Johnny, Miz and Truth back in… HHH out but only from wearing a shirt and tie.


We start with a recap of last week’s walk-out on Triple H. I can’t be the only person thinking that the reason for the walk out was actually pretty tame compared to what the WWE has done in the past.


The cut to the crowd to a awkward, damn near silent shot then back stage is shown empty, followed by Triple H doing the walk out to the arena. Well someone has to be holding THAT camera! Ok if no one is there but Triple H then how did his music and video come on!? Yeah, he got an entrance! He glams it up to the crowd and says he and the fans showed up. He lists off the groups of people who walked out last week. He says they didn’t walk out on him but on the fans and how these superstars are holding a rally. He shit’s on them backing all of them look bad. HHH then says that if he steps down they will come back and then asks the fans what he should do. He said he wont quit like a bitch, the fans pop. He said he would get a broom stick to fight for two hours then uses the comment to shit on the roster.


Oh hey look its John Cena, he says he hasn’t talked about last week and his opinion about it. He claims that all those 55 people called him but HHH didn’t even send him a text. How they claim HHH’s ego is out of control. Cena then runs down a list of people he’s worked for and then tells HHH he’s staying… of course you are.


Sheamus then comes out… so is every dude who’s staying doing their whole bit..!? He recaps their feud and how HHH gave him the biggest ass kicking of his life and respects him. He didn’t come thousands of miles to sit in a parking lot like those losers and is staying on Monday Night RAW.


CM Punk is out next and we’re 18mins in with still one promo… he says he feels responsible for making “walking out” look cool and how these people don’t get it and how he didn’t walk out on a contract he was done with it. He then goes into what’s happened with him lately and how someone doesn’t want him to be WWE Champion. Punk says that this is the company that gives you matches like Hell in a Cell and the Elimination Chamber and how its professional wrestling not ballet! LOL He’s not a hippy he deals with people personally like HHH and Cena. Punk says he’s in the fox hole with these “good guys” then asks what we do now?


HHH says they shut up and fight…. Sheamus vs. Cena wrestle, HHH refs and Punk is on commentary! Haha Punk jokes about wearing HHH’s blazer! Haha Punk is also on bell ringer and pays dumb on ringing the bell.


Sheamus vs. John Cena w/HHH as the special ref with CM Punk on commentary and everything else. Match goes to commercial, when we come back Cena’s teasing the AA. Punk calls this bizarro world… we get Vince McMahon’s music and Vince is out! Winner: no contest


Vince apologizes for interrupting shit and asks Punk, Sheamus and Cena for a moment with his son in law. He puts them over for standing up for what they believe in just like the people in the parking lot, in Washington and what HHH is doing. Vince says he believes in him but some people don’t like the people outside. He claims to have met with the investors and how they don’t know where this is going then lists how shows would cancel even WrestleMania. How this would be a financial catastrophe. Vince then says his services are no longer required. HHH smirks hiding his emotions. Vince claims no McMahon are going to run RAW. How they want an independent person to this, an intern general manager… John Laurinaitis. Johnny comes out to stage to you suck chants and stares at HHH. Commercial.


Back from break and Johnny’s in the back welcoming everyone back to work… Morrison tells Johnny he sucks which gets him a match right now. Christian says this is the best thing that could have happened but then Christian gets the match with Morrison.


JR comes out to a solid reaction mixed with boos. Lawler gets a mixed bag and of course Cole gets shit the entire way to the ring. Cole claims to be behind HHH being gone.


John Morrison vs. Christian (in street clothes) w/Swagger, Ziggler, Rhodes and Vicki. Short match that ends with Morrison getting speared after the reaction. Winner: Christian.


Ziggler, Rhodes and Swagger all get their finishers on him after the match. either this is a dope new crew or Morrison is really pissing people off…


We’re getting Del Rio vs. Punk and Orton vs. Henry tonight… all for free… stupid.


Johnny’s in the back talking to his wife when HHH walks in. They stare for a moment before Johnny says he didn’t want this and it was all the board. How he loves the WWE, its in his blood. HHH threaten him and his teeth before walking off.


World Champion Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton. They recap what happened between Show and Henry last week. Henry cuts a promo before Orton comes on the loud speaker saying “vengeance his all his”… then his music plays and he comes out… that voice over was random… the have a decent match before Cody causes a distraction the breaks up the 3 count after an RKO to Henry. Winner: Randy Orton by DQ


They brawl after the match but this gets Orton a world strongest slam… and another. After Orton is effed up Cody comes out and hits a Crossroads to Orton then bags him. Cody then makes a stupid joke saying “do you want a paper back with your receipt.”… then does the worst fake laugh. What the fuck!?


Eve & Kelly vs. Tamina & Rosa. When was the last time either Rosa or Tamina was on RAW?! A much more “aggressive” Kelly. Bad. Cole puts over Johnny’s twitter account… Eve wins this with a moonsault on Tamina. Winner: Kelly & Eve


After the match John Laurinaitis comes out as the Diva’s bounce. He calls for a little respect and claims to be nervous. He keeps getting booed while he announces Cena vs. Del Rio at the ppv. What?! why!? Ugh. Johnny then calls Jim Ross in the ring… oh no… Johnny brings up what he did last week after HHH gave him his job back and calls JR and ingrate… then fires Jim Ross… JR isn’t putting up a fight and walks out. What the fuck!? Well this version of JR has been forgettable because of stupid ass Michael Cole who is celebrating this shit.


Batista Mason Ryan & Air Boom vs. David Otunga, Jack Swagger & US Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki. Ryan has new music, generic. Oh Air Boom does too, eh. Mason almost drops Ziggler on his  head in the corner. Otunga still isn’t great but he seems to be improving a bit. Less is more in these style of matches. Match breaks down and its Ryan hitting an inverted uranage on Ziggler to win the match. Winner: Ryan & Air Boom.


Ryan poses while Kofi checks on Bourne… heelish.


Cole puts over the WWE Network and how we can vote of the Networks first show which looks back on WrestleMania. Kinda cool, this should could be good if done well. I wonder if DVD’s will lessen so there are more hands working on the network?


Brodus Clay package, I hope the invest time on this kid. They really could push him as a “big man” version of Taz(z).


World premier trailer for Cena’s new crappy movie. Ok so he and his 2 brothers comes into a lot of money and they open a private detective agency… bah haha! The Reunion! Haha oh my god that looks so fucking bad!


Ricardo Rodriguez is out for his announce duties.


WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk. I guess the best rental they can find in Oklahoma is a BMW. Cole is unbearable shitting on JR. Match starts off slow, sounds like the crowd is out of it… Apparently Johnny was bored as well and stops this match and makes it a tag team match!? Punk & Del Rio vs… Miz & Truth! Del Rio & Punk vs. Miz & Truth. They ramp their entrance theme… you suck. Mid match Rodriguez helps Del Rio to the back whose favoring his knee leaving Punk on his own. Truth and Miz gets DQ’d when they don’t break the ref count. Winner: Punk by DQ. Triple H comes out to save the day. Punk and HHH then beat on Miz and Truth. After the match Punk and HHH stand strong in the ring… together… they even shake hands…


Johnny and Otunga in the back… he makes Punk & HHH vs. Miz and Truth for the ppv…


The end…


I’m not sure how I feel about this RAW. It ends and I just have an uneasy feeling in my stomach which I cant explain.

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