CM Punk’s Eddie Guerrero Tribute


I first saw this beautiful story on CM Punk grabbed the mic in front of the El Paso, Texas crowd this weekend and gave this touching tribute to Eddie Guerrero.

CM Punk gave props the El Paso crowd and told them how much the locker room appreciates all their chants. He then said he was lucky to have the opportunity to wrestle in front of them and to have known Eddie Guerrero and to call him ‘friend.’ Here are some excerpts from his moving speech:

“We all lose people who we care about. That we can all share in common. When I think of El Paso I think of one man. (Huge “EDDIE” chants)

“Nobody ever really dies as long as the people who he or she touched continue to spread their legacy and preached what they preached.”

“I miss Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero was a great man. So right now I don’t want to hear the name “CM Punk.” You know the name I want to hear.” (The crowd chants “EDDIE” as CM Punk walks out.)

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