Smackdown Thoughts & Review [September 30, 2011]


Sin Hunico Cara now looks like the Atlanta Falcon’s mascot! Kelly does a sick Victory Roll! JTG is sighted doing dope moves! Christian and Orton conduct another wrestling clinic and so much more!

St. Louis, MO

They show Booker T’s announcing entrance. He comes out to a big pop. He introduces Mark Henry.

  • The show Mark Henry’s massive back as he walks toward the ring. Nice angle.
  • Booker T gives Mark Henry props and accolades but Mark Henry blows him off and accuses Booker T of insulting him.

Mark Henry says that he could World’s Strongest Slam Booker T through a table but he’s not in the ring for that. Henry says that he’s inducting Orton into his Hall of Pain on Sunday. He begs the crowd to cheer for Randy Orton because he considers that more fuel for the fire. He’s going to be the most dominant champion in WWE history. He then calls out his opponent for the evening, The Great Khali.

~ We can assume this is a small tease for Booker T’s return to ring duty. The only way I want to see Booker T return is for a final championship run. Booker T can win the title, hold it for a short run, and then put over someone new when he loses it. No more, no less. He can probably go for another three years at a high level. I’d hate to see Booker T wasted in the midcard during his final run.

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry pins The Great Khali

  • Great Khali gains momentum early.
  • Mark Henry gains control and carries Khali to the corner and beats him down.
  • Two consecutive running splashes for a close two.
  • Henry attacks Khali’s leg with kicks, hits him with the World’s Strongest Slam and it’s over.
  • After the match, Henry attacks Khali’s leg with a steel chair.

~ Decent opener and Henry looked dominant as usual. It seems like Orton’s victory over the Great Khali was faster though.

They cut to Khali being carted out of the arena. Jinder yells at him in the process and Teddy Long ushers Jinder away.

Jack Swagger pins Evan Bourne

  • Swagger controls early and hits a nice belly to back suplex.
  • Bourne counters a Swagger bomb with his boots.
  • Vicky knocks Bourne off the ropes to avert the Shooting Star Press.
  • Swagger takes advantage, slaps on the Ankle Lock and it’s over.

~ I guess this is the beginning of Vicky Guerrero’s stable running the WWE. I hope it happens.

OG Sin Cara pins Heath Slater

  • Sin Cara starts off hot and dominates early.
  • Swanton Bomb and it’s over.
  • After the match, Sin Hunico Cara shows up on the Smackdown Tron. He cuts a bi-lingual promo and pulls off the mask to reveal a black and red colorway. Dope.

~ Good short squash. I guess I liked this most because I like seeing Heath Slater being squashed with ease.

They cut to John Laurinaitis speaking with all of Smackdown’s anti-Triple H wrestlers in the locker room.

Divas Champion Kelly Kelly pins Natalya

  • Beth is guest commentating at the announcers table.
  • Kelly victory rolls Natalya up for the win.
  • After the match Beth gives Kelly a Glam Slam and then Natalya twists Kelly up in a super dope upsidedown/inverted sharpshooter Mexican surfboard submission that she used on the last Raw.

~ When is this finally going to be over? I can watch Beth and Natalya all day. I think I’m just tired of seeing them failing month after month. The belt needs to change hands soon. It seems that all the buzz is on Beth Phoenix and Natalya within the Divas division.

Sheamus defeats Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes via Interference DQ

  • Cody comes out and drops his usual drivel on the crowd.
  • Sheamus then comes down the ramp and responds to Cody with his own drivel.
  • Back and forth match with Cody gaining control after a nice Beautiful Disaster Kick.
  • Cody dominates for a while and works over Sheamus’ left arm.
  • Sheamus turns the tide and hits his Flying Shoulder Block for a close two.
  • Sheamus gets Cody up for the Celtic Cross but Christian interferes and hits the Kill Switch for the DQ.

~ I like Christian’s eye for an eye attitude. Glad we won’t have to see Christian beg like a bitch for another World Title shot for a while. I think a program with Sheamus will really help Sheamus in the long run.

Zack Ryder pins JTG

  • What the f*ck? JTG is on Smackdown?
  • JTG gets his way early and mocks Ryder.
  • JTG pulls off a sick belly to back suplex into a neckbreaker move. Lovely.
  • Ryder fights back and hits a sick Kawada Big Boot in the corner. Rough Rider and it’s over.

~ Decent match. I think I popped the most for JTG’s progressive offense. I love seeing new shit on Smackdown.

They cut to Triple H confronting Laurinaitis about his secret meetings. J.L. blows smoke about being loyal. Triple H threatens to future endeavor anybody who doesn’t have loyalty. As soon as Triple H leaves, J.L. gives Triple H the stink eye and starts texting.

Randy Orton Promo

  • Orton runs down his greatest hits, his Hell in the Cell experience, and says that he’s going to hurt Mark Henry so many different ways at the pay per view.

Randy Orton and Christian wrestle to a double count-out

  • They start off slow pay per view style.
  • Counters to counters to counters galore. Dope!
  • Nice rollup sequence by Orton in the corner.
  • Christian hits the Spear but Orton kicks out.
  • Christian runs up the ramp to avoid an RKO but Orton chases him.
  • Christian takes a nice bump over the steel steps.
  • The ref counts them both out and Orton beats Christian all over the ring.
  • Cody runs down and blasts Orton’s face with a Beautiful Disaster off the ring apron.
  • Sheamus plays Captain Sav-a-Ho and chases Christian through the crowd.
  • Mark Henry comes down, reverses an RKO and hits a World’s Strongest Slam.
  • Henry enters the ring with a chair and is greeted with an RKO and the show ends.

~ They had to end this show with Orton on top since they were in his hometown. I’m guessing they go with Mark Henry at the pay per view. Orton is so over that he doesn’t need a title win to draw money for the company. Henry’s reinvented character is way too strong and fresh for the WWE to abandoned it so soon.

Big money matches only get bigger if Henry continues to retain the title. People will want to see if a returning Big Show or Kane can come back and defeat Mark Henry for revenge. Only time will tell and I’m enjoying every moment of the Mark Henry path of destruction in the mean time.

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