Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 14, 2011]


Someone’s mask gets jacked. Another one bites Beth’s dust. Mark Henry and Randy Orton continue to improve their chemistry in the ring. The largest WWE Battle Royal on TV and more!

Dallas, TX – They show a video package of Big Show’s confrontation with Mark Henry from last week.

Teddy Long comes out with John Laurinaitis to the top of the entrance. Teddy announces that Smackdown is second only to Raw as the longest running program on cable. Teddy says that they’re going to have the largest Battle Royal in history, with the winner facing any champion he chooses.

Randy Orton wins 41 man Battle Royal

  • All the wrestlers come out to the ring and to see many wrestlers in one place is sorta crazy. I’m not the biggest fan of the regular battle royal format but the sight of so many workers in the ring gives this battle royal a special feel.
  • The battle royal thinned out around the 20-minute mark (Click here to see the order of elimination). The final four were Jack Swagger, Jinder Mahal, The Miz and Randy Orton. Orton threw out Wade Barrett, Swagger and Jinder Mahal in quick fashion. Miz re-entered the ring after Orton cleared everybody out and got the upperhand. Orton hit an RKO on Miz on the ring apron to win the battle royal!
  • After the match, Josh asks who Orton wants to face.
  • Orton chooses Mark Henry and vows to take his title back.

~ This was certainly more entertaining than most battle royals. It’s not a must see match but the last 7 minutes of it were pretty entertaining.

They cut to Alberto Del Rio talking to Teddy Long. ADR says he doesn’t have a reason to be there since Orton didn’t choose him. Teddy says he needs to stay because he’s facing Sheamus.

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix pins Kelly Kelly

  • Kelly started off strong but was shut down after a countered handspring elbow.
  • Beth hits the Glam Slam and it’s over.

~ It was what it was. Beth CARRIED Kelly to a halfway decent match. I look forward to seeing Beth squash matches on Friday nights. I hope they last until the Royal Rumble. I think Eve Torres should be Beth’s next feud.

They cut to Sin Cara Black beating the shit out of Sin Mistico. Blacky takes Blue’s mask off and puts it on his own head!!!

~ So is Sin Cara Black now called Sin Cara Black and Blue?

Sin Cara Black and Blue pins Justin Gabriel

  • Nice mid-air dropkick by Sin Blacky.
  • Sin Blacky hits a quick Swanton Bomb for the win.

~ So they built Justin up for a little while just so he can be jobbed in the blue light? Okay match but at least this Sin Cara isn’t prone to sloppy/botched moves.

They cut to Air Boom talking with Teddy Long. Teddy says he’s not going to allow the injured Evan Bourne to compete tonight. Vicky Guerrero interrupts them and demands a tag title shot. Zack Ryder enters the conversation and suggests a match between Vicky’s crew against Kofi and Zack. Woo woo woo!

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio pins Sheamus

  • Good back and forth match.
  • Ricardo and Christian distract the ref and Sheamus and ADR takes advantage.
  • A springboard enziguiri and a follow up roundhouse kick to the head by ADR and it’s over.
  • After the match, Christian, runs in and destroys Sheamus with two brutal spears.

~ …and Sheamus is still protected. I’m guessing they have HUGE things in store for Sheamus since they haven’t allowed him to be pinned cleanly in a long time. Decent match but I’m sure these two could deliver something special if given a decent amount of time that was supported by a meaningful feud.

Kofi Kingston & Zack Ryder def. United States Champion Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger via pinfall

  • Ziggler and Swagger control from the start with quick tags.
  • Ziggler’s neckbreaker is becoming one my favorite moves on Smackdown.
  • Kofi gets the hot tag and cleans house.
  • Kofi with a nice suicide dive on Ziggler and Swagger.
  • Zack is tagged in and hits a nice Otani boot in the corner.
  • Swagger distracts the ref on accident and Kofi sneaks in a Trouble in Paradise kick on Ziggler for the win.

~ Josh tries to put over an #AreYouSeriousBro hashtag for twitter. Wow. Decent match. Not sure how Vicky’s stable gains any ground by losing to a makeshift tag team. I’m officially over Zack Ryder, are you? I think a tagteam with Ryder and Santino would be comedy gold.

They cut to Matt Stryker interviewing Sheamus in the back.

  • Sheamus says that Christian is a pain in his ass that he can’t get rid of. He then goes on to talk about an Irish troll story that involved a great, white bull and I lost interest.

Randy Orton def. World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry by DQ

  • Henry counters Orton’s DDT with pure strength. He pushed Orton through the ropes and out of the ring. Nice.
  • Henry rams Orton’s shoulder across the ring post.
  • Both men get their offense in on each other in spurts. Really good back and forth action from both men.
    Henry with a running splash for two.
  • Orton counters a Vader Bomb with a boot.
  • Orton rallies but Cody Rhodes runs in and attacks Orton and puts a bag on Orton’s head to cause the DQ.
  • Big Show runs down and beats Henry down. Show catches Cody off the top rope and feeds him to Orton for an RKO.
  • Show also gets a chokeslam on Henry. Big Show and Orton stand over Henry to end the show.

~ Damn good match despite the busy ending. Orton and Mark Henry have pretty chemistry. It’s a shame they’re now splitting up into their own feuds.

I’m glad the Big Show is back but I don’t seem him as a threat to Mark Henry’s title reign. He’ll probably dominate Henry on the cable shows but lose to Henry at the pay per views when the title is on the line.

I’m hoping Orton gives Cody the rub in the long run. This feud may break Cody into the main event echelon of the roster if he and Orton steal the show at the next few pay per views.

Decent show tonight and all the main storylines were pushed further along in a compelling manner. I think Sheamus vs. Christian, Cody vs. Orton, and Big Show vs. Henry is a nice trio of feuds to revolve the show around.

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Battle Royal Elimination Order

1. Cody Rhodes
2. Johnny Curtis
3. JTG
4. Michael McGillicutty
5. Derrick Bateman
6. Yoshi Tatsu
7. Titus O’Neil
8. Matt Striker
9. William Regal
10. Percy Watson
11. John Morrison
12. Dolph Ziggler
13. Trent Baretta
14. Jey Uso
15. Ted DiBiase
16. Tyson Kidd
17. Daniel Bryan
18. Tyler Reks
19. Curt Hawkins
20. Drew McIntrye
21. Justin Gabriel
22. Mason Ryan
23. Primo
24. Santino Marella
25. Alex Riley
26. Kofi Kingston
27. Zack Ryder
28. David Otunga
29. Jimmy Uso
30. Ezekiel Jackson
31. Heath Slater
32. Sin Cara (Negro)
33. Christian
34. R-Truth
35. CM Punk
36. Sheamus
37. Wade Barrett
38. Jack Swagger
39. Jinder Mahal
40. The Miz

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