Hell In a Cell 2011 Live Updates


Sheamus pins Christian

They show R-Truth and The Miz standing at ringside. The Awesome Truth gets kicked out by security. Didn’t they do this angle recently with Punk?

Great Puma: Good opener. It’s what you can expect from Christian every time he goes out to that ring.

Mascara de Fuego: I thought it was a good opener. I think I was hoping for a mind-blowing match which it wasn’t but it was still solid.

Sin Cara (Mistico) pins Sin Cara (Hunico)

Mascara de Fuego: Man, this match could have been so much better. These fools were just over thinking the whole thing and not letting it flow naturally. It’s a damn shame.

Great Puma: Good match that should have been better. It’s like they had their “WWE-style” filters on that prevented them from going with the flow and fully using their lucha base that got them to the big show in the first place.

Air Boom defeats Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

Great Puma: Okay Match. No build up for this, which makes me not care. I hope these two wrestle each other again.

Mascara de Fuego: Good tag team match, crowd was into it. I, like Puma, thought it was too soon for it but it was good.

World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry retains against Randy Orton

Mascara de Fuego: Nice hard hitting match, solid victory for Henry. He took an ass kicking and still won decisively.

Great Puma: The fact that Mark Henry kicked out of an RKO at one says everything. Thank you, WWE and Randy Orton for allowing that shit to happen. Good match but I feel like they can go for one more blow off match.

Cody Rhodes throws the IC Title belt in a paper bag. He pulls out the white CLASSIC Intercontinental Title belt!!! Oh. My. God.

Cody Rhodes pins John Morrison

Great Puma: Good match for what it was. Wish this had some build up. These two are totally capable of carrying a meaningful feud over a month or two.

Mascara de Fuego: Love the new (old) Intercontinental Title belt. Match was good but quick. The buildup of Cody continues… and the jobbing of JOMO continues.

Beth Phoenix pins Kelly Kelly and wins the Divas Title

Great Puma: Decent match. Not sure why Beth needed Natalya’s help to win the title. I guess you have to get your heel on by any means necessary.

Mascara de Fuego: Phoenix tried her ass off to get a good match out of Kelly. But Kelly is still the Sin Cara of the Diva’s. Glad they finally put this version of the Women’s title on Phoenix.

WWE Championship Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match
Alberto Del Rio defeats John Cena & CM Punk and wins the WWE Title

They play the Hell in the Cell theme music as it’s being lowered around the ring.

Mascara de Fuego: Well that match did help save the ppv but Miz and Truth got it over! Solid shit for those two dudes although I would have hoped Punk would have gotten this treatment when he “left” the WWE. This is definitely making them bigger heels.

Great Puma: Punk was definitely the MVP of this match. He took all the major bumps to move the match narrative forward. Good match with an even greater ending. This is how Night of Champions should have ended.

After the match, R-Truth and The Miz run under the cage as it’s being raised and beat the hell out of EVERYBODY in the Cell, from Punk and Cena to the ref and the interior camera man. The cage is lowered back down and the whole WWE locker struggle to get back in until they bring the bolt cutters. Miz and Truth surrender to the officers but Triple H gets his licks in before being carried off by officials and the pay per view ends.

Stay tuned for Mascara de Fuego’s pay per view recap review coming up next!!!

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5 Responses to “Hell In a Cell 2011 Live Updates”

  1. DeX Says:

    I’ll try to spot Zank in the audience for most of the PPV… 😀

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Dex, did you end up seeing Zank??

  3. Zank Says:

    the card from my backpocket.
    HiaC, RAW and SD were fun but overall I had the most fun the day before at the ROH taping… 4 hour show for 15$ .. best value 🙂

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