It’s time to play the music, It’s time to light the lights, it’s time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight.


Right off the bat we get The Rock’s music, it’s a pretape. The Rock cuts a dope promo and tells Cena “hell no” on his invite for Survivor Series. HA! Rock ain’t having that shit… but then said some shit about hating the Miz and R-Truth and the people want them to get there asses kicked so then says he IS going to tag with Cena… the fuck? Rock makes Miz and Truth sound like they are bigger shit than they actually are. Shit, Rock just made you THAT big. Rock then goes off about Cena being one foot away from his greatness in the tag match, nice. Dude cuts a promo like if he was live even getting the crowd to cheer and react at the ring moments.


CM Punk vs. World Champion Mark Henry

-Punk’s got Halloween covered trunks and what looks like a non sanctioned WWE shirt.

-Punk has to beat Henry to get a title shot against Del Rio… so you have to beat the World Champion to get a shot at the WWE Title… the fuck!? they really hate the World Title don’t they…

-John Laurinaitis comes out before the match to reminds us what the match is about…

-Henry dominates on Punk until Punk comes back with the springboard clothesline then the Macho Man elbow for 2.

-Del Rio and Rodriguez come to ringside and has Rodriguez jump Henry… so Henry wins.

Winner: Henry by DQ


Punk is mad faced and beats on Del Rio and Rodriguez who then gets rolled into the ring for a world strongest slam. That could be considered a bad guy move mister.


Ok, I am going to say this but I don’t want you to hold it against me… I’m excited for the Muppets. Fuck you.


Man I will give them this, they push the Rock hard. A three hour RAW that’s built around him just coming to be on the show, smart shit.


The Muppets are out next! eeeee! Kermit and Miss Piggy come out on the stage… behind a table of course. Piggy gets cut off by Vicki who comes out with Swagger! HA! Swagger threatens Piggy and Kermit, what a party pooper. Kermit calls Vicki, Swagger’s mom. hehe Piggy and Vicki play chest bump until Santino comes out and tells Swagger he’s got a match him. He call Laurinaitis, laryngitis. Santino then announces that Ziggler has a match tonight against Ryder which gets a WWWYKI from Kermit and Piggy. Now that’s when you know you’ve done well sir.


The WWE’s own Muppet, Kelly Kelly comes out and kisses Kermit, Piggy is shocked! Controversy son!


Diva costume battle royal

-they are all dressed up as all kinds of stuff… too much to cover. Go their website, I’m sure its there.

-Kelly gets a stink face on during the match, stupid.

-Natalya fights off Kelly, Fox and Eve on her own.

-Eve comes from behind and dumps Natalya out. Heelish.

-they all look like GLOWW.

Winner: Eve


Beeker is sent off with a potion for Santino, he ends up running into Christian who spills the potion on purpose. Sheamus saves the day and Christian bounces. Sheamus is family with Beeker, I knew it.


WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom vs. Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett

-Boom on top until Cody kicks the ropes on Kofi’s springboard attempt.

-Cole and Lawler push Wade and his new trunks…

-Mid match Cody and Wade cause the distraction and Wade catches Bourne who was heading to the top and hits wasteland for the pin.

Winners: Rhodes & Barrett


Christian then comes out and beats on Air Boom with Barrett and Rhodes when Sheamus comes out to clear the ring and hit a brog kick on Cody.


Statler and Waldorf in a luxury box, they are my favorite. They make jokes on Austin’s “what” chant and being old… them, not Austin.


Johnny Ace in the back texting, his bill must be nuts, seriously. Punk comes in is mad about Rodriguez then goes on a Dymanic Dudes rant. Ace says he has the title shot as long as Del Rio wants to wrestle him.


Brodus Clay video package, crossing my fingers on this one.


WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show

-Justin Roberts gets to announce ADR because of the shenanigans with Rodriguez earlier.

-Show plays strong, Del Rio tries to dodge.

-Del Rio gets a sleeper on Show, he breaks out.

-Show with pounds on Del Rio on the outside but then gets tripped up setting up for a flash kick by Del Rio.

-Good stuff between these guys actually.

-Show right hooks Del Rio who was going for a flash kick in the corner for the pin.

Winner: Show


After the match Punk comes down to the ring and locks eyes with Show for a moment before going into the ring. He sits next to the recovering Del Rio and tells him he’s going to put him in the anaconda vice until Del Rio agrees to a match. He puts him in the move until Del Rio agrees to a match. Punk’s mic is dead. He finds another one so he can announce ADR said yes. See kids you can bully yourself into things you want!


Fozzy and Gonzo are in the back talking about how big these WWE guys are. Vicki, Ziggler and Swagger come in when Gonzo said he could become a WWE champion. They tie Gonzo up with his own arms. Gonzo tells a joke that bombs (crickets, crickets) to end the segment.


People in the crowd are dressed up for Halloween. One kid was Sheamus.


We get a super sneak peak preview of The Muppet’s movie.


Animal is the guess time keeper, he keeps ringing the bell.


Jack Swagger w/Vicki vs. Santino

-Santino gets taken down with a clothesline then continually pummeled.

-We want Ryder, woo woo woo chant. nice.

-Santino makes a comeback breaking out of the ankle lock.

-Beeker shows up with the drink, Santino drinks it but spits it in Swaggers face for the roll up pin.

Winner: Santino




US Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. Zack Ryder w/his webcam

-another “we want Ryder, woo woo woo” chant.

-missile dropkick from the top then a dive onto Ziggler on the outside.

-flapjack by Ryder.

-stiff forearm in the corner into a running stomp in the corner for a 2 count by Ryder.

-double high knee in the corner for a 3 count.

Winner: Ryder

-Ref realizes Ziggler had his foot on the ropes and restarts the match, ah crap…

-Vicki grabs Ryder’s leg setting up for the zigzag but NO Ryder holds onto the ropes!

-Rough rider! 1…2…THREE!

Winner: Ryder


Great town to have had this match, they were totally behind Ryder. Ziggler sold his ass off on that rough rider, dude is bumpin’!


HHH recap that ends with Lawler and Cole talking about Nash getting signed back with the company by Laurinaitis. yay…


Cole gets on the announce table and says JR isn’t here because he has IBS… no es funny. He pulls out a Depends from his pocket and makes a joke on JR again.


Statler and Waldorf shit on Cole saying nothing is worse than listening to him talking about shit… ok they didn’t say that.


Piggy is hitting on Morrison in the back, she wants to go out with him but puts Hornswoggle in his place who shows off his Piggy tattoo. He gets Piggy chopped. Kermit is out but he gets bagged by Cody! Haha


Statler and Waldorf make jokes about Cena’s you can see me hand thingy.


The Miz vs. John Cena

-I was able to forward Cena’s entrance… that’s awesome.

-typical chants for Cena, yay and boo for him… Over it.

-YCSM move set into the AA attempt that Miz turns into a reverse DDT.

-Miz avoids the STF and hits a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo. I think its up, up, left, right.

-stiff clothesline by Cena for a 2.

-Cena gets choked by the Scream ghost at ringside!? David Arquette?

-Cena still gets the STF and wins.

Winner: Cena


Scream ghost comes into the ring and gets AA’d. Cena reveals is Truth… ok I was wrong. So since Cena took both of them out why does he need a tag team match?! Cena puts on the Scream mask like a goof.







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