HHH faces the jury of his peers in a vote of confidence. Did he make it out?…


12 Man tag is our main event but before that mess, Randy Orton comes down to the ring for a match. curtain jerkin’ Orton?


Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre. So shit its basically going to be a jobber match, isn’t it? Orton beat on Drew for a while until McIntyre lands a big boot. Orton sells decently to Drew so its not a 80’s style jobber match. Orton hits the horizontal DDT and the RKO for the victory. Winner: Randy Orton


Short but decent match, at least it got McIntyre on TV. After the match Drew takes another RKO for good measure. He must have pissed someone off heavy.


World Champion Mark Henry then comes down to the ring and they stare each other down from the ring to the floor. Henry flaunts the title and Orton can’t take that shit so he attacks Henry and they brawl with security trying to keep them apart in typical WWE fashion with both fighting away from the security. Henry ends on the floor at the end of this segment… and the feud continues.


After the break Mark Henry is still out in the ring but then they cut to a video package on him showing dudes he’s taken out like Big Show… this leads them to announce that Big Show returns on Smackdown… not good enough for RAW??? Now John Morrison is out for the next jobber match… they’ve really killed him off badly.


World Champion Mark Henry vs. John Morrison. So in a span of 2 nights Morrison has gotten an I-C and World Title match only to look like “enhancement” talent?! Yup.  Morrison gets a small run even hitting the starship pain to the crowd going nuts but Henry kicks out, hits this fool with the WSS and pins Johnny Nitro. Winner: Mark Henry.


After the match, Henry hits another WSS on Morrison being a copycat to Orton. Henry talks shit after the match and tells Orton he’s done with him. He brings up Big Show looking for him on Smackdown this week but that ain’t shit to him. He claims to put Show back in the hall of pain. escaries.


John Laurinaitis with a bunch of disgruntled employees. Johnny wants to know if Otunga had anything to do with Miz and Truth’s law suit. He’s not sayin’ much. Vicki wants to move this to the ring. Johnny doesn’t look happy.


The disgruntled wrestlers and new WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio end up in the ring after the break. Much more serious Del Rio. ADR covers what happened last night and how he couldn’t celebrate after the match because of two hulagins and how HHH is to blame for this nonsense with the cage last night going up and down to keep Miz and Truth in. Christian says this is an unsafe work environment and he isn’t going to take it anymore. Cody shits on HHH and his ego. Ziggler says they are going to do something about it. Swagger says his family is concerned for his well being at work. Vick says she feels vulnerable here. Otunga tries to sound as start as he is, he still stumbles his work. He talks lawsuit but this bring HHH out.


HHH wants to know what happened to the WWE and how people just fought they’re problems out and didn’t whine like little kids and threaten to sue. He doesn’t care about lawsuits just cares about the 12 man match tonight. No you should care about Lawsuits sir there are no jokes. Long story short he says show up and fight tonight.


They put over Miz and Truth’s actions hard and say they are going to show a Miz and Truth video from Youtube… so basically all that shit that I said they should do with Punk they are doing for Miz and Truth? Do I get a check for this shit now or later? I’ll bring two forms of ID’s.


Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix & Natalya. Kelly is sure smiling a lot considering the happenings of last night. This shit goes to the outside and Kelly goes ape shit and goes bonkers on Phoenix causing the no contest. Damn look at Kelly showing emotions!


Johnny Ace apologizes to HHH for last night but he wants an apology from HHH for knocking him down and wants HHH to go to the locker room do see how they feel. HHH grabs Johnny by the tie and tells his ass to bring everyone down to the ring and how Johnny is either undermining him or is stupid, he’s gonna find out.


Jinder Mahal is in the talking shit until the returning Santino comes down to the ring. Santino makes fun of Mahal talking this other said language of his. I think they just talked each other into a match.


Santino vs. Jinder Mahal. Not long before Santino hits the cobra and pins this fool. Crowd dug that. Winner: Santino


Brodus Clay video package.


