Yes lady and gents I am back from wonderland to bring you think one week push into a Hell in a Cell pay per view. Let’s see if they can pull this off!


Booker T is filling in for Jerry Lawler who was injured (for reals) last week.


Ball hog, HHH starts the show. They recap him firing Miz and Truth before they jumped his ass. Cole questions if he’s lost control. Footage of Miz and Truth is shown from Night of Champions then how Miz & Truth apologized to Triple H (and the little Jimmy’s) the day after. He blames them for getting fired on attacking a ref and lying to him…!? He fines Mark Henry for taking Lawler out and states no one man is bigger than the WWE… Vicki interrupts his ass! She’s out with Dolph Ziggler and wants to know what HHH is going to do for him after getting super punched by Wolverine last week. HHH makes fun of him telling him he’s going to get security for him when the Muppets show up next month. Cody Rhodes then comes out and gripes about Orton’s attack on him. HHH brings up old shit and tells him to “man up”. This then brings out Christian who wants to bitch about Sheamus and asks how that was fair. HHH then makes fun of him explaining him the concept of a Lumberjack match. Christian wants Ziggler and Rhodes to join him in the biggest lawsuit in WWE history unless he gets one more match. HHH makes Christian vs. Sheamus on the ppv, Orton for Friday and gives him a match with Cena tonight but not for the title. Ziggler has to defend the title against Zack Ryder. HHH then gives the WWWYKI. Cody was getting the night off by HHH until he talked shit. He then ends up the defending the title in a in a match, no wait it’s a triple threat, nope a fatal four way nope again now it’s a 10 man battle royal… oh man.


10 Man Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Title. Gabriel, Riley, Morrison, Bryan, DiBiase, McIntrye, Jackson, Sin Cara, Sheamus and Rhodes are in this match. Cody does go the outside under the bottom rope. Sin Cara dos comes out only to get eliminated by Bryan. Both Cara’s brawl at ringside. Rhodes is dragged back in only to get beaten on. Sheamus eliminates Riley and Gabriel when they were on the apron. Jackson eliminates two as well before he and Sheamus beat on each other in the middle of the ring, Sheamus gets the best of him. Cody bounces DiBiase then Jackson. Its down to Sheamus and Rhodes. Christian comes in for the distraction on Sheamus leading to him getting eliminated from the match. Winner: Cody Rhodes


After the match Christian jumps Sheamus, he wasn’t happy.


Mark Henry beating on Jerry Lawler from last week is shown.


Michael Cole… with a serious face… said Jerry Lawler… has anal bleeding…


Apparently the next segment with Laurinaitis and Otunga… Otunga gets a late queue to start his promo… watch it again, you’ll see. Haha He’s concerned with HHH being in charge and how he’s a lawyer and how he’s figuring out how bad this is. John said he’d look into it. After Otunga leaves Laurinaitis goes back to texting. I hope he’s got an unlimited plan.


Phoenix & Natalya do the walk in the back before we cut to a fully on Kelly Kelly package on her “career” and winning the Diva’s title.


Diva’s Champion Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya. I guess this is a rematch from last week. Since when have Phoenix and Natalya worn these chick like Road Warriors shoulder straps?? Cole brings up how his name AND anal bleeding are tending at the moment on Twitter, another proud WWE moment… Dope submission by Natalya, like an upside down surf board! Good tag team moves by Natalya and Phoenix but its too bad they don’t have anyone to really wrestle. Beth hits the Glam slam on Kelly for the pin. They put this over like she just beat Ric Flair.


Mark Henry then comes down right after for his match, they barely let the last segment cool down!


World Champion Mark Henry vs. Great Khali. Before the match could even start Henry hit Khali in the back of the head with the title then hit his ass with a world strongest slam. He was not happy about paying HHH’s fine. Winner: no contest.


Henry is scaring yelling at the fans, I’m not being sarcastic I would leave the area.


Oh look they built the Hell in the Cell at this arena just to put over a ppv that you’re trying to sell us with only a week to build.


Assclown Cena is out next to the usual mix of yay/boo. Its almost cliché to cheer or NOT cheer Cena. Want to get him good?… don’t cheer either way. Cena tries to put over the match while showing a picture of himself on the poster to the ppv coming out of flames… good lord. The title has controversy between Punk, Del Rio and himself and how the Hell in a Cell is going to solve all this shit… well maybe that would be a good story to use if it wasn’t the week before the ppv… Cena pulls the pants down of the Hell in the Cell cage and does his best “job” at putting the cage over. He said he ain’t losing at the ppv but this brings out Alberto Del Rio from the stage then CM Punk to do commentary for Cena’s match. Punk has brought out his announcers jacket. Ha!


WWE Champion John Cena vs. Christian. Match starts fast and we get the battling chants. Sloppy fisherman’s suplex by Cena. Punk and Del Rio try to put over the ppv match as much as humanly possible while Cena goes through his same ol’ shit. Shit spills to the outside leading to Del Rio punching Punk then hitting the kick to Cena to cause the DQ. Winner: John Cena by DQ.


Del Rio then goes up the ramp and claims his going to win by walking out of hell then tells everyone to go to hell. Cole puts over how him losing the title has made him hungrier.


WWE Network commercial is shown. Interesting rumors on what’s going to go on with that channel. Like, the four big ppv’s will be shown on the network and not on ppv. I don’t think that shit makes any sense. They should move all the other ppv’s to the network and make people PAY for the big four!


United States Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki & Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder. They recap what went down last week with Hugh Jackman and Ziggler. Ziggler starts strong against Ryder who gets a “let’s go Ryder” chant. Ryder makes a comeback hitting a running kick in the corner. Vicki gets involved leading to Swagger hanging Ryder with the top rope and a Ziggler zigzag for the pin. Winner: Dolph Ziggler


After the match Swagger and Ziggler are on the same page and are about to beat on Ryder some more before Air Boom come out to make the save. This then brings out Teddy Long who makes a 6 man tag team match but if Vicki doesn’t find her team another partner its gonna be a handicap match.


WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom & Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger, Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler &… it’s a handicap match for now. Air Boom keep the advantage before Vicki shows up with Mason Ryan. This is an interesting stable.  Ryan then comes in… and turns on Ziggler and Swagger!? Vick isn’t happy with Batista 2.0’s actions. Ryder hits the rough ryder on Ziggler for a huge pop and win for his team. Winners: Zack Ryder & Air Boom.


Otunga is in the back doing lawyer shit on Christian, Cody, Vicki and Dolph. He’s talking lawsuit, they call agree.


Ricardo Rodriguez properly introduces Del Rio who comes out in a yellow convertible Lamborghini.


Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk. Cena’s on commentary, oh great. Jim Ross says Del Rio wont know until get gets “the fear” of the Hell in a Cell cage… I know “the fear” as a person who shits himself. Does that mean Del Rio will have to shit himself to understand what it means to be in the steel cage? Well, that’s never been done in wrestling. Haha ADR has the advantage for the better part of the match by focusing on Punk’s arm. Good shit. Punk finally takes the advantage, kicks Del Rio in the back of the head for the pin. Winner: CM Punk


After the match the cell comes down leaving Rodriguez with Cena and Punk in the HIAC. He gets the G2S and an AA. Punk and Cena tease each their finishers until Del Rio shows back up in the ring with a chair to take out Punk and Cena. They put over the ppv by giving us a taste of this ppv match.


Well, that was a hard one week push into the ppv but I don’t think its still enough.





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  1. Great Puma Says:

    Good to have you back, brotherrrr.

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