yeah, Bischoff vs. Bischoff is coming…


Recap video of James Storm winning the TNA Title from Kurt Angle last week and how Beer Money is still tight. Nice video for the new champion but since I didn’t get to say it last week… TNA dropped the ball with Bobby Roode’s Bound for Glory run. They could have turned this tournament into their biggest deal in the year like Money in the Bank or King of the Ring. Roode going over Angle at BFG would have been a great move in the right direction for them and they fucked it up. Then they basically did what Hogan said on Twitter when he said James Storm is ready for the title, not Roode. Yeah, Storm is a surprise but sometimes what you expected to happen is what we want to see.


The show starts with TNA Champion James Storm coming out. He said he and his father watched WrestleMania III together and he promised him he would be champion. He recaps himself in the business and thanks the fans as well. He calls Fortune out, they come to the ring all smiley and happy. Storm brings up Roode getting screwed and giving him the first title match against him. This brings out… Samoa Joe? Just leave man… He shits Fortune and them being just another “Immortal” group. How they are just going to give themselves title matches when its Joe who deserves it. Storm tells Joe that his time has passed and how he isn’t deserving shit right about now.


This then brings out Sting, normal clothes and no paint, just sunglasses. He’s in charge and makes Roode vs. Joe for tonight with the winner getting the title shot next week. Come on, no one buys Joe as a contender right now.


Gail Kim’s back… really?


Chris Daniels bitches in the back about his loss to AJ at the ppv then says some shit about “Bob” Van Dam… wait what?


Suck up video for Jeff Hardy… he’s grown up…


Christopher Daniels vs. Rob Van Dam

-ya know, I always forget that RVD is still here. I know he’s on almost every week but man, he’s forgettable on this shit.

-AJ shows up on commentary, he wants to beat the piss out of Daniels… messy.

-man, am I drunk or is this match in slow motion? Its like they are doing the match but more practicing it out instead of actually doing it…!?

-Daniels gets DQ’d when he uses a tool box on RVD

Winner: RVD by DQ


Styles makes the save sending Daniels into the crowd.


Karen Jarrett comes down with Madison Rayne, Gail Kim and their slave Traci Brooks. Gail Kim is good in the ring… not so much on the mic. She bitches about doing what people tell her to do but then ends up with Karen…?! So you’re going to do what she says right? Good lord. She then calls herself a main eventer… Karen gives Gail a title shot against Velvet at the next ppv.


Knockout’s Tag Team Champion Tara vs. Gail Kim w/Karen, Madison & Traci

-Kim mauls Tara from the start.

-not buying a heel Kim in TNA.

-jobber match.

-I dig Kim’s finisher, same as WWE.

Winner: Kim


Hardy video talking about being back and facing Bully Ray tonight. he’s sporting a beard now like sober people do.


Flair and Bischoff in the back talking about tough love. Awkward.


Television Champion Eric Young vs. Robbie E w/Rob Terry

-good lord they keep playing hot potato with Terry! They don’t know what the fuck to do with this dude.

-Young’s beard is insane. It looks like a female giants vagina. He’s still carrying around the old TNA Title with the TV Title.

-Young has just given up and is completely a comedy act.

-Young wins this quick match with a crucifix pin.

Winner: Young


Terry and Robbie beat up on Young after the match.


Young cuts a promo after the beating and says he’s bringing in Ronnie from the Jersey Shore next week… so? Do I mark out for this, I’m not sure. Is this a big announcement?… haha.


Daniels in the back when Kazarian walks in. He wants this craziness to end.


Nice promo by Bully Ray in the back, saying rehabs for quitters.


Video package on Bischoff’s ref kid who apparently has “Bischoff” tattooed on his chest… he doesn’t want to be like daddy. Apparently they’ve gone fist to cuffs on occasion or at least since the last time I watched this shit.


Bischoff comes down and bitches about Garrett who he then calls out. Kid isn’t very big. He should stick to the ref duties. Bischoff dragged his kid around the industry calling it an opportunity to learn the business from him. Eric wants to kick his ass but gives him time to think about apologizing to him, sounds like a main event for the ages… sigh.


Flair yells into the camera in the back. He doesn’t like this shit that Garrett doesn’t respect Eric.


After the break Flair finds Garrett, talks yells his ear off and pushes him around.


Another Hardy video about asking for another shot.


Jeff Jarrett and his Mexican belt come down to the ring. He shits on Hardy and all the chances he’s gotten. Hardy then comes out and they brawl. TNA security tries to keep them apart and yes they break away and take swings. Bully Ray then comes in from behind and pounds Hardy.


Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

-we go right into the match.

-fast paced after the break before Ray takes the advantage.

-decent match.

-swanton bomb from the top for the pin.

Winner: Hardy


Christy interviews Hardy after the match who then gets jumped by Double J. Anderson makes the save…


Roode talking about all the emotions tonight.


Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode

-Jeremy Borash looks like a game show host.

-nice rolling powerslam by Joe.

-crowd is into the match even giving them the “yay/boo” chant during the exchange of punches.

-crossface is locked in by Joe rolls him back into a pinning spot for a 2.

-interesting knee breaker by Joe.

-out of nowhere Roode gets the Perfectplex for the pin.

Winner: Roode is the #1 contender


Storm comes out to the stage and looks on.


Bischoff says in the back that he’s looking forward to this tough love that’s about to go down.


Bischoff comes down, has Garret come back down. Eric says he forgives him but Garrett just stands there as Bischoff keeps telling him to apologize. Garrett grabs Eric but Flair comes out and pushes him off of Eric and tells him to get his shit together. Flair wants to start his own Kiss My Ass Club?? This breaks down and Flair and Eric beat up on the shit. Mike Tenay calls this “tough to watch”. No shit…


Show ends no one making the save.


Not the worst Impact but that’s all really I have to say.











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