Liquored up and ready to go! Sorry about not covering the ppv last night but we pay for ppv’s and this one was not gonna get ordered on that bullshit ass build.

Cole and Lawler recap the show, I guess Show and Henry broke the ring at the ppv. The ring was still fucked up for the Cena vs. Del Rio match. That’s kind of cool, makes the Henry vs. Show feud bigger than Cena and Del Rio. Oh no Nash came back too!


Well, here comes McSuity Suite McQueen, Triple H without the suit and without the title of COO. He’s sad faced about Kevin Nash. He says Nash wants money and power more than friends which “broke his heart”. He calls Nash out so he can kick his ass which gets a “Triple H” chant, oh man. HHH is cut off by John Laurinaitis who says Nash isn’t here and something about sitting on his fat ass. HHH isn’t in the mood for Ace’s bullshit and tells him not to come in the ring or he’s funna git fugged up. HHH pulls out his cock to show Ace that its bigger than his and tells his bitch ass to go find Nash and get him a fat ass  contract so he can kick is ass. Laurnitis tries to talk HHH out of this shit before Nash comes out from the back and sledge hammers HHH. Johnny acts surprised and tells him to bounce. Nash “fights” off security and leave while Johnny checks on HHH.


Nash is shown in the back walking through while people back up.


We get a unintended live audio. Haha


HHH is walked to the back like he just got run over by a semi. He collapses and the medics are called. haha stupid!


Cole says HHH is being rushed to the pound… I mean hospital. Lawler is just shocked.


While HHH is being loaded up Nash shows up, takes HHH and leads him up against the wall and hits him in the head with the sledgehammer. Security is out again to stop this crazy crazy man. HHH is loaded back up.


SO Nash and Triple are main event shit right now huh? Fucking awesome…


Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Christian & Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

-Justin Roberts announces Sheamus as “the great white”. Really, that’s the best you got for this dude??

-Cole puts over Cody’s mask ala Iron Mike Sharpe.

-slow paced match until we get the commercial for Harold in Kumar in 3D, sweet!

-Christian and Cody finally stop this Orton dominance but he fights off with a drop kick on Christian who was coming off the ropes.

-Sheamus in with the hot tag.

-flash kick off the ropes by Cody then a spear by Christian but Orton stops the count.

-RKO to Christian.

-Sheamus botches the brog kick on Cody when he was coming off the ropes then hits the Razors Edge for the pin.

Winners: Sheamus & Orton


Ok match but its not going down in history.


Awesome Truth beat up on Cena last night before Del Rio belt shots his ass so he cant make the count.


Johnny’s on the phone apparently with Steph she isn’t happy about this shit. Otunga yip yaps until Cena tells stupid jokes on Otunga and gets all pissy about Miz & Truth. He gets a tag team match with them and Johnny is picking his partner. Cena makes another Dynamic Dudes reference that only I got. Sad, I’m too old for this shit.


Muppets next week! WEEEEEEE!


Santino vs. United States Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vick & Swagger

-Ziggler wants to get up in Santino’s face until he teases the cobra.

-this only lasts for a moment before Santino is taken down to a stack of boos.

-Santino makes a short comeback hitting his move set but getting distracted by Swagger.

-zig zag for the pin.

Winner: Ziggler


Ziggler and Swagger beat up on Santino until Mason Ryan makes the save. There is just something goofy looking about this dude, I can’t place it.


The Bella’s in the back before Zack Ryder comes through yelling and screaming that he was chosen as Cena’s partner tonight.


Huge Survivor Series commercial with The Rock returning to action completely focused on.


