Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 28, 2011]


Smackdown finally gets back on track. Ziggler and Orton hold a clinic. Daniel Bryan and Tyson Kidd sell a DVD. Daniel Bryan picks up a win! CM Punk comes to visit Smackdown and more!

Houston, TX

Teddy Long opens the show in the ring. He promises the crowd that the World Title situation will be addressed.

Christian interrupts Teddy and demands yet another match for the World Title. Christian claims that he’s been dominating the Smackdown brand for the past five month.

Teddy Long begs to differ.

CM Punk comes out to a HUGE pop.

Teddy explains that he’s pulled some string to have some Raw stars to come over to create a Smackdown Supershow.

Punk and Christian have a war of words. Christian says nobody wants him there contrary to the crowd’s chants. Punk references his Magic 8-Ball and says he wants a match with Christian.

Teddy makes the match and Punk yells out, “Holler, holler, holler!” LOL

The Miz & R-Truth defeat WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom via pinfall

  • Miz gets Kofi in a Thai Clinch and gets in some knees.
  • Air Boom gain momentum with a quick tag to Evan Bourne. Bourne gets some offense in but it quickly taken down with some sneaky double team attacks.
  • Kofi gets the hot tag and cleans house. He gets a double springboard cross body on the Miz for two. Truth breaks it up and Evan Bourne comes in to make the save. Bourne injures himself when Truth moves out of the way of Bourne’s slingshot dive outside the ring.
  • Truth tags himself in and he and Miz hit their double team finisher, The Little Jimmy Finale, on Kofi for the win.

Truth and Miz get on the mic.

  • They talk about wrecking shop on Raw and how Cena chose someone who hates him more than they do in the Rock. Miz says they’ll finish the job if Cena and Rock don’t destroy each other first.

~ Decent match. I still don’t buy into the Awesome Truth as this mega power duo that’s running the WWE. I fear that their match with Cena and the Rock will be nothing but a glorified squash match to push the Cena vs. Rock feud ever deeper heading into the Survivor Series. However it only makes sense for the Rock and Cena to win but then get beat down after the match by the Miz and R-Truth, along with their “future partners” for the Survivor Series.

Daniel Bryan is talking to Justin Gabriel and some other faces about training with Shawn Michaels. Tyson Kidd comes in and starts claiming that Bret is better than Shawn. Santino tells them to take care of it in the ring.

They cut to Dolph Ziggler talking shit to Teddy and Hornswaggle in the back. Teddy says that Dolph is facing Randy Orton and that Jack Swagger is banned from ringside.

Aksana comes in, cue the sax music…or is it sex music? Heh heh. Teddy tells her that he misses her and they decide to talk in his office.

Wade Barrett pins Trent Barreta

  • Wade kills Barreta with a huge boot to the head.
  • Trent battles back for a millisecond, but then gets caught in the wasteland and it’s over.

~ Damn. Is this Superstars? That was beyond a squash match. More like a three minute snuff match. Whatever. It’s a shame that talented wrestlers like Trent Barreta are treated like bump dummies for the WWE’s chosen centerpieces.

Randy Orton pins United States Champion Dolph Ziggler

  • Cody Rhodes sits at the announcers’ table.
  • Orton and Ziggler trade some nice headlock takedowns at the start.
  • Dolph does a nice counter to Orton’s neck breaker and rolls him up for two. Dope!
  • Ziggler pushes Orton off an RKO attempt and blasts him with a very clean Superkick for a close two! Textbook Superkick!
  • Orton pushes Ziggler off from his Sleeper, Ziggler comes running back and is greeted with a very quick and snappy RKO for the win. Ziggler took that shit like a champ. Excellent match.

~ The pace of this match was something to behold. The counters at the beginning and the constant change of momentum really made this match click. It makes me wonder if Ziggler will ever break into the WWE’s upper echelon. I’m thinking it’s going to happen with a breakthrough match where he steals the show. I find his matches to be more enjoyable as of late but perhaps that’s due to his opponents. I think Orton is challenging Christian for the Mr. Dopest Smackdown Matches title.

Hunico unmasked promo

  • Matt Striker asks ‘Hunico’ how he feels to be unmasked. ‘Hunico’ says that it’s payback time.

~ Crap. Why does he have to be in a bandana? He came off like Chavo/Homocide junior here.

Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels: WWE’s Greatest Rivalries” DVD promotional match

Daniel Bryan submits Tyson Kidd

  • Fast back and forth action to start.
  • They do some modern indy style shit that I wish was on WWE TV more often.
  • Sick dropkick to Kidd’s face in the corner for a close two.
  • Kidd counters an off the top rope Frankensteiner into a forward rollup for two!
  • Bryan counters the Sharpshooter by hooking his leg down over Kidd’s left arm to bring him down. The Lebell Lock was locked in and it’s over.

~ Finally we get a Daniel Bryan win. Excellent but quick match. I wish both wrestlers were higher up in the roster to warrant a 15 minute match. That would be wrestling dork heaven.

Big Show confronts Mark Henry

  • Big Show puts over Mark Henry and gives him credit for their last match. Nice applause from the crowd at that moment. Show says that he wants to do it one more time.
  • Mark Henry interrupts him. They show that dope behind the back angle and follow Henry down the ramp.
  • Henry says he’s not getting a rematch. Henry says he came into Vengeance as the champ and he left Vengeance as the champ. Henry threatens to shut Big Show up and step into the ring but opts to just retreat to the back and heal his neck.

~ Dope segment. Mark Henry is rocking the mic better than ever. Jokey Smurf Big Show returned tonight and it doesn’t sit well with me. Big Show was Matt Mitrione before Matt Mitrione but I think he should dial down the Mr. Personality persona.

CM Punk pins Christian

  • Punk and Christian trade running shoulder blocks.
  • Nice snapmare/dropkick to the back of the head combo from Punk for two.
  • Alberto Del Rio interrupts right when Punk gets Christian up in the GTS.
  • Christian falls out of it and drops CM Punk with an Impaler DDT for a close two.
  • Punk rocks Christian with his backfist combos. Nice.
  • Punk rallies, rolls through Christian’s springboard sunset flip and ends it with a push kick to the face! Sick!
  • Christian counters Punk’s springboard clothesline with an extra dope Rolling Powerslam for two!
  • Christian amps up for the spear but Sheamus comes out to distract him.
  • CM Punk takes advantage with a GTS and it’s over.

End of show.

~ God damn. This was a pleasure to watch. This was on par with the Christian vs. Orton classics despite the interference. I recommend that you watch this match first and then catch Orton vs. Ziggler and Bryan vs. Kidd. I felt like this main event hyped up Raw’s WWE Title storyline more than anything. Christian proved once again that he’s Smackdown’s best performer in the ring. I salivate at the possibility of seeing Christian and Daniel Bryan going at it in the future. I expect those to be classics.

I look forward to seeing where Hunico is going to go with his character. I just hope they drop the bandana bullshit. It’s unnecessary. I wonder if Epico will be coming to Smackdown anytime soon.

The Tyson Kidd vs. Daniel Bryan match was a clinic and I hope they wrestle again…and again…and again. I would watch this match right after you watch the Punk and Christian’s brilliant piece of work.

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