They recap The Miz and Truth’s beat down from last night. They then show their youtube video and they are talking from the heart as “Mike and Ronny”. They just wanted their jobs back and how they gave up last night but still got assaulted while they were handcuffed by the COO, HHH. They are suing for “wrongful termination” and they apologize to the WWE Universe.


Recap of last week when Mason Ryan turned on Ziggler & Swagger.


CM Punk, Mason Ryan, Cena, Sheamus, Kofi & Bourne vs. Ziggler, Swagger, Del Rio, Christian, Otunga & Del Rio. The only person who got an intro was Punk… too much going on to call. Lots of tags so dudes can showcase. Nice exchange by Cody & Punk. The ref almost loses control when everyone jumps into the ring before the break. Cole explains what exactly a “vote of confidence” is and how their vote determines what the future of the WWE and HHH being in charge. Close pin attempt when Bourne hit the shooting star press for the pin on Swagger but Vicki put his foot on the ropes. This gets her bounced and the ref almost loses control again before another break. Ok this is going long, forward to Sheamus hitting the big brog kick on Ziggler for the win. Winners: Punk, Ryan, Cena, Sheamus & Air Boom.


Sheamus is way over as a face, they ate this shit up.


After another break the roster by brand spills out into the ring. Lots of guys you haven’t seen in a while too like Tyler Reks and Kurt Hawkins. Shit even the refs are out. Smackdown and Raw get two intro’s each? Are the top tier people too good to come out with the mid card!? Jerry Lawler is now out after his injury at the hands of Henry… I don’t see Orton, Punk or Cena…!? Maybe I missed them? Well if they aren’t there that looks bad. Are they too good for this vote of confidence??


HHH then comes out to the ring. He reminds us how difficult this job is and how he didn’t ask for it, it was given to him… riiight. He brings up Miz and Truth calling him a hypocrite and how they should apologize to the crowd… uh, they did… he claims to be “old school” and enjoys confrontation, battles etc and how the Universe enjoys that shit too. HHH says they all work for us, the fans… Wade goes to cut him off but HHH keeps yapping and how he works his ass off for all of us. Now he wants to hear their opinions…


Wade said he was selected to talk for the group. Hey look its William Regal! Barrett says HHH isn’t suitable for this job especially when he puts his hands on talent. HHH shits on Barrett and brings up what Nexus did to shut the WWE down. He then accuses Wade of being jealous of not causing the chaos. Ref, Mike Chiota talks up to defend the refs. HHH said he took care of the problem when by firing Miz and Truth. HHH goes on to defend himself more but Pheonix defends the Diva’s and her concerns. Jerry Lawler then comes into the ring and says he is only speaking for himself and he agrees with some and not other shit but he does think the show is spiraling out of control but he doesn’t think its HHH’s fault and said that Punk is right that someone is behind it and how all the superstars are paying for it. Since he’s in charge he is responsible. Christian’s crew, the refs, Beth’s crew and Lawler all vote no confidence. Lawler then walks out, followed by the roster… well shit. We get a HHH chant while the roster slowly leaves. Cole walks too! What’s left? Air Boom, Ryder, Riley, Morrison SDantino, Percy Watson are the last to leave. Wait Booker is leaving as is Justin Roberts. Shit camera men are leaving too. Looks like JR is the last which gets a pop from the crowd. Jr then slowly takes his mic up and stands up and leaves, the crowd didn’t like this! HHH is now ALL alone while the crowd cheers for him. John Laurinaitis then comes out to the stage shaking his head. The crowd chants “you suck” and he walks to the back as well. Crowd claps while he mouths “I’m sorry” and we’re out.


That was a pretty powerful segment with MOST of the roster shitting on HHH. So now what?


In a weird way could this be the WWE taking jabs at TNA? Like how the roster in TNA really should walk out on those in charge?? Ok, maybe I’m reading into it too much. HA!







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