Ricardo Rodriguez intros WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio who brags about winning last night and how he done with Cena and is moving on. He claims there is no one better than him… CM Punk comes out to the surprise of no one. Punk comes down and brings up beating Del Rio before as recent as 4 weeks ago. He’s never gotten his one on one rematch so he wants it. ADR says he’s unworthy and a loser like his match last night. Del Rio wants Punk to come back when he’s done some shit. Punk threatens to beat on ADR until Johnny Ace comes out to interrupt but Punk clowns him for his mic holding skills. Ace makes Del Rio vs. Punk at the Survivor Series but Punk wants to know the catch. Punk wants to make skateboard jokes too… ugh. Ace cant get out the words “WWE Universe” but wants Punk to tell him that he respects him… wow. Punk doesn’t think the WWE is better since Johnny’s been in charge, he doesn’t care and just wants Punk to say he respects him. Punk says “I respect you Funk man” but Johnny wants this shit for serious. Punk says he respects him for the dear in the head lights look on his face, his shitty mic holding skills, for brown nosing but respects him for someone who’s done so little get so far. Laurnitis says Punk doesn’t deserve it but will think about it for a week then Punk jumps ADR. He goes for the G2S but Ricardo stops it only to get a G2S of his own.


Well that helps get the match over I suppose even though the emphasis was more on Ace and Punk.


Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

-Beth Phoenix is on commentary who yaps the whole time about being sick of the pretty girly divas.

-damn near a squash until Fox rolls up Natalya for the pin…?! Oh god.

Winner: Fox


Fox starts to get a beating when she bounces.


Cena & Ryder vs. Miz & Truth graphic.. wouldn’t it be dope if Ryder turned on Cena…


John Morrison vs. Wade Barrett

-as Morrison came out all I could wonder who he would be jobbing to tonight.

-Wade is playing for keeps tonight beating on Morrison and sending him into the ringside barrier after Morrison dives onto him to the outside. He gets a nice spot only to get fucked up.

-need another drink the buzz is wearing off, oh good a commercial.

-Cole gets on a JR rant to distract himself from this match.

-JOMO damn nears knocks Wade out with a running knee for a 2 count before he gets to the ropes.

-black hole slam by Barrett for a 2.

-wastland teased before JOMO gives the elbows to the face.

-JOMO springboards into a botched wasteland. Barrett has to pick him up and hit it again… fuck.

Winner: Barrett


Oh well for this “rebirth” of Barrett…


Cole claims HHH MIGHT have a broken neck.


Cole said he’s had enough then goes on a Michael Cole rant about JR being on twitter during the show talking shit. Cole’s got photoshop’s of JR, so 1998. JR gets challenged to the Michael Cole challenge with the winner getting the main commentator spot… interesting but maybe a year too late!?


I can’t wait to get my copy of Shawn vs. Bret in the mail tomorrow! I hear its good.


Zack Ryder in the back with Josh who asks him if he feels the pressure of tonight… he cuts a promo before being jumped by Miz and Truth. Looks like Cena’s han solo tonight. wah, wah.


Miz & Truth vs. John Cena & Zack Ryder

-Miz stated to have started a revolution… then shits on where HHH is now while putting themselves over saying stuff and things about Cena.

-Laurinaitis makes this a handicapped match or so says Justin Roberts.

-Cena is now sporting camo shorts, much better than the jorts dude. Keep it.

-Miz and Truth beat on superman for most of the match.

-typical “lets go cena/cena sucks chant”

-Cena makes a come back to hit the UCSM knuckle dropper extreme.

-Truth hits the water bottle shot on Cena for the DQ…. Water you illegal bitch!

Winner: Cena by DQ


Miz and Truth hit their finishers on Cena before they both go for chairs. Johnny comes out and says he’s not putting up with this anymore. He tells them to get out and has the refs take them out. Ace stops them and makes the match again with Cena picking his own partner at the Survivor Series… Cena chooses… The Rock. No surprises here since this has been announced for a while… come on WWE. So we get a super squash of Miz and Truth at the Survivor Series?!


Crowd goes coo-coo when Cena says he wants The Rock. I think this would have been better as a Survivor Series 5 on 5 match. oh well.


Well that was a better show than the last couple of weeks. Maybe they even knew they just needed to get past this Vengeance ppv to get onto a ppv that counts with the Survivor Series.







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One Response to “10-24-11 RAW SUPERSHOW”

  1. Dex Says:

    “Cena makes another Dynamic Dudes reference that only I got.”

    You’re not alone. ;D
    Also, the Punk/Ace Promo was awesome! Punk completely nailed it again.

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