Is Hogan gone? Is Joe back? Can TNA fuck up the push of Robert Roode? Let’s find out…


Off the bat we get a video on Hogan bitching out of TNA. They then cut to him and Bischoff coming into the arena. Tenay and Taz put it over like it’s the last time we see his ass… wishful thinking.


Beer Money comes out together.  Roode needs to ditch these TNA shirts. Storm says he is glad to see Hogan leaving tonight and says Hogan will have a shitty time coming on after the match he and Roode will put on tonight. Roode welcomes Storm home to Tennessee tonight and says Fortune is family but he needed these matches with them and how all of them gave him all they had. He asks the same of Storm tonight. Storm says he will and claims to be a little better than Roode tonight. They shaken hands and pose for the crowd after.


Good segment, really glad TNA isn’t having Storm turn on Roode… yet. Well, let me not talk too fast there is a ppv on Sunday.


Fucking Sting shows up in the back wearing a red suit with a yellow Hulkamania shirt… oh boy this is going to be a hot mess isn’t it.


Taz then cuts to a “greatest Hogan moments in TNA” video… since 2010…?


Gunner vs. Kazarian. Oh yay a Gunner match… he tries to chain wrestle with Kazarian, he shows his green here. Kaz is still smooth even here. Kaz taps to a standing armbar. Winner: Gunner


If they are building as this guy he needs a scarier submission. They reverse the decision when Gunner keeps this shit on after the match. Winner: Kazarian


Oh no… Mr. Kennedy is coming to the ring. At least he dressed up for the occasion not looking like he just came back from a fishing trip… oh wait. He wants to come out an apologize to “his asshole” for the short bullshit when he joined Hogan. He bitches about having to work for everything he’s got and doesn’t kiss ass but in a moment of weakness he joined Immortal. He then starts to shit on Bully Ray but he comes out before it gets worse. Anderson has stupid jokes about Ray’s big chain. Lame story short their ppv match will be a Philly Street Fight.


Uh… TNA is doing a cruise! Bah hahaha! Like this show doesn’t make people sea sick enough!


Jason Hervey asks Bischoff about Hogan he’s bummed.


Kendrick cuts an Ultimate Warrior style promo. Shit makes no sense and is painful. He’s talking shit on Kid Kash before Kash walks up on him and beats the shit out of him for talking smack.


Velvet Sky & Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne & Knockout’s Champion Winter w/Angelina Love. Madison Rayne pulls shinanigans to win the match. match was fine I suppost I just didn’t care. Winner: Rayne & Winter.


Well well well, Jeff Hardy his here. This is the first time I’ve seen him since he’s been back, its just odd. Knowing how fucked up this family has become just makes everything feel shitty.


Another Hogan moment with him coming to the ring with Abyss for a tag match they did. No match footage is shown…


Angle yells at Bischoff about him warning Jeff Hardy about not coming to TNA anymore. Bischoff says he will get rid of him for Angle.


Bischoff comes to the ring to take care of this shit and calls Jeff Hardy out to “his” ring which he does. Bischoff puts over everyone who he’s worked with in the past and how Hardy doesn’t compare to them, saying he dropped the ball. Hardy gets called a screw up and how he has no more chances with Bischoff. He says Hardy came to the ring “pilled up” at his last ppv and tells him to bounce. Hardy says goodbye to the people by beating on Bischoff before Immortal runs him off. SO what happens the next time Hardy fucks up?


Hardy in the back saying what Bischoff said was wrong and how he was trying to apologize.


Another Hogan moment, this time it’s the time Hogan took control of TNA…


Samoa Joe vs. Crimson. Man, I hope we get to see Joe vs. CM Punk at some point in life. Maybe Joe vs. Punk vs. Daniel Bryan? Crimson and Joe brawl a lot, we even get a “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant. Crimson rolls Joe up and gets a quick pin. Whatever. Winner: Crimson


Bully Ray thinks Anderson is b-a-n-a-n-a-s for challenging him to a street fight then shits on NYC.


Another solid video package on Roode. Man, this is truly the only dope thing TNA is doing yet they will totally find a way to fuck this up.


Robert Roode vs. James Storm. Great exchange to start the match. Good chemistry between the two, this will make for a good feud down the road if/when they go through with it. Nice top rope superplex by Storm for a 2½ count. Good back and forth before Roode puts Storm in the crossface for a close submissions. Roode kicks out of the backstabber for a “this is awesome” chant. Ref bump sets up Angle coming down to beat on James Storm at ringside before throwing him back into the ring. Storm kicks out a two and a quarter, that was as close as they come. Roode hesitates for a moment before locking the fisherman’s suplex on a groggy Storm for the 3 count. Winner: Robert Roode


Roode checks on his partner after the match. Angle costing Storm the victory does still leave it open on who in Beer Money is the better wrestler. I like that, nice thing to put in the back pocket for later.


Hogan comes out to the ring for his “farewell”, he sucks up to the crowd and then kind of shits on them by saying that fans that said they were driving for 10 hours because they wanted to see Hogan’s last stand and he kept answering those twitter messages with yes… suckers. He puts his Hulkamania belt down claiming the end of Hulkamania. Sting then messes this up by coming out in his god awful suit. They banter back and forth until Sting shows footage of Hogan lying about his retirement. Hogan says he wont fight Sting but then says he will and puts up the company saying if he loses to Sting he is handing the company back over. Hogan then covers his mouth on this fuck up. Oops.


TNA looks so much different when they are on the road, they HAVE to make this a priority cause it makes the product look legit and not a bush league “greatest hits” company than runs out of a theme park. Like I said, the Roode push is solid and they need to put the title on this guy and not fuck this up like the WWE has done on bringing someone up who the crowd loves. Will we see the end of Hogan at the ppv? Was this retirement speech just a premedicated speech because this was his last appearance on IMPACT? I have no fucking idea but something tells me its not the end.



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