward to because this here will steal the show. Christian has proven that he can get solid matches out of most of the guys on the roster. Sheamus has taken to the fans better than anyone could have imaged. Both of these two guys work well together which is why this will be the dark horse of the ppv.

Great Puma: Christian. Sheamus seems to have gotten the upper hand every single week. He’s a budding star and his eventual run to the title will finally look like something he’s earned. That being said, Christian should win here. His spoiled ass character is a joy to watch and Sheamus won’t lose any momentum here if he loses.