Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 21, 2011]


One of the Sin Cara’s loses a mask. Daniel Bryan is growing an epic beard. Beth and Natalya are now LayBully. Two world champions and a sidekick get knocked the fuck out and more!

Mexico City, Mexico

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez come out to a huge mixed reaction, more favorable than against. Alberto Del Rio has a mic.

  • ADR discusses his Vengeance title defense against Super Cena.
  • It was his dream to compete for his home country but Cena ruined that opportunity. Cena is going to pay.

Teddy Long comes out and says that ADR is cleared to compete tonight.

  • Teddy says that ADR’s match against the Big Show is on.
  • ADR says he’s going to make the Big Show tap.
  • Teddy surveys the crowd and they crowd wants the match.
  • Mark Henry comes down and he stares ADR down before he and Ricardo Rodriguez leave the ring.

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry pins John Morrison

  • Henry Biel Tosses JoMo over the top rope and to the outside.
  • Henry controls most of the match but JoMo flashes a comeback with a boot to the face.
  • Starship Pain by JoMo but Henry kicks out at two.
  • Henry does his modified World’s Strongest Slam on JoMo for the pin.

~ Good short squash match for both men. I hate to say it but I think John Morrison’s career in the WWE is going to mirror Ricky Steamboat’s. Like Steamboat, JoMo is usually over with crowd despite his lack of a major title or any resemblance of a decent push. Henry looked strong as usual and I hope that continues.

They cut to Christian speaking with Vicky Guerrero. Teddy joins the conversation and says Christian has “one more match” against Sheamus at Vengeance. Teddy also says Dolph Ziggler is going to be defending his IC Title against Zack Ryder at the pay per view. Zack drops by and busts his catchphrase.

~ Loved that Vicky mentioned that she and Christian should share embarrassing stories about Edge. Entertaining segment.

Wade Barrett pins Daniel Bryan

  • DB is looking more and more wicked with his fat ass beard. Hopefully it’s a sign that he’ll definitely return to his bearded heel persona that he did in ROH. “I have till five, ref!”
  • Wade with a jumping knee drop for two.
  • DB with a crucifix for two.
  • Wade with a nice Bossman Slam for two.
  • Sick Missile Dropkick by DB for two!
  • DB blasts Wade in the face with a running dropkick against the turnbuckle for two.
  • Wade catches DB off the second rope, Wasteland, and it’s over.

~ Decent match. I guess the plan is for Daniel Bryan to hit rock bottom before he’s built back up as a heel for Wrestlemania. I just hope he wins the title. Wade is becoming just a slightly more talented Drew McIntyre. Neither of them interest me but they have more opportunities than the rest of the locker room.

Sheamus & Zack Ryder def. Christian & United States Champion Dolph Ziggler

  • Back and forth match.
  • Sick standing dropkick by Ziggler.
  • Sheamus is tagged in and cleans house. Uranage Back Breaker across the knee for two on Ziggler.
  • Brogue Kick and it’s over.

~ Okay. Out of all the people in this match, they chose to center the match around Sheamus? Ryder is the one going for the title this Sunday, why not have him get the pin to add interest to the title match?

Cody Rhodes Promo

  • Mr. Tremble Voice rambles on about Randy Orton. He talks about the beatdown of Orton last week and how good it felt. He wants Orton to admit that he made a mistake and got what he deserved.

Randy Orton walks out. He says that he’s going to torture Cody at Vengeance.

Orton tries to enter the ring but Cody’s ‘Baggers’ distract him. Cody gets the upper hand for a moment but gets tossed out of the ring. They brawl around the ring and Orton destroys the two Baggers as Cody escapes back to the entrance.

~ The ‘Baggers’ were probably local workers and they took their beatings like champs. I’ve never seen anyone throw their body like that for an RKO. Very dope bump by the local Bagger!

They cut to Sin Hunico walking through the hallways carrying Sin Mistico’s mask.

Mask vs. Mask Match
Sin Cara (Mistico) submitted Sin Cara (Hunico)

  • Back forth match at the start with both men countering each other’s offense.
  • Sin Mistico pulls off his delayed springboard plancha to the outside.
  • Sin Hunico drops Sin Mistico by catching him in mid air with a dropkick.
  • Sin Mistico regains momentum by countering a running senton in the corner.
  • Sin Mistico rallies and gets in a lot of sloppy offense for some close two count.
  • Sin Hunico drops Sin Mistico with his modified Rolling Angle Slam for two.
  • Sin Mistico battles back with a Swanton for a close two.
  • Sin Mistico locks on his Tilt-a-Whirl Armbreaker and Sin Hunico taps!

~ Good match for what it was. I guess we’re going to have to get used to the sloppy Blue Light matches again. Why do I get the feeling that Hunico is going to be the TAKA between the two of them? Years ago, Great Sasuke was supposed to be the star when he and fellow Japanese Cruiserweight, TAKA Michinoku, debuted in the WWF, but it was TAKA later went on to be the bigger star.

They show another Brodus Clay promo. Ugh. Give me Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose please.

Natalya and Beth Promo

  • They talk about running shit in the Divas Division. Beth says that it’s Eve’s turn to cry at Vengeance.

Eve comes out looking very fly in tight jeans and boots. Eve says they’re ugly on the inside. Eve says that she’s not a Barbie doll and that she can’t be broken.

Eve pushes Beth down and leaves the ring.

~ I dunno. Beth and Natalya are sort of stepping into LayCool territory. Instead of calling people ugly, they’re just bullying Divas because they’re pretty.

Big Show defeats WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio via DQ

  • Show controls early with his size and strength.
  • ADR gains control by dropkicking the steel steps into Big Show’s knees.
  • He dropkicks Show’s knee and starts attacking his head and arm while Show is down.
  • HUGE chop by Show to regain momentum.
  • ADR gets out of a chokeslam attempt and slaps on the Cross Arm Breaker in a very awkward position.
  • Show powers out, lifts ADR up and drops him to the other side of the ring.
  • Show gets ready for another chokeslam but Ricardo Rodriguez jumps off the top rope onto Show’s back.
  • Show takes out Ricardo and ADR with WMD knockout punches.
  • Henry comes down to the ring only to get KTFO’d as well and the show ends.

~ Good main despite the DQ ending. ADR is becoming a Mexican Christian who can pull out a great match with anybody. Big Show looked as strong as ever but I ultimately feel he’s going to come up short on Sunday.

I really am not looking forward to this PPV. The idea of putting CM Punk in a useless tag team match with Triple H does not make me want to spend a single dollar on the ppv. That being said, I do hope ADR and Mark Henry retain on Sunday.

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One Response to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 21, 2011]”

  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Great TAKA reference! I think you’re right about this Puma even though would prefer Hunico to get the push.

    Not crazy about this ppv either. I just can’t buy that after a few short weeks/months Punk and HHH are made to seem cool enough with each other to tag team together. just leaves a sour taste.

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